Thursday, April 30, 2009

haha.its true.i'm not a stalker
eventho i wont deny i do stalk sometimes.ehehe :D

well, staying 24/7 at home does wonder to me actually. at least i can read newspaper everyday,watch the latest news's a good me :D

from my observation, there are few things come to my mind

  • when criminals start committing crimes in the public, without fear, the world is simply no longer a safe place to live in. taking for an example, the murder of a man in a pasar borong, it happened in the public. few men chased after one man with parang etc & they stabbed him to DEATH.omg!what happen to my country right now???

  • Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam??what's that??? Is Shamsul or whatever his name is telling us that by making such a movie, it will cure the social problem among the society??what happen to Rempit etc??i'm pretty sure mat-mat rempit are still out there.logically speaking, social problems can never be cured through this method. if u'r trying to sell your movie by bringing/spicing up the idea of Bohsia, Rempit, Bohjan, Top-up girls and whatever,stop it right now! u r doing nothing but to make them proud by being like one.educate them academically, not by showing off some indecent acts and God knows what thingy.swear to God, i'm sick of this cliche idea!!

  • politics...conspiracy..i'm sick of it already.last election, i did elect for the very first time n if u ask me, what will i choose for the next election..hmm,i think there's a possibility i won't do it again.the reason is simple,because i think all the politicians are least real PLASTIC is :D

  • means there will be lots of those future and newly-wedded couples,Congratulations! may Allah bless your wedding & marriage life :)

  • well, Lee Min Ho is back in Korea, after spending few days in Australia (for works of course). he's getting chubbier, n cutier!ehe. looking forward for his Joon Pyo AFTER SCHOOL's version AFTER STORY's version next week, together with Ji Hoo sunbae.ehe (i've downloaded Yi Jung & Woo Bin's versions.yummy!ehe). thanks to him. at least i have reason to surf internet this often.ehehe :D

recap after he's been slapped by his mom in BOF
he's an eye-candy right?ehe :D

last but not least...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Every day is a new day.

So, I do nothing but to live my life to the fullest.

The exam result is released today. Unexpected but I’m thankful. There are few subjects that I didn’t expect they’d turn out well but they did. And otherwise. Anyway, it’s a relief.ehe :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i to be HOME!

life is just perfect when i'm back at home. i don't have to think what time should i wake up. which cafe should i crash into for lunch. etc. there are countless reasons why
i to be HOME!

this is what i'm doing at home. i'm meditating!ehe

1st update is on talkshows (ehehe.sgt keduniaan.ehe) frankly speaking, i love talkshows!!!i'm practically watching Oprah, Rachael Ray, Ellen DeGeneres & a new talkshow, Park Jung-Hoon Show at #303 (my fav's accurate when my mom said, "she only watch Kbs World when i'm around".ehe). talking of Park Jung Hoon, i 1st watched the show on its debut, couple months ago. it's an interesting show (eventho i can only understand a simple (lil bit) Hangul but thanks to the English translation.ehe); i love his interaction with audiences as well as the guests (i'm hoping in the future, my McDreamy will be on this show..pray..pray.ehe).i never knew Korea has its own World-Class female soprano singer, who's recognized to be one of the best soprano singers in the world (she's performed couple times with Luciano Pavarotti...i wonder why i know him.i must hv been watching tv too much.or maybe surfing internet too much?i don't know.ehe). her voice, MasyaAllah! i'm impressed! of all genres, i never ever like jazz & tenor, but after listening to his singing, i think it makes me calm.weird huh?ehehe :D

2nd! in Malaysia, we have Akademi Fantasia, Mentor, Raja Lawak, One in a Miliion, Bintang RTM, Gangstarz, etc. it proves that we hv tons of reality shows & many malaysians are eager to be an artiste instead of being a lawyer, doctor, engineer, dentist etc. i'm not discriminating but i'm a bit disappointed with this scenario (it's just my personal opinion..don't judge me.ehe). of all reality programmes, i prefer One in a Million (no wonder i like Faizal Tahir!ehe...except for his new he trying to be another RAIN?well,i'm just saying...ehe). i watched the last concert, i think i like Tomok's performance (i hate to say this..bcos i know my friends will reply,"What?Tomok??"ehe.but, to be honest, yes..i think his last performance was much2 better than other contestants. Aweera was a bit off. Esther was so-so. Nine was also so-so. maybe because other contestants' performances were not too good, it made him stood up during the last concert. i might be wrong but like i said, i'm just saying...ehe.

3rd! i'm definitely having BOF withdrawal syndrome.ehehe.a friendly reminder to my cousin, syeena(thnks for reading my blog.ehe);"it may scare you to watch BOF till the end but make sure u'll prepare yourself mentally ok?".ehe. well, from a reliable information that i gathered throughout fangirling (ehehe.i never imagine myself fangirling like what i'm doing right now.ehe), there will be Boys Over Flowers Special on April 28 in which a teaser has come out illustrated that there will be an After School for F4. i'm not sure abt the details but i'm totally waiting for it!

4th! i watched a Levis fansigning event footage which Min Ho attended. im shocked when there's one guy hugged him tightly & Min Ho seems suprised too.ehe.poor him.many fans of him speculating that the guy maybe a gay who's trying to molest my Min Ho!!!!waaa!!'s definitely a sexual harassment.haha.the guy's look is hmm..pervert!oh!my Min Ho must hv been in shock :D

my namja :D

to be continued...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goodbye Semester II 09

FINAL EXAM is OVER! yahooo!!
after the last paper, my friends and i spent time playing around
as if we never was fun!!

the Curve

pedal boat time! @ Lake Garden

playground...feel young again.ehe :D

throughout semester II, i've experienced many things; bitter & sweet. i try to be optimistic, so i'm going to remember the sweet one, donated my blood for the first time on the last day of 2008 (the nurse couldnt find my vein,and only succeeded after 3's hurt!!), i'm already 23 a day after new year (i love odd numbers..ehe), attended Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia (i'm a big big big fan of him!!!), celebrated my 4th anniversary with the loved one (i'm thankful!), i found my new McDreamy & fav K-Drama(ehehehehe.bak kate Sheh,"you tu slalu je tuko-tuko,dulu Wentworth Miller, skang Lee Min Ho plak" and he further said, "I nk ngk bape lame you gilekan laki ni" (hmm..i smelt jealousy when he said those words.dengki la tu..ehe) & many many more.

well, i've prepared my checklist for the 3months break (yahoooo again!). Among others:

  • get enough sleep, including nap.ehe
  • learn how to cook! honestly, i'm bad at cooking!haha :D
  • watching movies-on-my list: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, He's not that into you (nk sgt ngk cte ni..ehe), Mother (korean movie) & i'm not sure when Transformer will come out but i'm looking forward for it!
  • exercise!! this is for sure!ehe.i've lived an unhealthy life in
  • meeting friends esp. my old friends (thr'll be a reunion soon.cant wait)
  • watching everything on tv. i'm loving it!
  • reading novels, mangas, mags (hahaha.sgt keduniaan..)

this is my treat.ehe :D

p/s:lastnight, i rewatched BOF eps. 22-25.meleleh-leleh airmate.ehehe.i only slept after Subuh.perhh...after exam pon mase ade ati xnk tdo awl.nad..nad.btw,i'm going home tomorrow *happy mode*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One paper left - Civil Procedure

I bet you could imagine how exhausted I am right now. Deprivation of sleep is one thing; living with books is another worst thing. It makes me sick! After all, it’s not easy to be a last minute person. What can I say, my brain absorbs better within 24 hrs prior exam.ehe. JUSTIFIED! :D

Today’s paper-Criminal Procedure was really something. As usual I had problem with TIME allocated. 3hours are never enough! I remember back in Matric Uia PJ (now known as Centre of Foundation Studies...lalalala), the 1st test I took, I was surprised with the allocation of time for law papers. It was too long! But after the test, I realized if I’m given 4hours, it won’t suffice to discuss everything; I mean thoroughly. That’s why we say that there is no black and white in law. It’s always grey; our answer can never be wrong and it’s all based on our arguments. Hmmm…I wish my critical thinking develops every single day.

My today’s handwriting was the worst! (Well, mine is already bad…but today was the worst among all. I hope it’s still being considered as readable, if not, my lecture Mr Syed Tariq will end up cursing me.ehe) Imagine: writing a 12 and half marks question which consists of 3 parts; 1st one on the search procedure and another two on drafting the application for bail. And I answered them within half an hour. I must be a superwoman if I could write normally (bad but not the worst.ehe) phew~

But the worst part was when an invigilator (a boy), a rude one, took away my paper while I was about to finish highlighting my authorities. Well, this is a friendly reminder; “Being rude will bring someone to nowhere”. I know he was doing his job, but respect mine too! I was being too nice with him, that I said, “Awak amek paper orang laen dulu eh.jap je ni”. But, you know what, back off! While he was taking my papers away, I couldn’t help but to swear on him!! He did the same to my friend, Nabilah who was sitting beside me. perh..smpai skang aku rase PANAS ag! Well, rude persons are everywhere. It’s not something I can do unless I plan on committing genocide (cleansing of rude persons!haha) sorry, I tend to be insensitive when I’m pissed off :P

Well, can’t wait to end the exam this Thursday. After the exam, I’ll be hanging out with my good friends. We already have a very good plan.ehe.on top of it,i cant wait to be home :)

I miss his perm :(

Life is beautiful when there’s a new footage of my Mcdreamy.
Dunkin Donuts? I prefer Big Apple *yummy*. Daaa…

Saturday, April 11, 2009

♥ i'm still waiting ♥

clock is ticking...i'm still waiting for the end of exam.
April 16...i'm still counting
for my rock day!

after jurisprudence, kinah,ilham,nab,ena & i hd our lunch at Oldtown

the most interesting moment:
when we're camwhorring!ehe

the most embarassed moment:
i spilled my white coffee!haha.a waiter came to me & handed over a handful of tissues :P
(susah kalo bcakap tgn bgerak jgak...ehe.Sheh msti geleng paler bce part ni..ehe.)

the most silent moment:
when we're eating.of course!ehe :D

ham & nab show off their

ham,u r being a baby here.ehe

love this angle of theirs

i took a nap for almost three hours after that *yummy*.my body's still aching.i plan to start revising Cpc tonight but it's subject to shud start revise more regrets!my parents called me twice today.they must hv been missed their daughter so much.ehe.i miss you both too!well,i uploaded a new song-Extreme by Lee Min Ho.he's not a singer but his voice is quite ok (when u like someone,everything seems ok...kan?ehe).i wanted to upload his Cf but due to the content of the Cf, let's keep it to myself only.ehe.kak lia,dont wori.nad x delete ag lagu korea yg akak suke dgr tu..ehe.i heard lots of english songs,even dlm laptop pon da bergig2 da utk lagu,its time to change.lets hear Hangul!ehe.psst..i overheard a conversation btwn two girls behind me (i'm in tv room right now),talking abt how one of 'em wish she would get a korean bf.ehe :D

  • be reasonable.having a crush on a korean-one year younger-celebrity-Lee Min Ho is enough to make Sheh, close friends & roomies sick of me...ehe :D
  • everytime i hv exams,good movies will come out.'great'.cant wait to watch Fast and Furious, X-Men Origins: Wolverine & a korean movie titled Mother (starred by my ex,Won Bin.i left him for younger Min Ho.hahahahaha *ged*)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pre-4th Paper: Jurisprudence I

3 papers left

within 5 days (since april 5), i already took 2 tablets of panadol due to headache (i'm not used to swallow panadol for no reason...i only took medicine prescribed by doc..ehe) plus, my face is swollen. i'm tired.extremely tired!
Jurisprudence, i found it dry but i never stop trying to like it.i hope i'll be able to answer it,very well.ehe :D

*my i love you teddybear*

just to share my opinion on Altantuya's case, i totally agree with Karpal Singh that it is important to establish motive in the case.esp. in a murder case.i think the defence counsel & prosecution made less effort in almost everything.this case is the longest trial in Malaysia!but the proceedings...masyaAllah.hopeless!like i mentioned earlier,it's just my opinion.for Sirul & Azilah, i'm sure they'll appeal.

p/s: i already watched a new CF of Lee Min Ho with his singing in the b/ground(but,'s a beer cf..erk.*guilty*) but he's HOT.extremely HOT.HOT in the sense of hot...arghhh!!!ehe.i watched it only bcos of other intention :)


my fav hairstyle!!sgt2 suke.this is real me! would be much better if there is
more than one Lee Min Ho.haha

he really knows how to laugh!ehe :D

ok..ok.i surrender.time to revise!bye :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pre-3rd Paper: Public International Law I

PP, evidence were over & there r 4 papers left.phew~
PP was so-so, Evidence was ok but i wish i had more time to answer the q (3hrs x enough!)

my next paper is public international law. i love the subject! even if i'm not a law student, i would make an effort to study on this subject bcos knowing the international law is very important in our life.we should know how the international law works & what benefit we can gain out of it.well,i'm still learning & won't stop learning.

my body is paper after another is killing me softly...seriously.ehe.but,the tagline "You have to be STRONG" keeps me moving. Sheh is busy with his final year project & i really hope he'll get through the hard time completing the project." B,i know u can do it well.and i know u r sick of these words but aja aja fighting! ehe :D "
one thing for sure:

i'm not being myself until April 16.

p/s: i received a call from my sis informing that one of my uncles is sick & he's receiving a treatment at hospital right now.i hope his condition will get better.may Allah bless him

bonus: watch my Min Ho sings...ehe ;D
hope u love it :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pre-2nd Paper: Evidence I

i have one day gap prior to my 2nd paper-Evidence I (Tuesday,230pm) well, i need to revise certain topics bcos i've revised some for the 1st & 2nd tests...i hope the cases r still in my head (help me God!). and speaking of Evidence, i'm lucky it was Prof Akram who taught me. i love his teaching method eventhough i complained a lot whenever he extended the class. he loves repeating the same word until i feel like throwing up (it's only a metaphor..ehe), but everything he taught in class is easy to digest(alhamdulillah).
insyaAllah, next sem I'll be in his class for Evidence II.
c ya again Prof!ehe :D

exam period is full of stress but i'll try my best to overcome it!

at this moment:
all i need are:

roti bakar Kluang station!!
i miss Kluang...ehe.


my bestie, cik Delima Radzwa
(cant wait to meet you this July!)

and her!

my anor bestie, cik Hamizatul Ain
(xsaba nk gossip2 & sleepover ngn korg..arghh!)
cpatla abes exam ni...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pre-1st Paper: Professional Practice I


This is my tagline throughout this exam period.

From the day 1 of the semester, I never find Professional Practice is a difficult subject but after few lectures I realized that my lecturer has higher expectation from us (other lecturers of PP as well) The usual phrase coming from Mdm Suzanna (my PP lecturer) is, “Advocate & Solicitor has a duty to uphold the dignity of the profession” and its not easy for me to get rid of it (Nad is being so academic…ahaha. its so not Me!)

I must say that because of PP, I do realize that I am about to achieve my ambition. Yeah…it’s scary enough to think about the profession itself, plus workloads, legal research etc as I’m only 40% prepared for that moment. but I always have this thought that PP is all about my future profession, so I need to give my very best to this subject not only for the purpose of examination but also to satisfy my own self.

Well, in the course of revising PP, I did a lot of things (as usual.ehe). Having a cup of Indolo, listening to my playlists (from All English to Bahasa Nusantara, then to Fun Hangul…ehe). I even took few pics (xde keje.ehe) including:

My favourite badge

which I put on my pencil case

moody.sometimes crazy.sometimes geeky.ehe

My graduation photo

(Majlis Graduasi MRSM Muar 2003)

I hate the robe bcos it’s so shiny *x suke* and I remember wearing baju kurung songket (orange in colour that I only wore once…ehe) & the dull white scarf

(hmm…only white scarf was allowed *boring*)

***Speaking of Mrsm, I remember paying $ for the so-called ANSARA fee in matric PJ and main campus during the taaruf week (orientation week). But, where is my money? Ok, fine. The issue is not about the money but what has ANSARA done with my money? I never see any meeting held, functions organized or any benefit out of paying the fee. Who has to be blamed? idiot.

Min Ho is reading his script in his own way.ehe :D
omg.i'm having BOF withdrawal syndrome.isk

p/s: pray for me people!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Review: Boys Over Flowers (Kgotboda Namja)

Kgotboda Namja has finally come to an end yesterday after 3 months airing (25 episodes)

Thanks for the interesting drama! It lightened my days & I found my new obsession (by now u should know...ehe) I can’t afford but to make a review on it.

Let’s start with:

1. Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo

i. Goo Joon Pyo:

i. He’s a rowdy, eccentric man but faithful to one person. He’s very particular about what he’s wearing as Geum Jandi mentioned in one episode that, “He might be worry about himself from head to toe rather than think about his girlfriend’s style” (it’s I mentioned earlier, he’s eccentric! ehe). He does everything like nobody’s business, he never cares about others. But, he's very attached to F4; as they are his childhood friends and they are like sworn-brothers to him, and it’s portrayed in his answer when Yoon Ji Ho asked what he will choose between love and friendship and he answered both! He’s brought up in a world full of luxury things (the fur is the disaster but it suits him well.ehe) but he never knew what family is. He’s rebellious almost the time. He ate alone, accompanied by his maids except when he’s with F4. After he met Jandi, life has been better for him. He enjoyed every moment he spent with Geum Jandi eg when they were trapped in a cable car (he wrote on the wall…Joonpyo hearts Jandi-1st night together.cute.ehe), in New Caledonia (he surprised her with firecrackers), in the playground (he turned the playground into a fantasy park…cute!) and many more (lots of them!ehe). When his mother opposed to their relationship, he never gave up. Did I mention his mother is an evil mom?Madam Kang is nowhere to be found in this world (I hope). All she cares was the Shinhwa (the legacy built by his husband), she never knew what her children want (bcos she never cares!)

ii. Lee Min Ho:

I love Lee Min Ho's acting more than anyone else (i might sound biased but those who watch the drama must agree with me.his acting was superb and the transition from one mood to another can be seen through his eyes (*melting*.haha.ok,i try to be plain here..ehe). As i mentioned earlier in my first post on this drama,at the first instance,i was disturbed by his perm looked so not cool! But later i found the perm won’t look any better if it wasn't him (Min Ho)! Even though Jandi mentioned once that she hates Joonpyo's hair but i love it!haha. The character of Goo Joonpyo requires Lee Min Ho to learn many things eg golfing, horse-riding, kayaking, shooting, martial arts etc but his effort is finally paid off. he's young, handsome, tall, talented and now we can add RICH (he's now a hot commodity in Korea); he has everything (like Goo Joon Pyo). i love him! xoxo

2. Goo Hye Sun as Geum Jandi

i. Geum Jandi:

the character of Geum Jandi is known to be a plain girl and comes from a middle-class family. she is just a plain girl; i remember when Jandi asked Joonpyo why he chose her even though she’s not pretty, rich and smart and in reply, Goo Joon Pyo said because he doesn’t need her girlfriend to have those criteria because he claimed he has all (ehe) Goo Joonpyo is happy enough that Geum Jandi is a commoner Geum Jandi. And he's never let go off Jandi because Jandi is everything for him. Because of Jandi, he's able to know what family is,what it feels to be spoon-fed by a mother,what it feels to bathe in the public bath (i love this scene..he's so hilarious) and there is no reason why Joonpyo doesn't love her. Jandi is not expressive like Joonpyo as Joonpyo told her many times tht he loves her but she doesn't. But in episode 23, she confessed to him that she feels the same for him (giggling..ehe).

ii. Goo Hye Sun:

The first time i watched her acting was in the Strongest Chil-Woo (an epic drama & her co-star was Eric.yummy!ehehe). She looked pretty with the long hair and when i first saw her in BOF, I’m pretty much disturbed by her hair (again!) but then i realized her hair should be shorter as what it requires to be the character of a commoner Geum Jandi-the one who is not pretty, rich & smart..ehe. In the few first episodes, her acting was not so good (I wonder why) but later it improved episode by episode. Maybe she finally realized that she has to be good as well to balance her acting with Lee Min Ho's. i must say i love her most when she cries, she makes things sadder than i expected. her chemistry as Geum Jandi with Goo Joon Pyo is awesome and it makes us realized that they should end up together (on-screen of course!duhhh..ehe)

3. Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Ho

i. Yoon Ji Ho:

It’s a known fact in the drama that Yoon Ji Ho is Geum Jandi’s first love (and the life-saver!). He’s everywhere, for Jandi. And even Joonpyo knows that his best friend, Ji Ho has a same feeling for Jandi. But Ji Ho can do nothing but to accept that Joonpyo is the only one for Jandi (I remember when Ji Ho confessed his love to Jandi, she said that she can’t let go off the star & moon necklace given by Joonpyo). Ji Ho is someone you can’t resist (someone who keeps coming to you esp. during the hard time) but love is different. It’s not about someone who is there for you but someone you want him/her to be with you. That’s the reason why Jandi can’t accept Ji Ho (well…I obviously go for Jandi & Joonpyo!)

ii. Kim Hyun Joong:

In the first few episodes, his acting was terrible! But later it developed (thank God!). Hyun Joong is already famous bcos of his group-ss501 but i think by acting in this drama, he exposed himself to another dimension as his acting was getting better episode by episode (except for crying scenes...haha.he looked funny when he unnatural..) but overall, his existence as a soulmate to Jandi Should be given an applause (i hate this idea of soul mate..bcos the soul mate should be Goo Joon Pyo. How can someone be your lover and another be your soulmate? It doesn't make sense). But, it’s almost true that he is Jandi's life-saver.

4. Kim Bum as So Yijung

i. So Yi Jung:

He’s a Casanova but he has the best manner among the F4. He knows how to treat women (i remember when he scolded Joonpyo when Joonpyo left Jandi without saying a word.He was totally angry as he said,"i never treated girls like you did"). Knowing that Yijung has a father who abandoned his mother and flirted with many women, you can’t blame everything on him. i think in the manga, he and Gaeul are not supposedly to end up together but due to requests from fans, they did (nice!)

ii. Kim Bum:

Kim Bum is cute.ehe (my friends-Kinah & Nab fell for him..ehe). His acting was good (extra: he was nominated for the Best New Actor award in 45th Baeksang Award for his role as younger Song Seung Hun in East of Eden but Lee Min Ho won this category). i love his 5 seconds kill (like Woo Bin said..ehe), Kim Bum succeeded in his attempt to bring out the character of So Yijung.

5. Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin

i. Song Woo Bin:

He is Prince Song; a son of a tycoon (and a mafia). He's cool. When i first wrote abt this drama, i did mention that his character is the least known member of F4 (just like it's portrayed in manga), but in the korean version as many requests (frm fans) have been made to the production to increase Woo Bin's appearance, you can see him quite a lot in the drama. He is at his best when he teams up with So Yijung.

ii. Kim Joon:

as a new actor(similar with Kim Hyun Joong,Kim Joon has a group,T-Max), Kim Joon did pretty well, except for his hoppers' words eg Yo!Wussup? etc...ehe. and he should be thankful for his good look.ehe (my friends think he's hot too..ehe)

i know there would be break-ups,amnesia and whatsoever but i wasn't sure before the finale,whether these couple would end up together or not.

luckily, it's a happy ending for Jandi & Joonpyo.*yahooo*

the best ever F4
i could see the awkwardness among them in the New Caledonia scenes (because those were the earliest scenes they filmed together) but later i can see the friendship among them
(esp. in the Baeksang Award)


-The End-

now,let's start revising!
Professional Practice.Criminal Procedure.Civil Procedure.
Jurisprudence.Evidence.Public International Law
can be fun sometimes.haha :D

bonus: i leave you with a short vid of Lee Min Ho's dance for his CF :D