Monday, April 6, 2009

Pre-2nd Paper: Evidence I

i have one day gap prior to my 2nd paper-Evidence I (Tuesday,230pm) well, i need to revise certain topics bcos i've revised some for the 1st & 2nd tests...i hope the cases r still in my head (help me God!). and speaking of Evidence, i'm lucky it was Prof Akram who taught me. i love his teaching method eventhough i complained a lot whenever he extended the class. he loves repeating the same word until i feel like throwing up (it's only a metaphor..ehe), but everything he taught in class is easy to digest(alhamdulillah).
insyaAllah, next sem I'll be in his class for Evidence II.
c ya again Prof!ehe :D

exam period is full of stress but i'll try my best to overcome it!

at this moment:
all i need are:

roti bakar Kluang station!!
i miss Kluang...ehe.


my bestie, cik Delima Radzwa
(cant wait to meet you this July!)

and her!

my anor bestie, cik Hamizatul Ain
(xsaba nk gossip2 & sleepover ngn korg..arghh!)
cpatla abes exam ni...


Lord Fiqo said...

cant wait to see my friends too!
btw, u looked restless when i saw you in the exam hall tadi. get ur rest k

[ citapus ] said...

tq hafiq!

Mohd. Muhaimin Radzuan said...
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Mohd. Muhaimin Radzuan said...

salam.. delima ada blog tak? kalo ada bagitau k.. I am one of her friend back in highschool kat MRSM dlu2..