Sunday, March 29, 2009

a brief Review on Confession of a Shopaholic

i already watched the Confession of a Shopaholic (its difficult to get the tix bt thanks to Sheh's effort!u r my savior..ehe). well,i must admit tht i didnt read the novel but ive heard abt it from friends).w/o comparing the storyline with the novel,i found this movie is interesting,funny & cute as well.i love Hugh Dancy from the beginning until the end (while sheh likes Isla wonder we'r makes sense rite?ehe).at times, we ended laughing, so did the audience.its a really good movie for those who r shopaholics bcos i know shopping is fun (of course-lah!) but sometimes it will leave us with pain (im talking abt debt,excessive use of cdt card..debit card is better people!).personally i love how Rebecca gave her opinion (using metaphoric words..ehe) on certain things through her article/review.Hugh Dancy is the perfect choice for Luke Brandon, and he did very well.the same goes to Isla Fisher;she has this bubbly character so her character fits her well for Rebecca sum up,Rebecca Bloomwood has learnt her lesson as she finally knew honestly is everything.

congrats for those who voted for environment by switching off light for 60 min yesterday!
i was in IKEA at that time,in which at 830pm sharp,the cafe's lights were turned off (good effort!)

p/s:im very tired & sleepy right now.its already 2.05 am.time to ZzZzZz


najlaa said...

see..see..i've told u so..

[ citapus ] said...

ye la..eventho u watched it earlier,tht doesnt make he's urs k..ehe.

najlaa said...

haha..whatever! =D
incik boyfriend ko nak letak mane ha??? nk tiru aku ke letak dlm pocket??? hohoho..

[ citapus ] said...

haha.ko ltak kt pocket ke inche bf ko tu? aku tetap di hati cme dea kne give n take ngn akunye prangai yg ske ngk laki laen ni (celebrity je k..bkn other normal guys..ehe)