Saturday, August 2, 2008

'We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things'

kali ni aku nk wat album review very 1st album review is entitled We Sing,We Dance,We Steal Things by Jason Mraz.this is my full review:
1. "Make It Mine" - 3:08 ::this is a wake up call song.a fast numbr song,kewl::

2. "I'm Yours" - 4:03 ::this is a very yummy song.this is Me.hihi::

3. "Lucky" (with Colbie Caillat) (Mraz, Caillat, Timothy Fagan) - 3:09 ::this is my fav song frm this album.featuring with colbie caillat is more than u hear me?i'm talking to u...hihi::

4. "Butterfly" - 5:00 ::jason mraz ni mmg ske wat lyric laen dr laen.thats wht i love abt him.this song makes my day =)::

5. "Live High" - 4:12 ::lagu ni bg aku ade unsur2 ketuhanan(christianity),mayb im wrong but looking at d lyrics,it can be one::

6. "Love for a Child" (Mraz, Martin Terefe, Sacha Skarbek) - 4:06 ::lagu ni mayb based on his own experience n its all abt love for a child::

7. "Details in the Fabric" (with James Morrison) (Mraz, Dan Wilson) - 5:45 ::i love this is simple,but the lyrics advise me to be myself cos no one can cntrl my own life::

8. "Coyotes" - 3:38 ::lagu ni not bad,dpt dgr byk musical instrument used ble dgr lagu ni::

9. "Only Human" (Mraz, Skarbek) - 4:03 ::lagu ni bosan sket.hihi::

10. "The Dynamo of Volition" - 3:36 ::ble 1st time dgr lagu ni..i automatically said,'lajunye lagu ni'.seswai ngn tajuk lagu ni.hihi::

11. "If It Kills Me" (Mraz, Terefe, Skarbek) - 4:34 ::cne nk dscribe lagu ni ek.memule dgr lagu ni rase biase je,tp lame2 dgr it grows in me.thr r times when u want more frm ur friend(diffrnt gender) ie love dlm lagu ni lbey2 ble smpai part 'as the feeling inside keeps building.And I will find a way to you if it kills me.If it kills me.If it kills me.I think it might kill me'::

12. "A Beautiful Mess" (Mraz, Mona Tavakoli, Chaska Potter, Mai Bloomfield, Becky Gebhardt) - 5:38 ::sometimes mess can be beautiful.n it depends on how u translate beauty.ble aku dgr lagu ni,i wish my bf can see me frm both sides,n im pretty sure he can =)::


nabilah said...

hey nad..finally u made it! i mean the jason mraz album's review..u know u've been telling me since u got it from yeah my favourite would be lucky tooo...n i love the sountrack song of ugly betty..remember we luv the song..ur ringtone used to be..kan.."beauty in ugly.."well good job gurl..that's why i always support your blog!!!

[ C I T A P U S ] said...

haha.we hv common in music la nab.btw,nape xdtg cls eap td?jgn ckp ko x blk yuye lagi?perhhh...aku ni pon blk awal sbb ade test mlm skng smpt lagi berambu online.hihi.daaaaaa