Thursday, June 24, 2010

i hate when ...

people don't respect others!

i had enquiry with *someone* from the land office today (23 June); regarding two cases. it supposed to begin at 9.30am and another appointment was at 10am. i waited for almost 20min; while vetting through the relevant docs. then a clerk came out and told me this, "your enquiry is at 930 am right?" and i replied, "Yes". Then she continued, "*someone* will only be be here at 10.30am, so it's better for you to go back to your office or maybe you can have your breakfast 1st". stupid. Don't bother about me taking my breakfast; I could eat you by the way!! It's MORNING people! and please..please don't expect me to give a friendly/smiling face to anyone at that moment. You should know how pissed I was. government officers keep giving me this kind of impression so don't ask me again and again why I don't want to be a magistrate/deputy public prosecutor!

dictionary: enquiry is a term used for an investigation conducted before an order for Sale and auction date can be fixed by the land office; normally by assistant district officer(ADO)/DO. different district land office may have different procedures (so far, district of batu pahat,kluang & muar are slightly different)

i know i'm greedy; i want to have my hands on this Lomo cam!

isn't it gorgeous?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Special Day with Minoz 2010 [Updated]

compared to last year's event, I personally think this year's was totally great! and at the same time hurting me.isk.

Because I couldn't be there and all I could do is surfing the internet and waiting for the pics uploaded one by one by media & lucky Minoz.

I need to save up enough money to go meet him next year (or years.isk)

i bet he's wearing bang bang shirt, trugen blazer & levis signature jeans :p

He was totally polished during the event's press conference (before the event).
green bow tie?
it might look weird & wth if others wearing it
but Mino looks just great wearing it :D
And speaking of his attire, I must say this; Mino is so charming & manly wearing suits but he looks just like us in his casual clothes esp. with yellow cardigan & jeans. DDABONG! Stylist unni, komawo-yo!!hehe
handsome guy is forever handsome guy.hehe

Btw, 4500 fans attended the event (we are not talking about concerts here,but a birthday fan meeting) included overseas fans who flew in from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China and other countries (if only I attended the event, i could be a rep from Msia.isk)

I'm thrilled seeing pics (which are over-flooding in the net) esp. pics of him with Jung Il Woo (and Kim Bum)!! Since Mino started gaining interest from his character of Goo Joon Pyo, people are already aware of his friendship with Il Woo who is also an actor (they are of the same age). And through BOF, Mino became closer with Kim Bum (Bummy) and coincidentally, Kim Bum is also Jung Il Woo's BFF (they met in korean series High Kick).

with his childhood BFF, Jung Il Woo
(High Kick I, Iljimae Return, My Fair Lady)

Jung Il Woo said he felt bad because he couldn't attend last year's event,
so this year he came to congratulate Mino. NICE!

Kim Bum on the other hand said,
"I'm the dongseng(younger than Mino), so if i don't come I might get hit" (hehe.cute!)

So, people ... these are 3 (hottie) bestfriends!hahaha.

love their friendship!

what a unique cake!

When he was asked what his most-wanted birthday present was, he answered,
"A girlfriend"
And he added, “I’d like a person I can travel with on quiet trips.”

During the fan meeting, he was asked what his ideal type is like
and Jung Ilwoo answered saying "MH's ideal is a petite, fair skinned, innocent girl". p/s: Mino! I'm petite too.hahaha :p

This is my 1st time watching Mino & Il Woo together in an event. I remember last year's event I really wished Il Woo could come to the fanmeeting but Il Woo was in Japan at that time. And YESS!!! he's there together with Mino & Bummy this year!! I'm delighted!! :)

His best pals, Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo were asked what are the strengths and weaknesses of Mino, to which the reply was given that,
"He is bright and considerate but he has a strong desire to win when they play games (competitive spirit) and will sometimes lose
his temper."
ok, let's these wonderful pictures speak. Shall we? :p

Sang Jun!hehe :D

Mino & Seulong
(just like Mino & Il Woo, Seulong is also born in 1987)

with Jung Sung Hwa and Im Seulong!

2am (without Changmin)
also sang PT ost (right: Seulong)

SeeYa (who sang Personal Taste OST)

above: Joe Cheng (taiwanese actor)
below: singer Younha (who sang PT ost) was shy in front of Mino.cute!hehe

fyi, Joe Cheng starred in Taiwan's popular drama called "It started with a kiss" or also known as ISWAK. During the press meet before the fan meeting took place, Mino was asked whether he had any intention acting in the korean version of ISWAK. He said that he heard Joe Cheng mentioned that Joe thinks there's no one more suitable for the role than Mino himself. And to that, Mino thanked Joe and he actually thinks that ISWAK is a very interesting project. However, it seems like he won't be acting in it.

smile,laugh,smile,laugh :D

comedian cum MC, Yoon Hyungbin hosted the event

LMH mascot i.e. Mino-me. .(remember Jin Ho in PT?hehe)

Mino was asked what he thinks are his 3 charms. And he replied,
"3 is too many. If I really have to pick, it'll be familiarity, frank image and bright smile."
very true!

maximum jealousy!!

no hugs pls!

Mino never failed to sing for MINOZ.
He sang two songs for his fans, he sang Falling Slowly. i love the song :)
and when he was asked if he has any desire to make a singing debut, he answered,
“I have the desire, but not the skill.”
"While I was rehearsing the song, I realized that singing isn't for everyone. I am not talented enough [to release an album] but I would like to take part in a soundtrack if the opportunity came by."
at the end of the event, Mino was tearing and his voice was slightly choking.
He read his letter to his fans,
"Today we meet again after one year. I really really want to thank you for coming. You've always been looking out for me. Truly, the strength of your support for me is the greatest strength, more than anything else. Thank you and I love you. Thank you! See you next year.
(Mino-ahh..i wish I can attend your event next year!*pray*)

i'm sure Mino must have been very happy seeing his thousands fans,
friends & colleagues in the event :)

i think this is a post-event pic. isn't he hot?argghh

i believe more pics will come out sooner/later.
i cant wait to watch more fanvids!

p/s: Mino's real birthday is on 22 June, 2010.

Happy Birthday Mino!
Saeng il Chukahamnida!

arghh..I wanna go to S'pore!!

when my bestie got engaged :)

June 19, 2010 (Saturday)

My long time bestie, Natasha Jailani got engaged. yippeee! :p

Let's pics speak!

this is called 'tepak sirih'
it's a must have thing in Malay weddings & engagement ceremony


Tasha with her fiancee, Yus


from left:
Me, Tasha & Ain


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singaporeans! for the third time, I hate you!

don't get me wrong peeps.
am talking about uri Mino who has been reported to be coming to
Singapore on 31st July 2010.

According to the news (still not sure if it's reliable), Mino will be coming to Spore to promote LG Optimus. yess. he'll be in S'pore to promote a handphone! arghh.

This will be the third time Mino coming down to Singapore.
Is there any MIRACLE for him to come to Malaysia again people?

I miss 25 Oct 2009. I really do :(
i have regrets; and i'll surely make them up once Mino comes to Msia again

extra: Mino & Bummy during Goo Hye Sun's Magic premiere

playnow: Until you return/FT Island

Kim Bum, Lee Min-Ho, Kim Joon in Goo Hye-Sun’s Magic VIP premier showing

Goo Hye-Sun’s old friends from Boys Before Flowers have gathered to celebrate her debut as a movie director. Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon showed up for the movie Magic’s VIP premier showing. Looks like they are still close friends after all and Kim Hyun-Joong is probably just too busy with SS501 activities.

F3 + Geum Jandi
yess..Joonie with his new hairdo

bummy & his hyung, Mino :)
they are truly bestfriends, but wait!
where's Jung Il Woo anyway?hehe

thanks for wearing the white shirt Mino!

credit: as tagged