Friday, March 27, 2009


when i woke up this morning...i told myself to RISE & SHINE!

Ilham was back to campus yesterday & we (Kinah.Ilham.Nabilah.Herda & i) hd dinner together at Ampang.we giggled a lot & of course there must be a reason for giggling rite?ehe.when we're bz giggling,all of sudden someone called my name "Nadzirah!",n i was like.."sape plak yg pggl aku pnoh plk tu",then i turned around & saw someone familiar..ops.2 persons actually;they were my highschool friends (Asyik & Dugong).its a small world!i hvnt met them in ages & coincidently,i met them out of nowhere.but i bet they heard our giggles (a lot!) & gossips (lalalala..).overall,lastnite's outing was awesome..we were able to spend time together after all the asments,tests thingy.finally!

this one is just for FUN:which heart-shaped is better?ehe.
left pic is mine & right from Kinah & Nab

n speaking of our current Malaysian political condition,everyone knows tht the UMNO Youth movement is now headed by Khairy Jamaludin; Wanita by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil & Puteri movement by Datuk Rosnah Shirlin Abdul Rashid.i tried to be unbiased but in my opinion,i think Shahrizat is capable of bringing new dimension into Wanita but i'm doubtful on wht KJ will bring to Youth (for someone who was found quilty for an offence but he's just being lucky to be let off by warning (only!!),how cn u have faith in him?i just dont get it.seriously).abt Rosnah,call me ignorant or whatever..i don't even know a thing abt her (i even had to google her name.haha)

extra!! i hv a long list wht i need to do during this weekend and it includes: complete CPC the Confession of a Shopaholic.lunch & dinner with Sheh.scan my Brothers & Sisters .change my playlist songs.and many more...ehe

info!! STRESS is a NO-NO (i hate it).i believe everyone has stress in their lives,whether from self-imposed situations or events that are out of your control. No matter what the source of our stress, we need to learn how to cope with it in order to keep ourselves healthy, physically and emotionally. and while we can't avoid all stress, there are ways to deal with it & these are the tips:

  • Opt for physical health- i read somewhere one of the ways to cope with stress is by stop smoking,drinking & overeating (i must hv been reading a lot..ehe).and taking me as an example,i dont smoke,i dont drink but i do eat.ehe.hmm..overeating? i always said to my friends,"I'm fat".but then they replied," are not fat".then i replied,"But i'm not thin either".haha :D

  • Learn to just say "No.".i think this is quite impossible (for ME) bcos wht i was often stressed bcos of workloads & not bcos of love,friendship cn i say NO to workloads???duh!

  • Find out time for fun-i like this (a lot!). being me,there is nothing i could do if stress bothers me.i always opt for fun,entertainment etc.

being silly with Herda :P


Lord Fiqo said...

well nad,
about the KJ thingy, look at the voters. who voted for him? well can we say that the voters, are corrupted too? hehe

well, hopefully, they'll make changes as we always hope for.

go and and have some fun dear. all works no play, makes nad a boring girl ;p

{ sakinah } said...

love kinah ngan nab jgk yg lebey cantik..heheh..
a'ah la fiq, knah rs voters pun corrupted jgk..heheh.

[ citapus ] said... nad punye yg lbey chantek & menawan.ehe.btol btol btol (gaye upin ipin)..i rase pon cmtu Wallahualam..

syasya said...

1. i'm in stress!exam mode~ =(
lazy to study but damn consistent updating facebook n chatting!!
2. if u already watch the c.o.s plz make a review in ur blog.ngeeee


[ citapus ] said...

sure dear :)
p/s:sheena..jgn stress sgt.fighting!ehe