Sunday, October 31, 2010

the HEADACHE begins (again!)

I may complete my pupilage period this coming 9th Nov. good thing huh? I know.hehe. But, without saying it also means I have to deal with all the headache (from filing Form 6,7 & 8).

My master & senior lawyers said the same thing; they never experienced this kind of hardship. good for them :(

before headache, heartache, running & worrying begins;
meeting him is the best I could do

The Takers is NICE! but i really think Hayden Christensen shouldn't be one of the actors. Bear in mind, good look is not everything.

happy WORKING! :)

and Happy Deepavali!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

25 Oct 2010 - it's been a year!

though it's only 23rd, but I bet am going to be busy on Monday.
so let this one posted in advance.hehe :)

I can't believe it's been a year; it's been a year from the DAY herda, yna, shue, jas, shima & I (and also thousands of fans!!) meeting a korean guy named Lee Min Ho in Sg. Wang Plaza. It's one of the memorable events that I'm not going to forget easily. That's how much I like him; to put it in a simple word.

I had no IDEA back then, how would I feel at my 1st sight of him (in real life!). but i guess, the regular readers definitely understood what I went through on that day; 25 oct 2009. (pls click on the date).

LMH held a fanmeeting in Thailand few days ago; and am sure Minoz Thais can't stop bragging about him coming to Thailand.hehe. hmm.
If only Mino came to Malaysia earlier than he did; and if only I didn't have a test a day after the fanmeeting,
I'd definitely stalking him and giving my ALL out. who knows that's be my last time seeing him in person. although I have some plans here and there. duhhh! lets bygones be by gones.

it's been ages I haven't uploaded any vid; hope this one can put a SMILE on your face :)

extra: Lee Min Ho's LG Optimus (30')

Thursday, October 14, 2010

we are AMATEURS :)

when I was in high school; I had this thought :
Memories are kept in our head, and I didn't need photos
to reminisce those memories.

I don't know how I got such a thought; but one thing for sure;
I was WRONG.

I don't know since when but I always make sure I'll never let my memories go without capturing them visually, so that whenever I feel like wanting to reminisce one sweet/bitter moment,
I'd always have my photo albums to look at.
more photos (most of 'em candids) during my convocation day :)

uri family (w/o my youngest sis)

what a funny face!haha

my one & only bro :)

rainbow girl :p

sheh ariff :)

kak lia, kinah & I

my younger sis & mom :)

i will never forget 03.10.10
my 1st degree :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the OWL me :P

my October wallie :)
check out: fb-ing, d/l-ing & listening to Maher Zain

ok. let's admit. am BORED to death. *phew*
trying to catch up everything I'd missed out.

Baker King aka Kim Takgu already finished in Korea but it's 29th episode on tonight's show at KBS World. tomorrow will be the finale. how sad can it be?? great drama; i love every single of it! Gu Majun and of course uri good boy, Kim Takgu. 30 episodes altogether; it means almost 4 months I waited patiently for Weds and Thurs just to watch the drama. hope to see more great k-dramas in future (esp. uri Lee Min Ho in City Hunter!hehe)

my body is aching; my eyes are getting sleepy but my fingers can't stop working. otokei?

p/s: craving for Ichiban Ramen :(
i wish Kluang has Ichiban Ramen(japanese food) or
Seoul Garden (korean food) but am I asking for too much? abaikan

Good Nite! till then ...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

my BIG day!!

it's been almost 1 month??? OH-EM-GEE!!!!! Time really flies huh?
well, even you and I know this is only for fun.hehe.

After Raya fest, I've been busy serving at Legal Aid Centre in Jb. It is one of the requirements that I need to fulfil to complete my chambering. involves lots of works, services, programmes and I must say; patience. Though, I (always) complained about my chambering but I can't believe I have another (less than) a month to finish what I have started since last February. It's really nerve-wrecking to start chambering at first; because I wasn't sure what kind of environment I need to live in for 9 months and what kind of persons/staffs I would deal with for 9 months (esp. Master) but Alhamdulillah; things are getting better day by day. I don't want to comment or elaborate on whether I will stay or not; just leave it to Allah s.w.t. HE knows better. and one more thing, I don't mind working in a small town like Kluang. I'm okay with it. Who knows, I might learn more than anyone in KL. Not that I abhor working in KL but I do prefer Jb (or Kluang) than KL. and one thing for sure, I really think my mother needs a company at home (other than my dad!).hihi :D

3rd October 2010/24 Syawal 1431H marked a remarkable day in my life. I was conferred degree of Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and am proud to say that I'm glad I studied laws in International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). 6 years ago, I chose IIUM over UiTM Shah Alam; followed the strong instinct that I had at that time. All praises to Allah s.w.t; HE answered my prayer and dream to be a law graduate. Thank you Allah. I will try harder to be a better Muslimah. And InsyaAllah, in few months time (maybe less than 2 months), there will be another remarkable day in my life; which is my LONG CALL! to be honest, I can't wait to be called to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor :) just wait and see...

peeps, let's pics do the TALKING.
credit to my siblings; Nur Liyana Ramlee, Muhammad Syamim
and also my bf Sheh Ariff who turned my convocation pics into something
beautiful and awesome. Thanks dear!

my mortar board and princess diary :)

heading to the Great Hall, CAC

presented by High Commission of Republic of Maldives,
H.E. Mr Mohamad Zaki

walking out in the red carpet

find me!hee~

beautiful flowers and gifts from beautiful ppl

my familia (not in the pic; my youngest sister who's
studying in Unimas)

these two are expected to graduate in the same year;
product of Utp & Uthm

my other half

my beloved parents :)

xoxo for MOM!

my ex-roomie from 1st-final year, Ms. Kinah :)

my ex-roomie in Matric IIUM,PJ (we coincidentally bumped into each other;
she's a Human Science graduate)

Nab & Kin :D

lalalalala ♪♫♪♫♪

from left: Kak Lia, Kinah, Ena, me & Nab

Hafiq in the house!!

my cousin, Abg Yus & Kak Daliza also came! with
their daughter, Sofeya Karmila :)

one day after convo day, returned the robe,
collected stage pics & scrolls :)

with Nana :)

the skies are BLUE. Subhanallah

beautiful mosque :)

this place; IIUM will be MISSED!

"The tassel's worth the hassle!"