Monday, May 31, 2010

CURSE on you!

I don't really care about GAS or whatsoever. Politics are DIRRTY and it's actually a dirty word. period. I used to get so hyped when it comes to it (once upon a time ago)
but slowly the interest fades away.

But when it comes to global dispute; human rights, wars, Israelis, Palestinians etc I think I'm responsible to voice out my opinion. There's a book I read last year (before my final exam) but I can't recall the title. It contains few perspectives of WAR in the eyes of Israelis & also Palestinians. Funny. The former is invading the latter but the former's story is narrated so dramatic; or I can safely say it's more dramatic than what it occurred to the latter. as if the Israelis are the victims.haha.Funny. While reading the book, I just smirked and wondered, "Is this how you tell your side of story Israelis? You got to be KIDDING me". I can't specifically re-narrate what the former did narrate but it sounded ridiculous to a layman like me.hmm

So, what happened today is not something NEW, we are familiar with it; say: WAR CRIME by Israelis. yess! what had happened this morning is actually a war crime as the clash occurred in international waters. The flotilla organized by Free Gaza Movement was attacked, and yet there's no confirmation on death tolls so far. Some say 19, some 20. Only Allah Al-Mighty knows the best.

While few inhumane Malaysians are brave enough to commit infanticide (and that is actually bringing shame to my country), few Malaysians are brave enough to join the Free Gaza Movement, bringing hope to Palestinians, to little kids, to women, to elders. And now, we don't know whether they are still alive or not. I pray to Allah swt to assist the surviving volunteers; give them STRENGTH ya Allah! Bless them with patience & istiqomah! Amiin...

It doesn't matter if you're Muslims or non, let's pray that all surviving volunteers are safe and be able to return to their respective countries safely. InsyaAllah (God willing).
I'm sure there's no religion that would permit bloodshed.
So, let's PRAY!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

one day to go!

I used to update my bloggy at anytime, be it weekdays/weekends during my Uni days but now, it's hard for me to do so. However, I can't help but to tell the WORLD that I hv one working day to go!! (p/s: for this week.hehe). It's hard to get public holidays in the 1st half of the year, so yipppee for having an off day on Friday!hehe.

3 day-break is NICE! *chota*

ok,let me be honest: this is not a candid!hehe.
but, I was really tired in this pic.getting a nap is surely heaven.huhu

aish. missing my friends so much!!

Be healthy, be happy, be strong!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quick & Short Update: Personal Taste's Farewell Party

well, PT is over. Many fans are suffering from its withdrawal, including me :(

But, thank God pics from Pt's farewell party are practically heaven~ as compared to BOF which was a way lesser. And compared to BOF, i do love most of PT's characters.huhu.
But no matter what it is,
BOF is still strong in my heart;
because of BOF i got to know Mino better :D

In PT, i love (surely) :
Jun Jin Ho, Park Gae In, Sang Joon, Yong Sun,
Director Choi
& also Chang Ryul
(altho sumtimes he's a pain in the ass.haha).

stylish Kim Ji Suk. like him!

I'm disappointed with Tae Hoon (ehem..sorry Seulong fans. i like his voice but he needs time to be a good actor), and the orange girl (altho i think she's cute but her look outshined her acting skills.huhu).

i think Chang Ryul's father is so-so (it's awkward at first watching him acting the evil side) but it's definitely a good try though.hehe. Wang Ji Hye (aka shameless In Hye) brought the character perfectly!
If there exists so many antis, it means she's good.

Mino perfected character of Jun Jin Ho!
He's cold but he still has his warmth. Eye expressions are priceless! woot! i'm loving it! I love when Mino cries (erk.hehe), because i found him more charming. Love it when Jin Ho & Gae In get envious of each other. It'd make us feel the same.hehe.

Son Ye Jin as I expected, is a great actress! Love her in most of her dramas except Summer Scent (i dun know why.hehe). In certain scenes, I noticed the age difference but maybe she's friendly (as Mino said in few interviews), so they do have a great chemistry.Cute couple! and thanks to the age difference, I feel it's much easier for Mino to take part in the so-called romantic scenes *ehem*.hehe.

Mino returns to cheeky Lee Min Ho & no longer Jun Jin Ho

wahh! I miss his Mr. bodyguard. it's been ages!

I'm writing this brief update in advance. I'm afraid i don't have enough time to write a proper & full Personal Taste review
(like I did for BOF last year.pls click here).
I have lots to comment, but as you already understood,
24hours seems not enough :(
For now, hope you enjoy it!

p/s: Credit as tagged (esp. KimSocool & Rabbit)

Friday, May 14, 2010


My internet connection is getting slower;
downloading ep.13 & 14 Personal Taste led to this obstacle.

But I don't mind, at ALL.hehe. peeps, I'm hungry for Jun Jin Ho's sweetness, jealousy and whatsoever, and perhaps most of you ARE.hehe :p

I'm being generous here (*wink wink*)

seeing him SMILING is enough to melt my heart away!
p/s: don't worry Sheh Ariff, my heart has more rooms for you :)

Happy Saturday!
maybe tomorrow, I'll bring more SUGAR for you :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy 4th DEBUT anniversary Lee Min Ho ssi!!!!!

this pic is so special. my very first time seeing Lee Min Ho.
2008: The Star Goldenbell KBS World marks Lee Min Ho's 4th DEBUT anniversary.
So for Minoz/Lee Min Ho's fans, mark your calendar-
10 May 2006 is the actual date Mino's debut.hehe :)

Although Mino starred in few dramas & movies before Boys Over Flowers, I haven't watched his previous art yet. Maybe one day..I will start looking for them & buy all at once. If my bf has Spawn collections, why can't I have something as my own collection? Justified! :p

My wish:
I wish Mino will star in more good dramas & movies; I'm not much a k-movie-goer (except few box-office movies eg Speed Scandal etc) but if he stars in any movies, definitely I'm going to watch it. There goes my loyalty towards him.hehe. I also wish Mino a good health despite of his busy schedule & lack of beauty sleep. I don't wish him to have a girlfriend at this moment (hehe) altho he wants one. I wish his dream to be recognized as a good actor for his age will come true (but I think he already achieved that!). He is already a Hallyu-star with his more-than-half-million-friends on fb.hehe :)

Keep up the good work Mino! Hwaiting!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pictorial diary

This week went well.
And I'm not going to write PT review today,
maybe later..4/6 episodes altogether.hehe :p

Let's pictures speak; shall I?

My office mates & I

They are all conveyancing clerks
-from left: Kak Siti, Kak Eta & Huda
(Huda & I are of the same age; so we are dropping formalities.hehe)

Kak Leena (litigation clerk specialized in public auction)
and Siva (conveyancing clerk)

Only uploaded few (there are more than 20 staffs at my office including me, one partner lawyer & 2 legal assistants) because I didn't bring cam at that time; these are stolen pics.hehe :D

It's been a while I didn't show off my cam-whoring talent.haha.
And I think I'm losing it slowly.erkk..

at Magistrate Court
before full hearing

on Saturday, spent time with uri Sheh Ariff-ssi.
*casual date mode*

did watch IronMan 2 (I insisted to watch IpMan 2 but he won this time.hehe). Then we had tea-break @ Klg's Rail Coffee; kluang railway toast is a MUST-eat. Headed to Gunung Lambak for a walk (fyi: Rail Coffee & Gng Lambak are my hometown's landmarks).

Personal Taste is getting better & better.
I don't mind the episode extension.
Extension means I can see Mino more.
Am I right?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

am struggling!

One after one is dropping their chambering, bt I'm still sticking to my ambition & mission; completing my pupilage period no matter how hard it will be, no matter what it takes. I'm struggling! yes, I am. not with the heavy workloads (so far, i can bear with it) but am struggling with my ownself. People keeps asking me whether or not I did/do apply for government post. The answer is NO. I was fluttered when one staff at my office asking me, "Are you anti-govt?". OH-EM-GEE! no, I'm not. Although I hv my own faith in politics but I never consider myself as an anti-govt! It's just that I want to be an Advocate & Solicitor & not just a Federal counsel/legal officer etc.I want to be admitted to the Bar. And the sole way to make it happen is by completing the 9 month of chambering. Because I always wanted to be a LAWYER. & I mean it literally. However,I'm happy for those who already chosen their paths; dropping chambering is not the END of it. Of course!hehe. To my good friend, Nabilah Nizam ...good luck Chinggu! I know how good you are; hopefully one day we'll meet up at the Honourable Court. And good luck for others (only mention Nab in specific.hehe) Oh! I miss my uni-mates-in bracket-my good friends DAMN so MUCH! Darls...looking forward to meet you all the soonest I can.hehe.

p/s: my fb is turning into an unofficial web of Personal Taste. well, I cant stop myself from uploading the beautiful pics of Gae In & Jin Ho.hehe. And yep, my bf is getting sick of me...hahaha. Sorry dear~

with this little confession & blah blah thing,
I leave you with sweet-Gae In-Jin Ho-moments gifs
and captures (in ep. 9 & 10)
have fun :)


holding hands odw back to Sanggojae :)

sharing the same umbrella & walking in the RAIN! sweet!

cam-whoring!haha. my fav!