Friday, June 19, 2009

Girlsss!! Put on your sunnies!

I think we are familiar with El Niño and La Niña since few years ago. Both are what laymen called as climate fluctuations. Now, the world is affected by El Niño (again!).

For a more academically meaning (ehe :D), I referred to other reliable sources and I came with this brief summary:

El Niño is considered to be the second biggest climate-related influence on human activities, after the natural flow of the seasons. Although the phenomenon is at least thousands of years old, its impacts on global climate have only recently been recognized (I think the phenomenon's been greatly recognized since 10 years ago). El Niño is the unusual warming of the surface waters of large parts of the tropical Pacific Ocean. El Niño occurs erratically every three to seven years. It brings heavy rains and flooding to Peru, Ecuador, and southern California, and a milder winter with less snow to the northeastern United States. Studies reveal that El Niño is not an isolated occurrence, but is instead part of a pattern of change in the global circulation of the oceans and atmosphere. The 1982-83 El Niño was one of the most severe climate events of the twentieth century in both its geographical extent as well as in the degree of warming (14°F or 8°C). however, thanks to the improved scientific understanding and forecasting of El Niño's interannual process, now the societies can prepare for and reduce its impacts considerably.

To sum up, the world is undeniably hot, eventhough at times it's raining. And it's very important for us to keep our bodies healthy and fresh. My advice is DRINK lots of water. If possible, bring along your mineral water wherever you go. And prepare few bottles in your car.

June 21
Happy Father's Day to my Abah,
Hj. Ramlee Hj Ahmad

Thanks for everything & I love you so much Abah!

"Any man can be a father. But it takes someone special to be a dad"
You're my DAD!

Less than a month, new semester will begin. Eventhough sometimes I couldn't remember dates and days (ehehe) due to long semester break, I don't hesitate to say that I'm not ready for school!!! GOD!! Help Me!

opps...ehe :D

June 22
Happy Birthday LEE MIN HO!!
Speedy Recovery!!


I'm not sure whether these photos are new but T-Max's Kim Joon looks cute in them (minus 'Ginger' of BOF for sure.ehe)


Anonymous said...

Kim Joon!Kim Joon!
He's damn cute la nad...
Cuter than Min Ho, sorry...;p

[ citapus ] said...

haha.its lies in the eyes of beholder dear.LMH is cuter,hotter than anyone else :)