Friday, February 26, 2010

Personal Taste [Special]

premiered on 31/03/2010 at MBC

the filming is already begun & it's a good thing for Minoz. I can't wait to see a playful side of Mino in PT as Jun Jin Ho, along with his pretense; being a gay to live with Park Gaein; an odd girl & his charisma as an architect. I super-duper anticipate this drama ever since its news of production came out in the open.

Let's pictures speak!!

this is a super-anticipating drama for ME this year!!

#1. the pretending-gay tenant & the odd landlord. gagagaga.SWEET!!!
#2. i'm glad Mino's lead actress is Son Ye Jin; she's simply a good actress!!
#3. i L.O.V.E the last pic the most.hehe

a BIG opps...hehe

interview captures:
eventho they r 6 years apart bt they look cute together.
can't wait to watch PT in the last day of March!!!

the latest updates, news etc abt Mino are beyond words.
These pics are from Bang Bang Jeans by Lee Min Ho & the sweet Han Ji Hye

left is the BTS pic & right is the official pic

vid moment!!!!! Bang Bang Jeans CF

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lee Min Ho week :)

I'm not sure why, but in LMH soompi, all MINOZ are urged to put
Mino's pic as primary photo in fb for a week.hehe. I already did :D

here is a lil info for LMH's fans; Personal Taste (PT) casts already had their 1st script reading session on Feb 17 & apart frm that, they already had their official photo shoots.
What can i say? It's AWESOME! :D

happy weekend peeps!!
fact: i love WEEKENDs!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

1st week of chambering

I must say it was exhausting; from all the walking, running (and cursing) to file for my pupilage papers. hmm...I don't intend to elaborate more on this matter; or else I'll end up cursing (again). Alhamdulillah, all the hard work, money, time & patience that I did put into together to get it done and to be able to get my short call date asap finally paid off. My short call date is 25th Feb 2010, 12 days from today and yes, I'm surprised I got it early, much earlier than I ever expected (and that means I have limited time.arghhhhh!!!). I only have 6 working days to do the last-minute affidavit of service and lots of courier thingy that can make my head blow off.isk :(

The atmosphere at the office seems fine (it's only one week, what can I expect right?hehe). Btw, due to the busy week, I lost 1 kg in 4days and that shows how tired I am :(

All I need right now and throughout the 9-months chambering is unconditional support from family, friends & the loved one (maybe most of you don't know abt this, that many law graduates gave up doing their pupillage). Whatever it is, My Own-self is the key to the success; together with the blessing of Allah swt. Ok, enough.hehe.

To all Chinese & those who are celebrating Chinese New Year
(I'm a 1986er @ born in Year of Tiger too),


Bonus :D
The Making of TRUGEN Spring

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to Basics

Last Wed, I went to Uni to settle my clearance (legal, security, finance, library & hostel) and Alhamdulillah, clearance went well. Obtained my release letter after waiting for almost 2 months.finally...ahuks. Going to KL without meeting my fav persons would be incomplete. Kinah, Herda & Ilham, thanks for your TIME. Love every seconds we spent together!! And girls, just let you to know that I love you!!

This year is my first working year (my experience as a part-timer in Pizza Hut while waiting for SPM result doesn't count); I will begin my pupilage for 9 months & InsyaAllah afterwards I will stick to my since-primary-school dream; to be a practising LAWYER. So peeps, wish me best of luck. It's time to make MONEY & experience a grown-up-career woman thingy.hehe. Are You Gossip-Worthy? is my all-time treasure, I won't leave it no matter busy I will be. For those who wish to start a new thing or life, GOOD LUCK!!

p/s: miss him...miss him :(