Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When Lee Min Ho sang My Everything ... [updated version]

the birthday boy

saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da
saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da
ji-gu-e-seo u-ju-e-seo
je-il sa-rang-ham-ni-da

In the last post, I wrote about LMH's 23rd birthday (korean age). This is my brief review on his fan meeting which was held a day before his birthday:

Lee Min Ho celebrated his 23rd birthday with 5000 fans including 100 fans from abroad at his first fan meeting on 21st June at Dome Art Hall, Children's Grand Park in Seoul and it's called as "Minoz Happy Day mini Concert" (Minoz is the name of Mino's official fanclub). The fan meeting was divided into two sessions. The first session was at 1pm and another at 4.30 pm.

cake #1

cake #2

it's time to test his lung!ehe

If i'm not mistaken, the selling of the tickets was a shock! The tickets sold out within 2 minutes! The fanmeeting (both sessions) was a success. I'm sure Mino's fans were thankful the fact that he's already recovered from the knee surgery because there are rumours saying that Mino's recovery was slower than expected and he won't be able to stand on his own feet. The rumours turned out to be wrong and I'm glad he's fit enough to be celebrated by his fans. Lee Min-ho even asked his fans:
"Do you feel I seem to gain my weight because of 2-week rest?" and he added " I stayed for 3 nights to make my face to look thin." (he's so bubbly!!)

distributing the baby plums to his fans

The first thing Min-ho said when he came on stage was to greet his fans with:
"I've missed you so much. The surgery was a success and as you can see, I have recovered from it".

As I expected, he sang his very own ballad song in F4 Special Edition titled MY EVERYTHING. Thanks to his buddy, K.Will (a very passionate singer...I just love his songs for A Love To Kill OST esp. a song titled Dream) who has trained him vocally (LMH is an actor and not a singer, but he can carry a tune with a low and sexy voice.ehe). I watched it and I can tell that he did his best to sing the song (he closed his eyes almost the time and he must be very nervous esp. when he tried to hit the high key.ehe).

Plus, he didn't only sing My Everything but also Qing Fei De Yi (Korean ver) sung by Kim Yeon-woo (remember the theme song in Taiwanese Meteor Garden?he was really cute!). Anyway, good job Mino!

Qing Fei De Yi (Korean ver)


The fanmeeting wasn't complete without surprises. Besides singing for his beloved fans, he also introduced his very special guest to his fans. Guess who?? It's his MOM!! This is the first time I've heard a hallyu star has done such a thing. Here's the thing; he's hot, tall, rich, talented and he showed off his mom to his fans! His outstanding personality has really driven me crazy.ehe. I'm sure his mom is proud of him. He said in one article,
"It's my first time to reveal my mom in an open place. I am worried that my mom doesn't want to show herself on media. Fortunately, my sister (he has an older sister) hasn't revealed this time"(he said while laughing)

"I am happy when I look at my mom's smiling face"
Mino's answer in Vogue Girl Interview when he's asked what's the
happiest thing in his life.

In addition, his co-stars in BOF, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon also attended the birthday party and both performed at the party (KHJ sang his solo song without the presence of other ss501 members while KJ sang together with his fellow T-Max members).

Hyun Joongie Hyung

Joon Hyung & T-Max

the F5?ehe


Kim Bum couldn't make it but he left a message for his Hyung (if you happen to watch the BOF's behind the scenes or bloopers, you'd notice Bummy and Mino love to tease each other and they seem to be so comfortable around each other). Goo Hye Sun and few friends also left birthday message for Mino. I was hoping his BFF, Jung Il Woo would attend the fanmeeting but I read somewhere that he was in Japan a day before it so it's well understood why he didn't attend Mino's fanmeeting.

Kim Suro

Mino's role model, Kim Suro was there too (I happened to see him for the first time in korean show, Family Outing with Rain.That episode was hilarious. Two korean stars, Rain and Lee Hyori are different from what I've thought esp. Hyori.ehe).

His good friend, actress Park Bo Young

At the end of the meeting, Min-ho read a letter he prepared to his fans.

I wish I was there!!!

keep on smiling & laughing MINO!
Happy Birthday again to Mino
We hope you will continue giving your best in acting and CFs (ehehe)!!


Last but not least, Lee Min Ho won the award for best male model for his role in the CF for Trugen in 2009 Broadcasting Advertisement Festival while on the other hand, Son Dambi won best female model for her role in the Garden5 CF. Congratulations!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Girlsss!! Put on your sunnies!

I think we are familiar with El Niño and La Niña since few years ago. Both are what laymen called as climate fluctuations. Now, the world is affected by El Niño (again!).

For a more academically meaning (ehe :D), I referred to other reliable sources and I came with this brief summary:

El Niño is considered to be the second biggest climate-related influence on human activities, after the natural flow of the seasons. Although the phenomenon is at least thousands of years old, its impacts on global climate have only recently been recognized (I think the phenomenon's been greatly recognized since 10 years ago). El Niño is the unusual warming of the surface waters of large parts of the tropical Pacific Ocean. El Niño occurs erratically every three to seven years. It brings heavy rains and flooding to Peru, Ecuador, and southern California, and a milder winter with less snow to the northeastern United States. Studies reveal that El Niño is not an isolated occurrence, but is instead part of a pattern of change in the global circulation of the oceans and atmosphere. The 1982-83 El Niño was one of the most severe climate events of the twentieth century in both its geographical extent as well as in the degree of warming (14°F or 8°C). however, thanks to the improved scientific understanding and forecasting of El Niño's interannual process, now the societies can prepare for and reduce its impacts considerably.

To sum up, the world is undeniably hot, eventhough at times it's raining. And it's very important for us to keep our bodies healthy and fresh. My advice is DRINK lots of water. If possible, bring along your mineral water wherever you go. And prepare few bottles in your car.

June 21
Happy Father's Day to my Abah,
Hj. Ramlee Hj Ahmad

Thanks for everything & I love you so much Abah!

"Any man can be a father. But it takes someone special to be a dad"
You're my DAD!

Less than a month, new semester will begin. Eventhough sometimes I couldn't remember dates and days (ehehe) due to long semester break, I don't hesitate to say that I'm not ready for school!!! GOD!! Help Me!

opps...ehe :D

June 22
Happy Birthday LEE MIN HO!!
Speedy Recovery!!


I'm not sure whether these photos are new but T-Max's Kim Joon looks cute in them (minus 'Ginger' of BOF for sure.ehe)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Abg Boy & Kak Jaja

School holidays in Malaysia carries a significant meaning. This is when couples choose to get married and gather all the families together. Last weekend I went to Jb to attend my mom's cousin's wedding. Eventhough Jb is only an hour away or less from Kluang (well,it depends on kmph you're driving.ehe), but I've been there only for certain reasons eg. visited my relatives, met Sheh who's staying there or whenever my best friends and I tried to hang out in someplace outside Kluang (Johor Bahru and Batu Pahat will be our destinations.ehe)

The receptions (both bride and groom) were simple but nice. The most important is that most family members were gathered and had a lot of fun. CONGRATULATIONS to LEOFARIZ aka Abg Boy (eventho he's my uncle but i call him Abang instead of Uncle since I was little) and his Mrs Right, Kak Jaja. I hope you will be happily married until the end.

Zara Orked

Another reason why I need to be in Jb was because I wanted to meet my niece, Qaseh Aleesya (my cousin, Shazreen's first baby) and Kak Kiting's baby, Zara Orked. Unfortunately, Qaseh was in Kl with her mom who's still in her confinement period. Meeting Orked (her grandma prefer her first grandchild to be called Orked instead of Zara.ehe) for the first time was great. Having Joon Pyo's hair (curly), button nose, big eyes and cute chin makes her looking so adorable. I'm looking forward to meet and play with her again in the future.

I noticed there are readers who love the posts written by me about Lee Min Ho, so I will continue updating news on him.

Minsun couple, Mino and Goo Hye Sun were in Taiwan last week to promote Boys Over Flowers

Mino's Trugen CF was released recently. Trugen is a clothing brand. I can't help but to love the CF. Mino makes suits looking so delicious.ehe. Here are few pics ...

... and the CF.