Saturday, April 11, 2009

♥ i'm still waiting ♥

clock is ticking...i'm still waiting for the end of exam.
April 16...i'm still counting
for my rock day!

after jurisprudence, kinah,ilham,nab,ena & i hd our lunch at Oldtown

the most interesting moment:
when we're camwhorring!ehe

the most embarassed moment:
i spilled my white coffee!haha.a waiter came to me & handed over a handful of tissues :P
(susah kalo bcakap tgn bgerak jgak...ehe.Sheh msti geleng paler bce part ni..ehe.)

the most silent moment:
when we're eating.of course!ehe :D

ham & nab show off their

ham,u r being a baby here.ehe

love this angle of theirs

i took a nap for almost three hours after that *yummy*.my body's still aching.i plan to start revising Cpc tonight but it's subject to shud start revise more regrets!my parents called me twice today.they must hv been missed their daughter so much.ehe.i miss you both too!well,i uploaded a new song-Extreme by Lee Min Ho.he's not a singer but his voice is quite ok (when u like someone,everything seems ok...kan?ehe).i wanted to upload his Cf but due to the content of the Cf, let's keep it to myself only.ehe.kak lia,dont wori.nad x delete ag lagu korea yg akak suke dgr tu..ehe.i heard lots of english songs,even dlm laptop pon da bergig2 da utk lagu,its time to change.lets hear Hangul!ehe.psst..i overheard a conversation btwn two girls behind me (i'm in tv room right now),talking abt how one of 'em wish she would get a korean bf.ehe :D

  • be reasonable.having a crush on a korean-one year younger-celebrity-Lee Min Ho is enough to make Sheh, close friends & roomies sick of me...ehe :D
  • everytime i hv exams,good movies will come out.'great'.cant wait to watch Fast and Furious, X-Men Origins: Wolverine & a korean movie titled Mother (starred by my ex,Won Bin.i left him for younger Min Ho.hahahahaha *ged*)

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