Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's random

i don't hv time to update my bloggie. so let me post a brief one. mian :(

uri Mino will make his comeback soon!!! May pali!!! :D

my current retro.licious's (my lappy) wallie :)

take care!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

i'm happy at the mention of him

from the 1st time i saw them performing, i know there's something about him.

for the records, i can easily fall for great voices. and i wished i can marry someone who can sing well, at least for me.haha. but DREAM ON nad!hee. i never dated guys who can sing well.haha.
i think it's my fate; reality is definitely reality :D

kim jonghyun has a unique voice that melted my heart since the 1st time I listened to SHINee's songs. onew's voice is sweet and very pleasant to hear but jjong's is something that I can't find anywhere else. it's got to be HIM and no one but him.hee. he's always been listed for one of the best male idols' voice in korea and recently he's been listed #6 on the list.

1. SG Wannabe's JinHo
2. 2NE1′s Park Bom
3. SS501′s YoungSaeng
4. DBSK's JunSu
5. 2PM's JunSu
6. SHINee's Jonghyun
7. 2AM's JoKwon
8. 4Minute's GaYoon
9. Super Junior K.R.Y.
10. f(x)'s Luna

but I personally think, jjong should be at #1.hee :D

this post is full of jjong's bias; as i have lots to share.

this one from SHINee's latest interview during the Maypole photo shoots
I waited for weeks for this interview to broadcast. finally! *phew*



they are cute as pies! i love seeing them together.
jjong is seen to be wearing the leg brace; the interview took place after jjong's surgery


regardless whether shawols are Blingers or not, most shawols are missing jjong like I am :(
rest well jjong; really miss your dance moves!


shin sekyung is as popular as jjong
esp. when the news about them dating were made public. i have the feeling that shawols are beginning to accept their relationship unlike when the news were 1st revealed, it was really haywire at that time. aigoo! and speaking of jongkyung, i hate reading comments on the possibility that they are not actually dating but only covering up for the conflict btwn JYJ & SM entertainment. i think that is the most ridiculous speculation that ever came out in the k-pop world. are they trying to say that whatever had been said by jjong in SHINee Hello Baby (which was aired in the last midyear) is just a well-planned scandal?

fyi, jjong had mentioned shin sekyung few times in Hello Baby; not to mention that he also mentioned in a radio show,
"shin sekyung is MINE".

knowing him, he's neither a kind that will lie to your face nor behind your back!
he's bold but very sensitive and caring. he has a manly yet playboy character but he's very consistent when it comes to his ideal girl.

so stop bashing shin sekyung & kim jonghyun

jjong is asking baby yoogeun whether he likes shin sekyung.haha :p

playful appa who likes skinship.haha :D

SHINee must be busy getting ready for their Japanese debut in March
hope to see jjong with the rest SHINee members asap!!

lee jinki. kim jonghyun. kim kibum.
choi minho. lee taemin

"hope to meet you someday"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The significant 6th

16th February 2011
Happy 6th Anniversary sheh ariff !!!!
*confetti party begins*
we've come to this far :)

"Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together."

[playnow:thank God I found you/Mariah Carey feat. 98degrees]

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We are Jungle Fish

Idk tonight would be the last episode of Jungle Fish 2 (on kbs world)
I didn't expect it to end this early (only 8 eps) :(

as I mentioned in prev. post, this is a drama which boldly criticized this real world. it's a real drama; not a drama which only portrayed the rich and the poor, the beauty and the beast. it's closer to my heart than most of latest k-dramas out there. i highly recommend this one. feel free to try watching it. you'll be reminded how hard you have tried to obtain an A; how stressful you were/are when you couldn't/can't answer the most difficult add maths questions and how hard for you to balance between studies and 1st love. and let's value FRIENDSHIP like Hyo-An, Hosu, Yul, Bawu, Gongji and Ra-yi :)

::moral of the story: don't ever give up! and pls DO NOT commit suicide:::

Jungle Fish 2 trailer

super extra

it's been a while since I last uploaded his photo.hee :D

he's still uri Mino and I'm still a proud Minoz.hee. don't worry. Mino is looking cool with Trugen outfit as always; isn't he? :D anticipating his comeback in May. few months to go but am sure there'll be lots of news, updates and spoilers soon. he's Lee Min Ho after all. everyone wants a piece of him.kekeke :p

and not to forget, shining SHINee!!

my babies (with shocking faces) are endorsing Maypole :)
oh! i miss jjong! come back pali! hope he'll be able to dance asap!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dream High vs Jungle Fish 2

one of my former high school teachers once said;
"if you have anything to do during your student's life, just do it as long as it doesn't break school's regulations and laws. just do it, because you can't turn back time once you leave the high school"

these are two k-dramas that I'm watching. both dramas talk about the students' journey.

am not going to write a review on these k-dramas because they haven't finished yet. and i'm still enjoying myself watching both. thank God the former airs every Mondays and Tuesdays while the latter on weekends.

i like Dream High because it has a "Step Up" feeling; you can see one student's dancing while another singing. it's a great view to watch. it's not a musical drama!! that is one thing for sure. because I'm not a fan of musical dramas; just like Glee etc.

and speaking of drama, I can't avoid from mentioning about the cast. it's starred by 2pm's Taecyeon, Miss A's Suzy, 2pm's Wooyoung, T-Ara's Eunjung, IU - oh! i always love her singing!!!!!I used to think that she's around my age, maybe because I've seen her for so long even b4 her official debut esp. in kbs's The Star Golden Bell but only last year I know her real age. omaigod! she's much2 younger than I am.haha. what a surprise. she has a very nice singing chords for her age! and of course, my favourite star in Dream High, Kim Soohyun!hee. he's cute. this is my 1st time seeing him on small screen and I think he's not bad. I have to say that Taecyeon does best in term of acting but there's something about Soohyun's character that makes me liking him better. sorry Taecyeon!hee :)

I can't deny that the Dream High has better visual appearances. HOWEVER! I like Jungle Fish 2 better. I'm a person who likes something that can relate to myself. Jungle Fish 2 is a k-drama that speaks out about how stressful students' lives can be; how stupid teenagers can become and to what extent students can overcome problems emotionally and physically. Idk if others liking this drama as much as I do, but this is one of the best dramas which boldly portrays students' lives. it criticizes teachers who are always with the top students; but abandon the weak ones. this is a drama that never fails to move me to TEARS. it breaks my heart every time I watched each episode. not because I did feel the same like the character but I used to be a teenager; full with dreams and anticipation; there were always ups and downs at schools and most important thing, it is very much conveying the value of friendship. tell me now, HOW CAN I NOT LOVE THIS K-DRAMA? there are only two people I know from the beginning of this drama; one is MBLaq's Lee Joon and T-Ara's Jiyeon, unlike in Dream High (btw, my fav actor would be Hong Jong Hyun. he's good!) but I guess this is the power of great scripts, plots and acting skills. keep up the good work Jungle Fish 2! I tried to google about it but I found less than I expected; or in other words I guess it's not receiving good ratings. but it's OK! I like Worlds Within (starred by on & off-screen couple; Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo) while the drama didn't obtain good ratings. I guess this is how the 'real' dramas would end up. the good dramas get thrown away while the popular ones get praised.

i remember there's one part in SHINee's Hello Baby when Kim Jonghyun said; something like this (I cant recall the exact phrase);

What's wrong with the world that only CARES about cute things?

I can't deny that I also agree with him.

please come back jjong; I can't wait to see you again!
playnow: Quasimodo/SHINee
the beautiful song reminds me of this Are you Gossip-Worthy's original name; I used to name it Quasimodo

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blind/the Lifehouse

I mentioned in earlier entry that I broke my glasses; so I went to an optical shop.

phew~ I hate when my power keeps increasing and honestly, I'm uncomfortable with it. so, I drank carrots, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries drinks and whatever berries exist in this world as much as I can afford to drink.

I stayed away from my beloved lappy for days; not that I thought it would decrease my power but idk, maybe it's the psychology that I have gotten since few days ago.hee.

and speaking of short-sightedness (myopia) , there are three kinds of treatments that I'm sure almost everyone is aware of. first, it can be corrected by wearing glasses. 2nd, by wearing contact lens and the last one would be by undergoing surgery. I'm opting for 1st and 2nd options; I began to wear glasses since 16 and lens since 18. I used to prefer wearing lens than glasses; because I found the latter more troublesome. but as time flies, and due to the long hours of wearing it (that I am now working from 9 to 6) I think wearing the latter is much convenient . so, am kinda lost when I broke mine few weeks ago. phew~ new glasses are ready to wear; and as I mentioned earlier I chose brownish this time instead of black :D

I have a plan to get the third treatment (surgery) i.e. Lasik surgery. all I need is to get enough money to splurge because the more money I get the more stingy I become.haha :p

i miss him! and that's why I'm in front of my lappy right now.hee. he's still resting; not much updates about him these days except for few photos he shared in me2day, his funny and witty replies in UFO and a recent photo of him and an actress (Kim Ji Yeon/'Ginger' in BOF) in a restaurant. I'm still wondering why he's dining with her? *curious*

haha. this gif from SHINee's Hello Baby
we all know you are Jonghyun of SHINee!! :D

oh yeah, it's february! or should I call it the month of wedding dresses?huhu.

today (5th feb) I'll be attending my high school senior (Stk & Mrsm Muar) & also a good friend of mine, Abu Samah Ibrahim aka Apex's wedding. he is now husband to kak Shela (also my senior.hee). he's marrying his former classmate (in Stk), had a crush on her for so long but never confessed until few years after SPM. well, even a Casanova knows how to be loyal.haha. just kidding Apex! have fun in yr married life! we did talk about what wedding gifts should we give to each other; am sorry I cannot give you water bed! it's too expensive!!!