Tuesday, September 9, 2008

comments on eps 1 & 2 Prison Break Season 4

ep1- Sara Tancredi's comeback was no surprise for me.as i expected since d last season(3),she would definitely come back to spark some love interest in this series.Scofield is very lucky to have her gf back,you could see the smile on his face(hot!!hihi).But,at the same time,the series are quite draggy (but i still love it.hihi),not forget to mention the burden on Scofield's shoulder(again!!) to take the company down.James Whistler's death is unpredictable(he looks different now,i wonder mayb bcos last season he looked better with the unshaven face.uhu).As i expected,Sofia is with Lincoln and having a family moment with LJ before Lincoln is called for the next mission(wahhh..ayat.ehehe).

ep2- Mahone's son n ex-wife were killed,n this may make things more difficult for Mahone.Sara is suffering frm traumatic disorder, but lucky enough Scofield being a very understanding bf always brought her to his comfort.the moment i most like in this ep is when Scofield n Sara are having conversation to start everything all over again.and Scofield jokingly said to her,"Does that mean i have to divorce my wife?".Cuteee...ehe.i almost forgot Scofield is still a married man(remember Holly Valance acting as his wife?).the plan made by Scofield with the help of others including Mahone,Lincoln,Bellick,Sucre, n a japanese guy(a gadgetman) was awesome,but later it turned out to be sour.I cant wait to watch further episodes..i wish they'll be more interesting n not draggy.

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