Thursday, March 12, 2009


there are so many things in my head..and most of them pissed me off!

but before that,this is a friendly reminder:
let's spread LOVE!


First & foremost: Services in Malaysia

Last Saturday i went home by bus (i prefer train but it took almost 4 & half - 5 hrs so i chose bus instead). at Puduraya, you should have an idea how poor the service can be. a day earlier (Friday) i called a bus company, asking for the tix & the operator told me tht i could book in advance, so i did. the next morning, around 1030 am i asked the countergirl 4 my tix. that was all the poor services episode started.she gave me the tix n then i gave her a RM50 note but she said she didnt hv any change,so she TOOK BACK the tix frm my hand n returned my money.How RUDE!!do you think i was able to just sit back & smiled?it wasn't me if i i kinda made a scene (who cares!) n walked away;headed to a shop selling newspaper. i took a copy of NST & gave the money.again!.NO CHANGE!omg..what kind of biz they r running on if they dont hv change?well..maybe they don't even know what & where the BANK IS but make an effort!..go to bank dummieee!!!i know its rude to make faces in front of someone at my mom's age but PLEASE! i CANNOT tolerate such poor services.i repeat..CANNOT! spoilt my day(of course!),the day i supposedly to be bright & shine bcos i was heading's irrebuttable that i always at my worst whenever i'm in Pudu.if in the future, i hv power to demolish anything,the first building i'll do is PUDURAYA!

Second:Slow Internet Connection

the second thing screwed me up at this moment is the slow internet connection.generally,Mondays,Tuesdays & Wednesdays are my busy days (no doubt). that's why on almost every Wednesday nights i would surf internet,blogging & watching my fav Boys Before Flowers(i think the production hse should give me any allowance/perks perhaps for promoting the series.ehe). But lately i'm having problems to load the youtube/ frustrating(i mean it). after going through 3 consecutive days with all energy i have, i don't deserve to be treated like THIS!so..i can't watch episodes 18 & 19 tonight..*slapself*

Third: Replacement classes at the wrong time

its ok to be given assignments/draftings but when you are left with no CHOICE but to attend replacement clsses at 1noon/6pm, its just too much.having a make-up cls at 1 noon is a, 6 pm class is too late my dear!!

joon pyo & i are sleepyhead..ehe :D


Lord Fiqo said...

points taken, nad.

That's why the government has to do something before urging Malaysians to use public transport instead of using their own cars.

And about the mean lady, i think you could find many people like her in places such as Petaling Street, Chow Kit etc. They are all rude. Indeed! I can never tolerate with rude people, when i am being nice to them. Duh.

[ citapus ] said...

i agree with u hafiq...100%.
-govt keeps urging us to use public transport etc;on d ground tht it will solve d traffic congestion bt c' something!puduraya is ancient!do they think by painting & renovating it would suffice?of course d answer is No!
-abt the countergirl..i dont expect the 1st clss service frm her bt a good service wud be highly appreciated!lol.oh blowing my head off when i start thinking abt this..ehe.*emo*.ehe