Sunday, August 9, 2009


what a boring Sunday. In sequence->I woke up, had a cup of caffeine (ehe), ironed 2 pairs of baju kurung, arranged my books & notes, swept the room, skipping for 200 times while listening to my mixed-tape playlist (it's very universal; Bahasa, English, Japanese & Korean.ehe); took a nice & longggg shower & headed to cafe for lunch (ALONE!). waaaaaaaaaa....shdeynye tggl sorg2 dlm bilek.ehe (bg Kinah rase bersalah sikit.ehe).

I planned to watch Brilliant Legacy on this weekend but I didn't. Thinking that the download will take forever makes me think 100 times whether or not to continue the plan. Maybe next time. I heard the drama achieved the highest rating so far (exceeded BOF). I don't really care about the rating (usually) esp. when I was watching Worlds Within in the late 2008 & early 2009 because it is a good drama and full of emotion (although I dislike the production thingy whatsoever). WW is a real drama and I really like real dramas. With regard to Brilliant Legacy, I have an instinct that it is a good drama and like Lee Min Ho who started gaining his endless fame since BOF, the main actress in Brilliant Legacy named Han Hyo Joo is getting more attention due to her outstanding acting. It seems that Korea is now full of 20s actors & actresses but never abandon its older (veteran) stars eg Song Seung Hun, Won Bin etc (they remind me of Autumn In My Heart moments.ehe).
Brilliant Legacy, wait for me!haha :D

F4 Photo Book is out! I don't know much about the Photobook but I read somewhere, the photobook is quite expensive. But, if you don't mind spending to have F4's pics in your possession, I'm sure it's worth it.


On August 3, Lee Min Ho joined Haptic Amoled event at Carribean Bay (I don't know where it is). From what I read and watched on youtube, few fans were given a chance to get a hug from Mino (erkkkkk....benci!) and at the end of the event, Mino was asked by the MC to show heart signal to his fans. Mino who was shy, showed the heart signal three times (from three different angles) and then he ran away to the backstage embarassingly (hehehe.what a cute boy!)


recent pic of him. one word: cool!
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Tomorrow is Monday and in order to avoid another Monday blues, I prepared everything beforehand.
Try not to be a man of success, but rather to be a man of value
Albert Einstein

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