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New! Ep.3-8 Personal Taste Review

Working life is not easy huh. Trying hard to find ample time to write on PT review but I ended up delaying it; day by day. I planned on updating my blog yesterday but I had to write legal opinion for one Bankruptcy case; which I had to go through all docs one by one; bcos each of them is significant. But, thank God I managed to watch the latest ep. of PT i.e. ep.8; after streaming for few hours.phew~

Let's go ALL OUT ok! As usual like I did in the past (for drama & movie reviews); I will try the hardest not to reveal everything; but to give lil spoilers.hehe. I will highlight more on my favourite scenes :)
Episode 3:

Continuing from Ep.2, Jin Ho is pissed by Gae In's statement that he is a Gay and due to that he decided to move out from Sanggojae (this house becomes the talk nowadays.hehe). Gae In tried to persuade Jin Ho to change his intention by giving him a gift (she claimed it was a farewell gift but it is actually a BRIBE.hehe). I never thought a woman will give such a gift to a guy but being furniture designer; it makes sense.

Jin Ho & Chang Ryul have an endless revenge (as Chang Ryul's father used to be Jin Ho's employee but he ended up betraying his employer i.e. Jin Ho's father and I do believe the betrayal led to doom day of Jin Ho's father). Thus, it is well-understood Chang Ryul & his father would always find ways to get rid of Jin Ho who is also in the same business. Do you know who Chang Ryul's father is?hehe. It's none other than Geum Jandi's father. yes..he is.hehe. Most of K-dramas I watched had him including My Girl, BOF & the latest before Personal Taste was Chuno @ Slave Hunters. I'd say it's kind weird watching him acting an antagonist role but the scar on his face does help the character.hehe

Chang Ryul is not a hardcore character; he's not rough & rowdy like Goo Joon Pyo but he is a loser; a big L one. Telling an ex-gf that he saw her as a wet puppy soaked in the rain that he felt sympathetic of is TOO MUCH to handle. But character of Chang Ryul is not much to be hated; bcos like I mentioned earlier, he's not a hardcore character. He exists to show a link why Gae In took Jin Ho into Sanggojae. I think the storyline is intended to make audiences feel the same way I feel about Chang Ryul.

In Hye on the other hand; is a pain in the ass. I hate her; it is as if she would steal whoever related to Gae In and I still figure out why. What on EARTH a bestie would do that?? In Hye & Gae In were living together for 10 years but how can she secretly dated Chang Tryul & even about to marry him? OMG! Tht kind of human is not HUMAN! The character always brought me anger. Seriously! And we can understand well why Gae In feels inferior after being dumped by Chang Ryul & betrayed by her bestie cum housemate for 10 years. Who wouldn't?

But it's ok, Gae in still has Yong Sun (with her little son; but he isn't cute enough~I'm still rooting for little Goo Joon Pyo. And luckily that boy is in another k-drama called Happiness in the Wind-KBS World 1925 hr every Mon-Fri.hehe). Being a mother; she still has time to spend with her bestie (I like taht kind of relationship!). Jin Ho's bestie i.e. Sang joon hyung is always in my list.hehe. I really like Jung Sung Hwa's acting, never watched him acting before but I'm glad he's taking up the role.hehe. And love the fact that he manages his twitter account himself (I'm his follower.hehe). Thank you Sung Hwa for updating your twitter acc almost everyday & as if he knows many Minoz are hungry for Mino's updates, he always gave info abt Mino and sometimes posted pics of him & Mino together. All we need to do, is to copy the status & translate it on Google.easy right? Sometimes; he wrote in English & even replied to all comments received. Komawo Sung Hwa oppa!

p/s: i wish Mino has his own account but maybe bcos he has his own Staff Diary; it would be unnecessary for him to have it now.

ok. Next.

I love household shopping & cleaning scenes! But I think the Behind-the-scene is much much funnier.hehe. Although Gae In's taste in fashion is blah but her smile whenever she tried to act cute in front of Jin Ho is totally a KILLER & of course Jin Ho's too.hehe. Son Ye Jin is really a BEAUTY.

We shouldn't forget about the mother-son relationship.Losing a father at a young age will definitely make Jun Jin Ho a Mommy's son. Upon receiving from Hye Mi's phone call that Jin Ho's mom went missing, he immediately ran out looking for his mom & knowing his mom better than anyone else, he joined her enjoying the beauty of the night in an exclusive restaurant. I felt the awkwardness between Mino & the actress playing the mother's character; and knowing the fact that Mino in real life is a Mommy's boy I assume it's not easy to show affection towards fake Mothers.hehe Luckily in BOF, Mrs Kang is the most cruelest Mother in the world i.e. Witch.hehe. I hope the awkwardness will fade away as time flies.

Another interesting scene would be the oops-I saw it all-scene. And what is it?hehe. It's none other than the most talkable scene two weeks ago i.e. the shower scene. And well, it's not one scene but two scenes.haha. First one is when Gae In innocently entered into the bathroom which was used by Jin Ho! And the worst thing is that Jin Ho was about to cover up his body with towel when she entered the bathroom. Arghhh!! How DARE she!!haha. My Jin Ho is wasted.hehe. But Gae In claimed that she didn't see anything at all as she's neither wearing her glasses nor lens. Unfortunately! When Jin Ho was about to sleep, he overheard conversation between Gae in & Yong Sun abt Dirrrrty Thing.haha. I feel sorry for Jin Ho.hehe. He's gaining nothing but embarrassment since he met Gae in.

And well, another highlight scene would be another oops scene. But unlike in My Girl, Jin Ho didn't see everything like Lee Dong Wook did in My Girl.hehe. Gae in who was still in towel, didn't bother to wear more clothes as she still thinks Jin Ho is a gay. But of course it's the hardest thing for Jin Ho to get through right? For someone straight to be in the same bathroom with a not fully-clothed woman.hehe. Love Mino's expression in both oops scenes.

The last highlight scene is abt Gay thingy. Alcohol will always bring chaos; and that's what happened to Park Gae-In. At the night Gae-In & her new tenant; Jun Jin Ho cozied in a BBQ restaurant; having kalbi (barbecued beef) & soju, Gae-In slipped her tongue & revealed that Jin Ho is a GAY in front of public! And what made the thing worst; Director Choi was there; with few friends. And of course; being a straight guy pretending to be gay, Jin Ho felt embarrassed plus the embarrassment took place in front of Director Choi; whom Jin Ho is trying to impress with. You can imagine the reaction coming from Jin Ho. I'm not sure what a gay guy would feel in that situation but being a straight guy who caught in such a pretense, I would say it must be hard for him to lift up his face.hehe.

the night is definitely felt long & miserable for Jin Ho but despite of his unkind personality, we can feel his warmth. The piggyback scene is one of the examples in ep.3. Although he's more than embarrassed by Gae-In's clueless statement in the restaurant (but btw, we could feel the sincerity coming from Gae-In as she said those words to save Jin Ho frm being beaten up by a guy whose wife tried to flirt with Jin Ho), but still he didn't refuse to piggyback Gae-In when she claimed her leg's hurt.

Listening to her story while Jin Ho piggybacked her that she always thought one's back is cold as she was never piggybacked by her father; is actually something moved my heart; n I believe it did to Jin Ho's heart. And again, Jin Ho's warmth can be seen when he helped Gae In by massaging her claimed-to-be-hurt leg. At the same time Gae In made sounds;a weird one & I do believe it means Dirrty,haha. She is totally believing that Jin Ho is a gay; after witnessing few incidents. I don't blame her but taking into consideration that kind of good look is a Gay; I will definitely investigate about that guy or perhaps hire a private Mr. Gadget?hehe. But Gae In is not me; isn't it?hehe.

My most fav scene of ep.3 would be

"A gay tenant is the BEST!".haha.
"Ddabong" which means the best/you're Rock is officially inserted into my dictionary.hehe


Episode 4

I should make it brief; bcos if I may spill up everything and cant find any full stop; that's my weakness.hehe.

I like how Jun Jin Ho practised in front of mirror right before he met Director Choi (a day after the embarrassment moment at BBQ restaurant.hehe). He said in front of mirror;

"Director Choi, you might have misunderstood yesterday's situation, I'm not like that".
Unsatisfied with the speech, he continued,

"Director Choi, yesterday was a misunderstanding. I don't like GUYS".
And again, he was unsatisfied & practised by saying,

"I'm not GAY!!"
And a second later, a guy came out from one of the cube. uh.Oh.phew~. I assume Jin Ho must have said this, "I'm RUINED!".hahaha.

Gae In tried to make Jin Ho forgives her for what she did i.e. telling in front of public that Jin Ho is a gay by preparing a dinner for him. Oysters. yup, oysters with veggie I guess (more like coleslaw to me.yuks!hehe). Jin Ho ate all of them & he did offer to Gae In but being more than nice, Gae In said she already ate a lot. Binggo!hehe. I like the fact that Gae In made effort to get close with Jin Ho (of course under d same roof..) & although at first, Jin Ho seemed reluctant but bit by bit he opened his heart for Gae In. And I totally root for this couple.hehe. Love, love watching-tv-together scene! Maybe for others it is an ordinary thing but for me, it gave me an impression that if i were Jin Ho,i'm ready at all time to befriend with this kind of girl. Although she's clueless but she never fails to try to understand people around her. When Gae In & Yong Sun were in Dvd store Gae in chose Brokeback Mountain (omg.i watched the uncensored version & every time I recall the storyline I wish I didn't watch it.huhu) just because she wanted to understand Jin Ho being a gay. It moved my heart actually; maybe because I'm a person who likes to be understood & I can easily be hurt if I'm misunderstood. Bt Gae In overdid the effort.haha. How can you ask the sensitive issue all of sudden Gae In-ssi??? And yeah, love when Jin Ho said to Gae In who was eating popcorn while watching tv,

"You are not dieting?"

Gae In: "I'm not the type to gain weight"

Jin Ho: "Even so, at that age, it all goes to your stomach"
And when Jin Ho started eating the popcorn, Gae in got back to him by saying,

"You said that at that age, it turns into stomach fat"
And Jin Ho replied,

"I don't gain weight in my stomach".haha.
Bravo Jin Ho!

A sweet night will not guarantee the next day to be a nice day. Jin Ho struggled with his stomach & the most accurate word is Diarrhea issue?hehe. I must say that Lee Min Ho really went all out ruining his image in this scene. Love the series of uncontrolled diarrhea scenes; I had a good laugh watching earlier part of ep. 4.hehe. He was seriously in a dangerous moment of his life; from the moment he's in the office then when he's waiting to cross the road that caused him to hit a car n telling the driver to get out of his way!! His yell reminded me of Goo Joon Pyo and it made me missed BOF so much esp Goo Joon Pyo. His face at the pharmacy is a way hilarious. How can he act like that? As if he really was suffering from diarrhea. And one more thing, heart the scene when he's cursing Gae In while sitting on the toilet bowl (faucet),

"Park Gae in! Park Gae In! I"ll destroy you!!"
haha. Good Job Mino!! No wonder you gain so much love & publicity from media n fans :) You have looks & talent! You're Ddabong!

Towards the end of the episode, the mood changed into sad. Gae In received a phone call from Chang Ryul as he was waiting for her outside of the hse. Gae In said she wont go outside but Jin Ho bet she would. Personally, I like when Jin Ho said,

"They say not to go chasing after a love that left".
U must feel the same way; bcos I think no matter how much we love to see that person; to hear that person's voice; to meet that person in our dream; let gone be by-gone. I felt it once; felt like Shit! But I'm glad I dumped him. He's not worth it to be cried over. It was hard at first, to forget abt everything we did together but time will heal the pain and it will make us a FIGHTER. I did hope Gae In wont go out to see Chang Ryul but she did. Jin Ho won the bet. And definitely Chang Ryul would only bring tears to the naive Gae In. Giving a stupid n lame excuse that he chose In Hye bcos In Hye gave him 'everything' but Gae in didn't is really boiling my head! Poor Gae In. She didn't hit Chang Ryul but once she entered Sanggojae, Jin Ho asked whether she is stupid & whether she really is a puppy which if it's abandoned, it would run out when its master calls it with its tongue out and tail wagging. I know it sounds harsh but in that kind of situation, strong words are needed & Jin Ho was smart enough to make Gae in comes to her senses. I really really love the scene when Gae in hit Jin Ho with pillow as if she let her anger & disappointment out.

"Someone like you wont have ever waited for a phone call from someone you liked all day.Just by looking at that person,, feeling like your heart is going to burst. You wont understand even if u died and was reincarnated. The person who makes me feel that way told me to come out.No matter how wrong he was, I can't help but want to hear his reasons. I'm so miserable, what can I do?" - Park Gae-In

I felt sad watching the scene & Jin Ho's teary eyes added to the emotions. Mino & Ye Jin have a great chemistry! And I'm glad both of them are main characters in PT.

The climax of the episode will always be the shock one. and for ep. 4, it is when Gae In said,
"Jin Ho-ssi, Will you make me a woman?"
haha. For a straight guy, of course Jin Ho might think Gae In wants that thing from Jin Ho to turn herself from a girl to a woman. Isn't it? Just wait for ep.5 ok!

For ep.5 until 8, I cant give you specific words/excerpts just because the English subtitles for those episodes are still not available in But I will comment on few important scenes that shows the progress of the Personal Taste.

Episode 5

After asking Jin Ho to make her into a woman, Jin Ho was kind of pissed by Gae In's clueless statement. What Gae In meant was that she asked Jin Ho to make her into o woman by make-over-ing her; but Jin Ho being straight full-grown man, scolded her by explaining to her that she cannot say those words carelessly to a man as man will interpret it differently. But i guess Gae In carelessly said those words as she totally believes Jin Ho is not like other men; he's a gay and he has no reason to think that the phrase, "Will you make me into a woman" means bed me!lol. In the next morning,they both woke up; listened to the same alarm (that alarm is Jin Ho's.hehe). Omg!They slept all the night on the same bed.hehe. One thing that I observed from this drama is Gae In is not only naive but she always thinks she's innocent. And she will try to escape herself from being scolded. Busted! Gae In, you are in Jin Ho's bed and not the vice versa.hehe. But Gae In didn't think its a big deal. "He's GAY and there is no way he could do anything to me" is perhaps what Gae In had in her mind.

Gae in persuaded Jin Ho to be her mentor; in a project instituted by her ownself called Park Gae In's Make-Over Project. I love how at the end, Jin Ho agreed to be her mentor and you know what...there are few tests conducted by Jin Ho in preparing Gae In a new woman whch are beyond my imagination.hehe. But I love love love one test when Jin Ho asked Gae In to stay in a room for two hours/3 hrs and warned her not to go out from the store until the time ends. Jin Ho tried many ways to bait her and of course Gae In ate every single bait. We can see 'Lee Min Ho' when he screamed

"Fire!" and yelled ARGHHHHH!!!
loudly and then Gae In ran out and asked WHERE?hehe. That kind of test does exist in Personal Taste.

Living together with Gae In makes Jin Ho feeling even more guilty. But Sang Joon reminded him that it's the best way they could do to save the company. I really hate to make a guess how the lie would cause to Gae In if it's blown off. I expect something sad, terrible may happen in 10th and above episodes.

Episode 6

As I expected, JIn Ho brought Gae In to a saloon for a physical make-over. Getting her hair done. make up done. And I must say that I like how Son Ye Jin plays character of Gae In; someone who trusts Jin Ho wholeheartedly; you can see that when she glanced at Jin Ho who was reading a magazine waiting for Gae In while she was having her hair done.

Polished; gorgeous & vintage are few words that can describe Gae In's look at the party. Her presence can be felt when she entered the ballroom together with Jin Ho. Jin Ho of course shined brightly in the black suit. Chang Ryul & In Hye who were also present at the party surprised by her new appearance while Jin Ho keeps smiling "Look what I did to Park Gae In".hehe. He is smart enough to bring Gae In together as he already knew both jerks would definitely attend the party.

Other than that, I like the scene where Gae In had her most critical moment.hehe. She went to the ladies and called Jin Ho to buy something for her. Something with wings.haha. yes, sanitary pad.hehe. I cant stop laughing watching Jin Ho went to a grocery shop to buy that girly thing. And what made it worst, there were 3 girl schools stood near to the sanitary pads. Amazed by his good looks, they couldn't take their eyes off Jin Ho.hehe. So, otokei? Helping his landlord lady is more important than his pride. Good. I want a guy like him!haha. I thought the girls would turn Jin Ho into a laughing stock but I was wrong. They kept waving at Jin Ho while Jin Ho was blushing leaving the shop. Cute!

I have so many fav scenes in ep. 6.hehe. At Sanggojae, Gae In had a cramp in her stomach and she asked for a favor from Jin Ho; to massage her stomach!hehe. It seems that Jin Ho had no choice but to help her but on another side, I think Jin Ho has opened up to Gae In. If you ever watched Fullhouse you may understand what I'm trying to convey. When someone lives under the same roof with another; initially by day your heart will be opened to her/him because both of you know each other better than anyone else. You may not notice it at first but slowly your heart will notice & confirm it. That is happening in Personal Taste. Gae In & Jin Ho are comfortable with each other plus the misunderstanding of gay thing added to that comfort zone.

Again my fav scene is when Yong Sun's son asked Jin Ho whether he married Gae In; after seeing them sleeping together.hehe. Jin Ho might fall asleep while massaging Gae In's stomach. Love Jin Ho's expression. Don't know what to answer & at the same time blushing.hehe

Another fav scene would be family portrait session. Well, Yong Sun is a photographer and one of the reasons why she asked Gae In to let Jin Ho move into Sanggojae is for her benefit i.e. to have a male model.ehe. The family portrait session involved Jin Ho, Gae In & Yong Su's son; wearing the same sweater. Cute!! What happen when a straight guy had to kiss a woman and get kissed by a woman? AWKWARD!haha. Lucky Ye Jin, she got everything Minoz wants from Mino.opps.hehehehe :D

the most highlight scene is when Jin Ho faced with work problems and he can't take it anymore. Being drunk cannot solve problem but watching many k-dramas, having soju is a lifestyle to Koreans. Gae In was worried over Jin Ho and she waited for him outside the house. Jin Ho upon seeng Gae In said,

"Oh. Park Gae In! My friend"
few times. Obviously he's drunk. Inside the hse, he poured his emotions about how he worked hard to rebuild what his father had. Tears were dropping as he told Gae In about how he felt; and I love that scene the most! I'm not saying this because he's my celebrity crush but because I just love his teary eyes since watching him in BOF. Love him when he shouted at Mrs Kang warning her not to hurt Geum Jandi with his teary eyes.Love him when Jandi said their love has reached its limit before she rode the bus leaving Joon Pyo. Love love love Mino when he gave this blank expression at the lock-up.arghhh!hehe. So you should understand when I say I love the most Jin Ho's crying scene. He didn't use eyedrops people, I watched the behind the scene after watching ep.6; tears are real. The funny thing is tht in many korean portals, the fans named the crying scene as "shit-dropping scene".hehe. Not only he's crying but he got a kiss from Gae In.hehehe. Anyway, love Gae In when she asked Jin Ho, "Are you crying Jin Ho?Please don't cry". Then she wiped the tears. Waaaaaaaa!!! Thank you for the scene! I wasn't quite hyped over the kissing but I appreciate the crying scene so much!

Episode 7

the most memorable scene is when Jin Ho planned to reveal the truth to Gae In that he's not a Gay! Like I mentioned earlier, Jin Ho feels guilty lying to Gae In. He must know well that Gae In may hurt so much when she discovers the truth esp when others tell her before Jin Ho does.

But the spoiler is Chang Ryul knows abt the gay thingy and in front of Director Choi & Park Gae In, Jin Ho was left with no option but to admit tht he's a GAY! Peeps, I love Mino when he had tears in his eyes and admitted and later on closed his eyes. I think Mino should get his eyes insured! Not only J-Lo can get her oh-not-so-good butt insured, my Mino can do so also.hehe.
Episode 8

Jin Ho & Gae In had their date together, just to teach Gae In how to go on with a proper date.hehe. Gae In is one pretty woman. If she dolled herself up, she is a beauty.hehe. I love the part when Jin Ho asked Gae In to choose which movie she would like to watch and then Gae In asked him to choose instead. Jin Ho said I want the thriller blockbuster movie and then Gae In cut his speech by wanting romantic movie. Jin Ho smiled brightly and complimented her

"Very Good".

Yoon Eun Hye made her cameo appearance in ep.8; as Jin Ho's ex-gf during their university time. It's kind of awkward meeting an ex after few years right? But I like the part when Eun Soo asked Gae In how she & Jin Ho met. When she's about to tell how they met, Jin- Ho immediately put the drink into her mouth TWICE; to stop her from answering the q. Perhaps bcos Gae In kept telling inappropriate things to people abt Jin Ho's sexuality.hahaha

As a woman, I would want to ask Jin Ho the same q Eun Soo asked him.

ES: I shouldn't ask this to someone who already has a girlfriend, but I still want to ask you. Before I went abroad, do you remember how I told you that I wouldn't go if you stopped me?
JH: Yeah.
ES: Have you ever regretted not stopping me?
JH: Why wouldn't I?
ES: You're always so cool and collected - maybe that's why I like you so much. Before I get a boyfriend again, I would hope that we don't meet like this again - let's see each other again in about 10 years, okay? Gae In-ssi... she seems like a good person.

I love the bus scene.hehe. no, not the pervert scene.hehe. But when Jin Ho gave a ride to Gae In to a bus stop and when she was in the bus, she waved crazily & happily at Jin Ho. Cute!!!! And what made it memorable is Jin Ho smiled seeing Gae In waved at him like that. You really like her right Jin Ho?hehe.

Other than that, love When JH told GI that he became friends with her because she reminded him of his mother, the person he loves most in this world! I was totally jumping with joy.hehe. Yeah I remember when Jin Ho received a phone call in ep.5 (i think) and Gae In smelt that the call was coming from a woman. She warned him not to play with woman's feelings and he replied,
"But I love this woman. She is my mother".
Ouch. i heart heart heart THE BACK SCENE. At night, still in the date session. Park Gae In & Jin Ho enjoyed a beautiful night sight-seeing together. When they were about to leave the place; which they stopped for a while, Gae In asked Jin Ho to stand still and she started writing something at Jin Ho's back.
Park Gae In's Weather Forecast: With the scent of lilacs tickling her nose, Park Gae In is writing on her friend's back. Next time... next time, when you're born again, please be born as a man who can love a woman. This has been Park Gae In's weather forecast, from a Park Gae In who is no longer interested in tomorrow's forecast scheduled to bring revenge.
I was moved by her weather forecast esp this,

"Next time... next time, when you're born again, please be born as a man who can love a woman"
isk. It's so sad. I imagine how Gae In feels and I do feel both of them already had feelings for each other. But one is trapped by his lie while another believes that the man is a gay. It's so pathetic!

Peeps, I'm not saying this because I'm a big fan of Mino/k-dramas. As a series-goer, this drama is what you must watch. If you can't afford to be determined like me; watching it online...wait for a while; the drama will end in another 8 episodes (scheduled episodes). One thing for sure, I'm loving Lee Min Ho more in Personal Taste although Goo Joon Pyo is still in my heart :)

Have Wonderful Weekdays! Happy Studying & Working :D

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I will

will update more on Personal Taste. been busy. hope you can understand; i have the feeling tht most of you keep checking on this blog to know more abt the updates. will do. just be patient. let me finish wht I'm supposed to do on weekdays & i will surely pay off the patience with long & detailed review & comments on weekends.
tq :)

from left:
Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Min Ho & Son Ye Jin

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Lee Min Ho's Personal Taste look's popularity

I have nothing to complain about his acting (seriously!!). Just like he did in Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho carried character of Jun Jin Ho, a young & ambitious architect perfectly! I'm not saying this because I do love him as a fan but he IS a great actor! with a very good looking face; slim, tall (187cm) and well-built body. Forget about Lee Byung Hun, Kwon Sang Woo, Seung Sung Hun, Won Bin (only name few)!!! They are old enough to be your dad/uncle.hehe. It's the right time to find a young k-actor that can ACT, SING (Mino has two singles i.e. Extreme & You're my Everything! Don't you know?hehe) and is warm with his fans :)

I watched somewhere...a fan said something like this, "Being someone's fan is energizing my days!" and you know what, I feel the same too. When I feel down, tired & when I feel the whole world is against me, and then I look up on the net & find out latest news of Mino, it really brightened up my gloomy days! So, I definitely don't care if people says it's such an obsession liking one person that MUCH! It's not that I make you a BURDEN!haha. If you don't know what the feeling is like, stop talking nonsense! opps.well...all of sudden I'm getting emo here.hikhik.Sorry peeps.

Speaking of Jun Jin Ho in Personal Taste, I'm in love with his fashion sense. Suitable with LMH's tall & slim body, while acting as an architect, Lee Min Ho (Jun Jin Ho) never fails to attract female & even male viewers! If in the BOF days, he became a pioneer with his pama (permed-haired look) and now, Jun Jin Ho's spring look is definitely an It thing in Korea! There are many articles popped out since 31/3 which talked about Jun Jin Ho's fashion sense. And being generous today (hehe), I'd like to re-post an article regarding the It style :D

p/s: thr's a great deal of fashion tips also :P

[It style] Lee Min ho -- The flower is blooming

Lee Min Ho's Personal Taste look's popularity

Lee Min Ho, the charismatic character in "Boys Over Flowers" has returned. His comeback drama is MBC's Personal Taste where he plays Jun Jin Ho, an architect who owns an architectural firm and displays a 'dandy guy' image
which is attracting a lot of attention from female viewers.

His style is such that he is mistaken to be a homosexual in the drama. It's not a cute and sleek look that's usually favored by female viewers, instead it is a simple and liberating 'business-look' that even male viewers can't help but want to follow the fashion sense.

Stylist Jung Hyesun (fyi, this stylist is close to Mino...he's known among Mino's fans as Mino's stylist unnie.hehe) is the one in charge of Lee Minho's fashion in the drama. She's going for a style where it will easily fit anyone and doesn't need too much time attending to. She also chose pastel colors in line with spring, and hardly used any accessories.
She explains that the main point is the 'slim suit-look'.

About 90% of the clothes that Lee Minho wore both for "Boys over flowers" and "Personal Taste" are custom made. His stylist said that there are not enough sponsored clothes suitable for the role he's playing that fit him well because he's tall and slim. Roughly 20 to 30 million won (USD 20 - 30 thousand) has been set aside to manufacture the clothes for him.

Many guys are starting to become interested in Lee Min ho's business-look. Instead of looking sophisticated and dazzling, the simple well-fitted suit has garnered a lot of interest.
A thin T-shirt and cardigan can be worn inside the jacket.
When the jacket is removed, it creates a gentle yet edgy look.

1. If one wishes to enhance the look, a patterned cardigan or a scarf would complete it.

2. Ankle length off a 'soft' image
Guys tend to resist wearing ankle length pants at first glance since they are worried that it would appear feminine. Actually, when the drama aired its first episode, quite a lot of viewers were shocked when they saw Min Ho's fashion in the drama. However, Lee Min Ho's long legs brought about a different sensation to the unfamiliar fashion style. The ankle length pants is more comfortable for moving around, matches a city-job feel, without the weariness of a semi-formal attire. It's easy to mix and match with different styles,
creating a hot trend for the new generation.

3. Sneakers... Say NO to socks!
Although Lee Min Ho's wearing suits, he's not wearing leather shoes. He's going for loafers and sneakers that matches well with the ankle length pants. The point is to not wear socks when wearing sneakers. The "sanuk" brand costs 50 thousand won (USD$50).


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"That guy is GAY!"

"Personal Taste" by Lee Sae In (이새인)

This is actually my 1st entry after watching 개인의 취향 aka Personal Taste ep. 1 & 2 (which began since last 31/3) and I'll briefly comment on the character & storyline itself without revealing it too much bcos I know it may kill your desire to watch it later (peeps, I promise..hehe).

*i promise*

The debut episode started with a simple yet understandable introduction. As I read in the novel blog post, Jun Jin Ho lives in urban, well-organized & luxurious house together with his Mom while Park Gae-In lives in a traditional house (I cant remember the name..yes!the house has a name; just like Fullhouse.hehe). Gae-In's house is quite pretty & I must say unique but due to its messy (and odd) owner i.e Park Gae-In, it becomes a bit OFF.

Jin Ho's organized wardrobe

pampered by his Mom

Gae-In's messy house cum workshop

In ep. 1, I found the bus scene hilarious! As well as the lift scene & hotel scene.haha. I cannot blame Gae-In for misinterpreted Jin Ho as a gay because if I were her, I might come to the same conclusion.ehehe. The drama makes the novel storyline looking relevant & rational and the most important thing, it can be quite REAL sometimes.

Jin Ho woke up next to a GIRL!haha
who is she? You need to find out yourself!

hilarious lift scene between Jun Jin Ho & his BFF,
actor Jung Sung Hwa

I'm not a person who simply like/love someone for his good look! I'm just not that kind of person. fyi, honestly, if Lee Min Ho is just a very good looking man without anything else, I won't like him this much.haha. Frankly speaking, I love watching him on & off screen & that liking goes on until today. Personal Taste is a drama I anticipated since end of 2009 and I really hope it goes well in term of its rating (bcos K-Dramas concern so much on viewer-ratings) & its success.

So far, Lee Min Ho pulled off character of Jun Jin Ho brilliantly; more than I expected (bcos I read the novel so I tend to compare the novel & the BAD.huhu). He acted himself as a cheeky, smart, firm with his decision & rough personality (but not as rough as Goo Joon Pyo!) as he at the same time shows his warm personality. Why I say so? Watch it & you'll know :D

the chemistry btwn Mino & Sung Hwa is surprisingly cool!
and one thing for sure, Sung Hwa is a great actor!
what a funny guy he is.hehe

In ep. 2, I could see the ultimate reasons why Jin Ho desperately wanted to move into Gae-In's house & why Gae-In agreed to let him move into her house. Bear in mind that this is not a noona-dongseng relationship because in this drama, Jin Ho is older than Gae-In (I think he's 2 years older than Gae-In). Love the part when Jin Ho was surprised by Gae-In's ghostly appearance with a saw in her hands.haha. But what made me laughed hardly is when Jin Ho overheard Gae-In said to In Hye that "that guy is GAY" and it obviously referred to Jun Jin Ho.hehe. Don't forget to watch his facial expression ok!hehe

Gae-In's imagination of having a gay friend is so hilarious!

*perfect angle*
who can blame him?

Jin Ho's happy reaction after Gae-In agreed to have him
as her housemate..hehe

hahaha. everytime I recall this scene..I'd laugh!
Gae-In gave Jin Ho a big welcome with chain saw
and her ghostly look!

I must say that I do think Jun Jin Ho & Lee Min Ho have something in common. Jin Ho is supposedly to be cheeky, bit mean & ambitious (and I'm talking abt Jin Ho's cheekiness) which is similar with Lee Min Ho's real character.hehe. It's like watching Lee Min Ho per se sometimes & I really love it bcos it visually looks REAL as if Mino isn't acting but being HIMSELF.hehe.

From a SWAN, she turned into a DUCK.

Son Ye Jin on the other is without a doubt, a very good actress. Whatever dramas/films she took part, the outcome would always be extraordinary! She's known as A-list actress in Korea & taking up character of Park Gae-In is a smart choice for someone who loves challenges. I can't wait to see how the relationship between Gae-In & Jin Ho progressing and I'm expecting this drama to be the funniest drama in 2010. Fullhouse is my all-time FAV k-drama but I really hope I will not see Fullhouse-ish scenes in Personal Taste. A bit of it is OK.hehe

To be continued ...

p/s: I only comment on few characters; will comment on others later...