Thursday, June 3, 2010

이민호 [Bang Bang Jeans]

Mino is back with more colours!!!
say: with (older) actress Han Ji Hye.

are you melting? I am :p

Left/Above: Official pics
Right/Below: BTS pic

am glad i already finished preparing my written submission today. in more than 3 months of pupilage, i learnt so many things. studying laws and putting the theory into practical are two different things; that's for sure. it's tiring but i think i already fell in love with contested matters :)

6.15pm, June 3, 2010
no matter how much weight i lost, it seems that my cheek won't get any thinner.hehe.
maybe i should take my aunt's advice: chubby cheek will make you look younger.haha :p

[now playing: If it's not you, it can't be anyone else/Yesung Suju]

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