Sunday, March 28, 2010

There comes a time when people get tired

Things get complicated sometimes; we are misunderstood sometimes; words get misinterpreted sometimes. Am I right? We know ourselves better than anyone else; because whatever kept in our hearts; only we & God know; no one else would know unless they are being told. I'm sure it did or does happen in your daily life; to be suspicious towards people around us. Even friends can turn into enemies; what more those you don't exactly know/familiar with. It gets uncomfortable sometimes to listen to people's stories from someone else or in other words; listening to hearsay (something that we aren't certain about its certainty). One day you might listen to one rumor from another, and it's not impossible the next day that person may talk behind you. So peeps, be careful with people around you. Getting back-stabbed is painful. And it may take forever to forgive & forget. Trust me.

Get started with an advice is not so bad right?hehe. It's been ages I haven't updated my blog; almost 2 weeks. Been busy on weekdays, can't afford to write anything at nights. Hope you at least can understand. Herda, just ignore the twitter account k. Don't be bothered.hehe :D

Let's continue my dull intro with something fresh & eye-candy.
Shall we? hehe.

Pics of Personal Taste's Prayer Ceremony

Pics of Personal Taste Press Conference on 25/3/2010

fyi, it was reported that Mino & Seulong 2am are close;
as they are both 1987er & are of the same height.
Mino is 187cm while Seulong is 186cm :)
but in the drama, Tae Hoon is Jin Ho's hoobae (junior)

from left:
Im Seul Ong (2am) as Kim Tae Hoon
Lee Min Ho as Jun Jin Ho
Son Ye Jin as Park Gae In
Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee
Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul

I believe Ye Jin & Mino have a gr8 chemistry;
by watching the trailers & interviews.
it proves that age difference is not a barrier.


Pics of Personal Taste casts at 46th Baeksang Award

Mino & Son Ye Jin came as presenters while Kim Ji Suk came as a nominee

dashing in black.hehe

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm starting to miss my Uni days :(

I think it's true that humans are hardly to please. When we received a good present, we'd wish to get a better present. And if we had a better day than yesterday, we'd wish to have the best day in our lives. That's happening to me now. I always wanted to graduate asap; classes were fine with me, lecturers & classmates also; but that was something I wished I could do asap i.e. to graduate.hehe. And now, I start to miss those days; hanging around with close friends; lying down with familiar faces & having an endless chitchat.hehe. Life was just beautiful at that time. I didn't need to look at my watch & waited for the classes end. On the other hand, I kept having a peek at my watch & start to count how many minutes & hours left before 6pm.haha. Lunch hour is a bit troublesome for me. I'm naturally a fussy eater; I'm born with it. But, at my workplace, I just tried whatever dishes/food that would make me feel hungry & just ate them without much complaints :P. If I couldn't finish them, then that's it.hehe.

peeps esp Lee Min Ho's fans, you SHOULD love me.hehe.
Btw, thanks for Korean Minoz for their latest updates on Personal Taste.
Appreciate their efforts :)

Personal Taste 1st trailer
p/s: credit for lmhworldsubs

extra photos of Personal Taste
click for larger view