Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Minhos

Minoz must have known this;
Mino is an undergrad student at Konkuk University (KU) and he's majoring in Video/Film
And recently Minho's appointed as a Publicity Ambassador for his
University together with other celebrity students.

i know few names here:
left: it's Lee Min Ki! the actor cum rockstar. i like him except for the hairdo (u better change that Min Ki!). next: the Lucifer star (i dont bother to know his name). next is none other than Wang Ji Hye (PT's evil girl Kim In Hye). next: maybe the rector or whoever. next is an actress and i remember watching her in an interview; she enrolled to KU last year and she said she's happy to know that Mino is her sunbae (aka senior.she must be very happy standing beside Mino.haha).next needs no introduction.hehe; Lee Min Ho (where's ur Jin Ho's hairdo Mino??I like the hairdo more).next is Shinee's Minho (Choi Minho); he's younger than Mino, cute and very athletic (those watching Dream Team must agree with me). next is i-dont-know-her-name woman.hehe

p/s: love the fact that two Minhos stand next to each other.
what an arrangement!

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