Friday, August 7, 2009

We love to love them and sometimes we love to hate them

Everyday, as much as I need my teh ais (iced tea), I need my celeb-gossip fix too. It's a routine for me to log on to Facebook and Twitter and few bloggers' website which gives me a sneak peek into Hallyuwood. Malaysians, don't get me wrong. As much as I love to be a Malaysian, I never forget to update my local entertainment eg. who is getting married, who is getting divorced, who is releasing new albums etc (they are all within my knowledge). But, I don't want to be a hypocrite; I need to show who I really am. I chose Lee Min Ho instead of Remy (the actor stars in Nur Kasih which is my current 'must watch' local drama.ehe). I chose Song Hye Kyo instead of Maya Karin (duhhhhhhhhh...ehe). I chose Korean dramas and I don't mind spending money and time on them instead of watching Manjalara or Zeti & Si Mawas (which I detest them so much). I can't push myself by pretending that I love our local dramas/movies when I don't; just to show the people that I am a Malaysian (when all leaders are busy promoting 1Malaysia policy).

I need to be true to myself

Just now, I read an article;
"Celebrities: We love to love them and sometimes we love to hate them"
I have to agree with it (although some people may beg to differ). Evidence? My blog tells it.ehe. I stalk Mino like nobody's business; do you think I would stalk him if I abhor him? No, I won't.

Song Hye Kyo & Hyun Bin are an item!
(please refer the prev post)

pics: (i) & (ii) taken during the press conference of Worlds Within & (iii) promotional pic for WW

later, due to breaking news, more lovey-dovey pics of BinKyo are dug up by media
(but the following pics are not the new one;they are in my safe-keeping since last year.ehe)

When I read the breaking news on Wednesday morning (August 5), I was like, "What?Is this for real???". But, honestly since then, I can't help but hoping that it is TRUE. Lucky enough, their management agencies have confirmed the rumor but both stars are still keeping their mouth shut. For me, Song Hye Kyo is the female version of Lee Min Ho (I mean I like her as much as I like Mino (hmm..maybe lesser.ehe), and it's a coincidence that SHK is Mino's ideal girl.ehe). After Fullhouse, Worlds Within is the first drama she involved in and I really anticipated the drama to premiere (i remember watching it online in the midst of my 3rd year 2nd sem final exam.crazy!ehe). It turns out to be that the drama failed (in terms of ratings) but I definitely could bear with the storyline plus the main characters are Song Hye Kyo & Hyun Bin (still remember his arrogant character in My Lovely Samsoon and his dimples!!ehe). Although I'm one of the BiKyo fans (Bi aka Rain) & Song Hye Kyo, but after watching WW, I can't deny SHK & HB have a great chemistry on the screen (in WW) despite the fact that the drama was a doom. So, when the news on them came out like mushrooms (you can refer to these bloggers' website:, &, it's the most amazing news about her I ever received so far.
GO BinKyo!!!hehe :P

He's a hottie & She's a natural beauty
As said by many, perhaps they are the most perfect (Korean celebrities) couple so far.
For me, it’s like the show (Worlds Within) is coming to life; they go so well together :)

new Laneige CF
(Hyun Bin & SHK are the product models of Laneige )
I tried to upload this vid since last 2 weeks (even b4 the breaking news) but failed due to slow connection

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