Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time Machine

Time really does fly huh. It's nearly mid of December already! I can't believe this. I mentioned this few times to my friends; 2010 is the shortest year I ever had! well, I think it's just's almost a year I had my last 'end-sem outing' with my close friends. you know what it is right. after final exam, we'd spend some time eating, hanging out eg. watching movies, sight-seeing; shopping. and it's almost a year we had our Law Grad dinner.

what else. oh. it's almost a year (or mayb it's been a year) I had my last paper. I think it was Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). I had sore eyes; so I remember that last final exam clearly. painful!

it's almost two months I attended my convocation day. hmm.
and it's nearly one and half month my pupilage period ended.

Time really flies; really really fast. *phew*.

What will be the next event? my Long Call (in which I'll be admitted to the Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor officially!). Finally. this is just a friendly advice; if you think of being a lawyer...make sure you're mentally-prepared.haha :p if only I have other ambitions (at least another ambition; *sigh* but I don't). I always wanted to be a lawyer; and I think that's a problem. nevermind. I'll make sure my children to have more than one ambition.hehehehe :D

My invitation cards; check! Catering; check!
If God willing, my Long Call will be on 17th December 2010;
Friday at 10am.

wish me luck peeps! hope it'll be one of the best moments in my life


Golden Disk 2010 (korean version of Grammy Award) was held on 09.12.10. too bad it wasn't aired on kbs world; so I watched the event a day after (on yt). like always; k-pop never disappointed me. I think I had so much fun watching the award when
SHINee received two awards.
Congrats! all Shawols must be very happy right now.hehe.

winning moment
frm left: Leader Onew & Bling Bling Jonghyun
(not in the gif: Charisma Minho, Diva Key & Maknae Taemin)


known as one of the best male groups in Korea who can sing very well (esp. my bias jjong & also SHINee's leader Onew); their Lucifer perf. is awesome!

love their dramatic perf. esp. watching uri jjong sitting on the king-sized throne while singing!haha. (he injured his ankle during Korea-Indonesia concert last Oct and he's still recovering)
and that long note of yours is totally EPIC jjong!!haha. He really knows how to do
the unforgettable fan-service.hee~
hope in year of 2011; SHINee will make a comeback with better music!

want more of jjong? am sure Mino will understand.hee :p

jjong during rehearsal of S.M The Ballad's Miss You @ Music Bank
and below: Suju's Kyuhyun tweeted his backstage photo with jjong & jino (:

p/s: Next year I'll be 25; quarter of a century.huu~
well, am still young. age is only numbers (:


najlaa haridan said...

awww.. congrats nad. be one great lawyer in johor ok? miss uuuuu!

[ citapus ] said...

tengs dear.hee~ miss u too XD