Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sayonara 2009

I'm not feeling well at this moment. Got flu but it's getting better. Well, I must say that I'm always in a good term with medicine. I love medicine & medicine loves ME!haha. And that helps me a lot. Last Sunday, my 20-year old brother left home (again!). Wait, he's not running away from home but he further his studies again (he already did his Diploma before) @ UTHM. That was the first time I went to Uthm; lots of building r still under construction. Hope my brother will gain as much knowledge as he can & a new girlfriend there.hehe.

Well peeps, we are approaching year 2010 in a few days. Am I feeling excited? Not really; this year (2009) has been a great year for me. Lots of things happened; I met my fav unbelievable-entertainer Jason Mraz & too-good-to-be-true Lee Min Ho this year; my two best friends, Delima Radzwa Khairudin & Nabilah Saleh got married and the most memorable is that I graduated this year!! (but my convocation day will be next year). Thanks to family, friends & the loved ones for always being there for me. Approaching 2nd day of the new year means that I will be 24.phew~ My character doesn't match someone of 24 years old.haha. No matter how difficult my life is, I just live my life to the FULLEST. There's no one & nothing in this world that can be a hindrance in my life, except with the will of ALLAH.

When it comes to entertainment, Lee Min Ho, Boys Over Flowers, IRIS, SHINEe, 2ne1 & Malaysian hit series, Nur Kasih caught my utmost attention this year esp. LMH (it goes w/o saying.hehe).

Kinah, Ilham, Nab, Herda, Ena & Kak Lia!
I miss you a lot! We shared laughter & tears together and LAW brings us together. *mwah*!!!!

sharing is caring right?hehe.
I'd like to share Mino's selfvid.
he's such a camwhore! just like ME.haha


Friday, December 18, 2009

Letter of the Month

Dear Bloggie,


I'm supposed to start my pupilage (chambering) on December 21 but due to the fact that law graduates cannot commence the pupilage period unless and until we obtain the release letter from university, I have to postpone my pupilage (arghhhhhhhhhh!!). It's not that I'm eager to start working (duhhh...) but taking into consideration that 9-month pupilage period isn't a short period to complete, then the principle of the earlier the better is applicable. I studied law for five and half years (including matriculation for one and half) plus three law attachment programmes in four different places i.e. Magistrate Ct, Syariah Ct, Police station and a legal firm of my own choice and it may sound I'm well-equipped with laws and whatsoever. But trust me people, theory and practice are two different things. In one statute, the law says this but in practice the law can be interpreted differently. That is why the pupilage is required in order to equip the law graduates with all sorts of exposure in various fields. I don't think the 9 months would be sufficient but at least within this period, I may learn and experience lots of things. Few friends of mine are doing attachment-in-view-of chambering in legal firms but I chose to stay at home while waiting for the release letter. I applied in 4 firms and two of them called me for an interview, on the same day (hehe). The first firm I went for an interview is also a medium-sized firm and I know the employees and lawyers pretty well; because I did my attachment there in 2007. But after a 30-minute discussion with the senior lawyer, I came to a conclusion that I had to turn the offer down. Conveyancing is not what I'm looking for, at least for now. I need a legal firm which I can push my muscles in doing the litigation. And thank GOd, an hour later, another legal firm called me for an interview. It's a medium-sized legal firm, good environment (so far.hehe) and I think it would be a good start for me. My soon-to-be master is a married woman, she looks firm and quite strict and Alhamdulillah the interview was brief and it went well. As I mentioned earlier, I'm supposed to commence the pupilage on December 21 (it's my suggestion actually) as I thought the release letter can be obtained before that. Unfortunately, it will take longer than what I thought it would be. I have 2 options; first is to start with an attachment and the second one is to wait until the release letter is obtained. Attachment is definitely a good choice and there are few reasons why I should choose attachment but I have more reasons to back me up for choosing the second option.hehe. But I hope the letter won't take too long to be released. Although I'm very domesticated, I'm still a social person...hehe :D


If you notice what I wrote in About Me; "her moody character can drive herself and others crazy!" you would know that I'm not always in a good mood. The moody thingy is always become a centre of discussion btw me & my bf. It's not easy to be him (hehehe) and it's more difficult to be ME. It's not that I want to put up a show or whatsoever; it's just that it comes naturally. I don't need a reason to have mood swings, it just happens. I'm not sure if everyone knows how I feel but I'm sure those who have the same issue might understand my situation. But the good thing is, my mood is getting better, year by year (maybe it's getting better as I'm getting matured i.o.w, getting older.haha). I have few tips to share with you on how to start a day with a good mood. It's SIMPLE. Feast on good-mood foods is the ANSWER!hehe :P

You can eat more:

1. Spinach: it contains low level of folate, a nutrient found in the spinach has been linked with depression

2. Low-Mercury Fish: eat for eg. salmon twice a week and you can say hello to plumper-looking skin and a better mood. Omega-3 fatty acids may ward off funks by enhancing areas of your brain linked with triggering depression

3. Baked Potato (my fav!): it increases vitamin B6 in your diet by lowing your depression risk. A medium spud (with the skin) provides nearly half of the B6 you need all day!


Guess what I'm craving right now? Food? Nope. New HP? Nope. New celebrity guy? Nope. I'm still on my LMH's craze.haha.

Well, it's LOMO CAMERA that I'm craving right now. Not one but at least there are four LOMO cams I'm eyeing at this moment.isk.Can I have all these?isk

This is my #1 fav simply because it's unique and looks girlish.hehe
Barbie Sweet Heart - RM 150

#2 is a digital LOMO cam
NICO Digital Camera - RM 299

#3 is the latest LOMO cam I found. I love white in colour camera!
Superheadz Wide Lens LOMO Cam - RM199

#4 is best used when we swim, dive etc. I love the yellow one!
LOMO Aqua Pix Waterproof - RM69

The total price is RM 717. Can you buy all for me?hehe :D
p/s: hope to get any of these for my 24th bday :D


My day is incomplete without updating myself with Mino's latest news.hehe.

#1.Mino's pics in Japan on Nov 26 in Japan 1st Event. He's quite chubby and looks like he gained weight but still charming as always!

#2. Mino's latest pics in Incheon Airport on Dec 13 before departing to Taiwan for the FanMeeting. Mino lost some weight and his chubbiness but he still looks charismatic! Can you see a difference btwn Japan 1st Event & Incheon Airport pics?hehe :)

arrived in Taiwan. smiling..smiling..smiling :P

#3. Mino will be holding the First Love with Singapore Event on Dec 21, 2009 at the Max Pavilion @ Singapore Expo.

Why not Malaysia?isk. I think I know the reason by looking at the situation in Sg Wang Plaza last time. Less security, crowded and unsuitable venue! If I were him, or his management company, I would definitely think few times to come back to Msia & hold another FM.huhu. But,isk. please come to Msia again....MINOZ Malaysia miss Mino so much :(

#4. Mino is nominated for the Best Actor in KBS Drama Awards which will be held on the last day of 2009 (can't wait!!!). It's a good news because I hate voting or polling system and I rather want Mino wins or loses in the normal judging system. It's impartial and whatever the result is, I can accept it well. I really hope Mino will win for the second time after the Baeksang Award *pray*. Looking forward to watch the award!hehe

In a recent interview, Lee Min Ho expresses his greed to win the coveted award. One can only have a single chance to win this award.

"2009 has been the best year for me. The 23rd year of my life was filled with happiness and warmth. Looking back, I still cant believe my good luck."

While I was busy with final exam, there is a news reported that Mino is considering a new project and the filming will commence in the early 2010. If I'm not mistaken the tentative title of the series is the Bad Man (sounds interesting...hehe). The rumour is backed up with the fact that Mino lost some weight and he seems to keep his hair long. Hopefully, we are going to see more of Mino in 2010. yeayyy!!!

He who is currently choosing his next project, which is likely to be released in the first half of 2010 expressed his wish for a manly and melodramatic role and is currently looking at 2 or 3 good scripts. Due to his prev. success in BOF, he feels the pressure to deliver an even better performance in his next project. In addition, he confessed his wish to be part of IRIS 2
and would like to learn from actor Lee Byung Hun

  • Ring Ding Dong MV by SHINee. Another charismatic man, SHINee's Minho!hehe

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mr Brain & Ninja Assassin Review

it's been a long time I haven't written anything on movie or series review, isn't it? well, it's time to get hyper about them!hehe. recently, I watched the Ninja Assassin & japanese series called Mr. Brain. Let's start the review with Ninja Assassin.


looking at the title of the movie, everyone can predict that it is a ninja movie or something to do with the word "NINJA". If you do, then you're absolutely right. It's about Raizo (the name given to a little boy, Asian-looklike) who has been brought to a place with one purpose i.e. to be an assassin. The training went on based on Ninja tradition (i'm not sure whether this is based on true research or not but perhaps the director/scriptwriter made research about the ninja thing). the master kept mentioning that they are from the Uzuno clan which has the unbelievable power (as they could heal their wounds by meditating...huhu). in the earlier scenes you could see their routine; fighting, competing, pool of blood; although they were still young. the feeling of hatred was instilled in their hearts, and that is how they developed into a ninja. On teh other hand, day by day and as time passed, Raizo was close to a girl and this is when you could sense the smell of love between them (smell huh?hehehe). the girl always emphasized that she still has heart (which means that she's still a human) and it is shown when she refused to kill her friend in a battle. remember , they are ment to be assassins and they have no other choices except to abide by the orders given by their master. due to that, she was locked up and the only person concerned about her is Raizo. One day, she determined to escape and find her new life outside the place and she asked Raizo to come with her. as expected, Raizo refused by telling her that the place is his destination and this is when the storyline developed. she failed in the escape and was caught redhanded. and due to that, the master ordered a man called Takeshi to kill her. Knowing that Raizo has feeling for the girl, he gave a glance to Raizo before killing her. due to the killing, the betrayal began. After Raizo's first task of murdering a man, he attacked the master and the rest of ninja. what happen to him? you chould watch this movie. Although the New Moon is an IN thing today, but I chose to watch NInja Assassin instead, simply because i'm not a Twilight fan to begin with.

My (sincere) Comment:

To be honest, I watched this movie because of Rain. I'm not a big fan of him but I know how good he can be as an actor. I watched his acting in Sangdoo Go to School, Fullhouse, A Love to kill, I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK & Speed Racer as well. I must say I started to like his acting during the Fullhouse craze (hehe) and while watching A Love to kill, I cried like a crazy woman.hehe. Speed Racer is definitely the most lousy film I ever watched & the fact that Rain started his Hollywood acting career with this movie is simply wrong. But, he is fortunate because the Ninja Assassin is a good action movie; full with actions, swords, blood (erkk..). I must admit that the actions are too much to bear (at least for me) as I couldn't sit still until the end of the show. Luckily, I didn't bring my younger cousins (aged btwn 8-12 years old) although they kept insisting to join me. It's an okay movie, and it's better if you watch it in cinema instead of buying dvd and watch it at home. Make sure you have no problem with your heart or whatsoever ok!.hehe

extra: Interview with Rain & director of Ninja Assassin

japanese series 2009

This is Takuya Kimura's latest series (correct me if I'm wrong) and as a tv lover, I always love Takuya Kimura. His earlier masterpiece, a famous japanese series called Beautiful Life is one of my fav series. In this drama, he is Tsukumo Ryusuke who is a weird, childish, yet brilliant neuroscientist working for the National Research Institute of Police Science (IPS). Tsukumo tackles Japan's most difficult-to-solve crimes and scandals with his most brilliant and twisted criminal minds. Acting in such a drama, I must say that this is a good start for him after few years keeping his distance from publicity. Like I mentioned earlier, Tsukomo is a weird creature who loves banana so much. His laughing is scary yet at the same time hilarious. It's a must-watch drama; just like CSI and other investigation series. And maybe because I'm so used to CSI, I could always predict who the culprit was.hehe. Watch it to determine whwther you have a criminal mind or not :P

I kinda miss korean F4.hehe.
it's a good thing that they are still keeping in touch with each other
(these photos are frm SOFF)