Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pre-4th Paper: Jurisprudence I

3 papers left

within 5 days (since april 5), i already took 2 tablets of panadol due to headache (i'm not used to swallow panadol for no reason...i only took medicine prescribed by doc..ehe) plus, my face is swollen. i'm tired.extremely tired!
Jurisprudence, i found it dry but i never stop trying to like it.i hope i'll be able to answer it,very well.ehe :D

*my i love you teddybear*

just to share my opinion on Altantuya's case, i totally agree with Karpal Singh that it is important to establish motive in the case.esp. in a murder case.i think the defence counsel & prosecution made less effort in almost everything.this case is the longest trial in Malaysia!but the proceedings...masyaAllah.hopeless!like i mentioned earlier,it's just my opinion.for Sirul & Azilah, i'm sure they'll appeal.

p/s: i already watched a new CF of Lee Min Ho with his singing in the b/ground(but,'s a beer cf..erk.*guilty*) but he's HOT.extremely HOT.HOT in the sense of hot...arghhh!!!ehe.i watched it only bcos of other intention :)


my fav hairstyle!!sgt2 suke.this is real me! would be much better if there is
more than one Lee Min Ho.haha

he really knows how to laugh!ehe :D

ok..ok.i surrender.time to revise!bye :)


{ sakinah } said...

whhooiii...da angau shangat2 daa ni...(bc stail cam meluat sket)huahuahuahh haha..

[ citapus ] said...

haha.awak ngn tomo japanese awak.i ngn min ho korean sy.we r on the same track dear!ehehe

{ sakinah } said...

heheh..kinda same lah..terlupe plaks..huhu~~~