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beyond words Lee Min Ho in Malaysia

25 Oct 2009 (Sunday)

This entry is a before and after-note of Lee Min Ho Fanmeeting & Etude House Product Launching @ Sg Wang Plaza by a big fan of a 22 year old Lee Min Ho; which is ME.hehe :D

My initial plan (Plan A) was to welcome Mino at KLIA (he arrived around 1pm something) with my friends, Ilham & Herda and then rush to Sg Wang Plaza but after having some time thinking about the pros and cons eg. I might not be able to get his signature as I did believe everyone has a chance, I chose my Plan B instead i.e. to go directly to Sg Wang Plaza and wait him there. I woke up at 10am; an hour late from what I planned to. I immediately woke up and ran to Herda's room to wake her up. My ex-MRSMate, Yna went to Sg Wang Plaza with her other friends; Shima, Shue & Jas and luckily, they arrived much much much earlier than us and they reserved some seats for both of us (thank you Yna & friends!I really appreciate it!)

above: frm left; shue,yna,jas,shima,me & herda
thank you GIRLS!

Malaysian fans were lucky because we didn't have to spend much (like Singaporean fans.i feel sorry for them) to meet Mino except to buy Etude House worth at least Rm20 to get a poster of him (the one which Mino has something known as Mino cat on his shoulder.ehe) and a folder (Mino wears black shirt with more-rings-than-I-have on his fingers.hehe). And again, thanks to Yna & Jas for getting them for me (my classes & assignments didn't allow me to do so.the same reason all the time.hehe)

the folder & the poster :)

We waited...waited...waited. Seconds by seconds fans were increasing in numbers. I had this great feeling seeing people who have the same interest with me. Malays, Chinese (I couldn't see any Indians but maybe the place was so crowded by people, my mistake if I'm wrong), Indonesians, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Koreans became ONE because of Mino.

look. how crowded this place was.hehe

In the beginning, I didn't have any difficulties queuing in the sea of people; but as we were about to approach the TIME (Mino made his appearance at 6pm), things became chaotic for us. People started pushing, taking others' space whenever they managed to do so. This situation really killed my mood; I reminded myself from the moment I woke up that I need to be patient for the whole day; be nice & tolerate with others. But, if you were in my shoes, can you possibly be patient? I DOUBT that. All curses, unpleasant words came out to the extent I would at anytime push the girls behind (but I thought if I did behave like them, what makes us different?)

MCs came out i.e. a Chinese man (he spoke in Mandarin) while the MC girl spoke in English. At first (before Mino came out), the man kept talking in Mandarin without the girl interpreting each & every words, and non-Chinese kept shouting, "ENGLISH please...english please". It's a common sense, isn't it? You could see many Malays & non-Malaysians, wasn't the girl translator aware of this basic thing? Thank God, things got better.

6pm, 25 Oct 2009, Concourse Sg Wang Plaza

The GREAT smile, the HANDSOME face, the TALL figure with the EASY-GOING personality; those make LEE MIN HO the apple in his fans' eyes!

only his back.i was starstruck!

Mino came out around 6pm and of course fans kept screaming; for i-don't-remember-for-how-long.hehe. I met Lee Min Ho for the very first time! Can you imagine my feeling at that time??? And I'm warning you, DON'T BELIEVE IN MINO'S PICS! He's not photogenic; he looks 1 000 000 much much much better in REAL LIFE. Trust me, I'm not lying to you. Ask people around (who has seen/met him, they would definitely say the same.hehe). He's more than that, pictures don't do him any justice. I was really star-struck when he came out and it caused me to miss few minutes as I supposed to take lots and lots pictures of him :)

few facial expressions from Lee Min Ho.hehe

He's really really tall;
now I know how 186cm good looking man looks like.hehe. He's quite fair and he doesn't look tanned to me as claimed by many. Maybe the definition of 'tanned' is different for me. He has too-good-to-be-true complexion (maybe I should change my beauty regime into Etude House.hehe). He's really really SWEET; keeps smiling as we can see in pictures, vids. When he smiled, his eyes SMILED too. Can you imagine that?hehe. OMG, I can still remember his smiling face and how well-mannered he is. Btw, he wore a checkered shirt with a knitted sweater outside, light brown coloured pant (I wonder where his skinny jeans's gone.hehe. Because he looks so LEE MIN HO in those skinny jeans! (although scientific research reveals that wearing skinny jeans frequently is a NO-NO to men.Understand?Please read between lines.hehe). Whatever he wears doesn't matter to me because he looks hot in everything :D

can u see his million dollar smile?

The best part is that whenever he tried to say something, people would start screaming; for 2 or 3 minutes and we could see him smiling shyly hearing those screams. I'm sure he was pleased to hear the noise coming from his loyal fans. It's great to be HIM and it's great to his FANS also.hehe. Although that was his first time in Malaysia, but by looking at the number of fans, he already has a strong fan base here :D (it's so crowded man!once you go out, there's no way you can get in!that's why I need to throw away my drink to avoid any difficulties.hehe)

The very first phrase came out from his mouth was "SELAMAT PETANG".*woot woot woot*. How cute can he be?hehe. He always knows how to attract his fans' attention, he surely knows how to smile (his SIGNATURE smile is so ADDICTIVE!). He knows how to wave too :D It's unbelieveble for someone like him who is always busy, tired because of long hours flight can actually smile all the way!; FYI, on 23Oct he was in Taiwan, 24Oct he was in our neighbour state, Singapore and on 25Oct until 27Oct he stayed in Malaysia :)

I got distracted by irrelevant persons on the stage (at one time, there were more than 6 persons excluding Mino on the stage) and it looked SO NOT COOL. A brief interview was conducted (a really brief one) and one of the questions is what does Mino do to get a healthy skin? (very Etude House huh?hehe). I can't recall what he answered because it was troublesome to hear 3 languages at one time (English,Hangul & Mandarin) plus I was busy taking photos of him. Frankly speaking, I had this thought in my head when I saw him, "Should I just look at him without busy taking pictures? This is my very first time seeing him, we are standing on the same ground, under one roof. I should focus on him". But then, I realized I have to be realistic, if only I had a hired photographer.isk. My pics are not so great and honestly, they do not turn up as what I wanted them to be (the pics are actually HD quality & big but most of them are shaky). And thanks to the GIRLS behind me for pushing me ; I blamed them for the disappointed pics.

Later, Mino launched two new products of Etude House namely Code B mascara & Moistful Cream. Media as well as fans just couldn't stop taking pics of him. Media must be fond of him huh..hehe :)

The Fanmeeting continued with an autograph session (it gave me HOPE but it turned into disappointment); as you know, we were required to buy EH products in order to get a poster & folder and that poster will be signed by Mino. so, I'm disappointed when it was informed that only approximately 50 fans had such an opportunity. But I didn't. The fans queuing from the left side of stage were very lucky! I hate them :(

if i were the girl.*die*

she got Mino's signature :(

I'm disappointed but, thinking it thoroughly, I saw him in real life, outside tv screen, what more do I want?; I witnessed and observed him and came to a conclusion that he's more than worth it to be loved by his fans. He left us after 45 minutes (we only managed to see him for 45min after hours waiting?) Trust me, I'd consider it as worth-waiting. He's exactly like what other fans described; he loves touching his hair as if his hair has never be combed (hehe.mayb he's very meticulous when it comes to his appearance.i believe), he loves pouting! and he loves wearing more than one rings.hehe.

He is beyond WORDS; His SIGNATURE smile is ADDICTIVE. His killer DIMPLES are ECSTASY. His face is PERRRFECT. His well-mannered attitude is what his fans salute.

Weighing between Plan A & Plan B, I would say that I am a human, if only I knew that I wasn't going to get his signature, I think I might choose Plan A (at least I could see him more). However, I chose Plan B instead because I wanted his signature so much and I wanted to meet him personally and say few things to him (who doesn't want?hehe). I'm disappointed but I'm not regret following my instinct. Everyone wants a piece of him, as I do but at least I can say to people, "Hey! I met him!". InsyaAllah, if there exists any opportunity in the future, I may be able to meet him again (aaa...rase cm shedey je.haha).

the pics are shaky. he waved at our direction. good bye Mino!isk

p/s: if you wonder how Mino spent time for 3days 2nights in Malaysia, feel free to visit (she has all of it!)

haha. i'm kissing Mino's wallie :)

::reminder: click on pics for larger view::

Here's another interview with Lee Min Ho. This is only a part of interview conducted in Etude House Fanmeeting in Singapore. I have watched the vid and luckily, it's English subbed!

from left: his pic in Taiwan, Spore & Msia

In BOF, starting as an arrogant, unreasonable and violent but later changed into generous, affectionate and loyal, in real life Lee Min Ho is not like the character of Goo Joon Pyo; he is gentler and more shy.

Question 1: If you are given choice, would you still take the role of GJP or Yoon Ji Hoo who has a silent charm?

Answer: That's a different question because both characters are very distinct and different (he paused for a while and answered). But, if I had to choose, I'd choose GJP because it put me in this position. I have a special attachment to it. (very TRUEEE!!)

Question 2: So, if you were GJP, what would you do with all the wealth?

Answer: I had an operation and was hospitalized. I met a lot of people who were sick and had a lot of financial difficulties. So, if I have the money like GJP, I'd like to help the people with financial difficulties.

Question 3: How about your opinion on women using make-up?

Answer: Personally, I don't have anything against women using make-up. But, I think using too much make-up is not attractive. I prefer the natural look.

Question 4: What is your greatest accomplishment and loss with your new found fame?

Answer: The biggest gain would be the fans in Asia (yeayyy!!) and having the opportunity to come visit to Asian countries. The biggest loss would be my personal time and freedom (he did mention about he can no longer go out often due to the attention he could attract). Due to my busy schedule, I don;t really have time for myself anymore (poor him)

Question 5: Being so famous, do your friends treat you differently now?

Answer: Most of my close friends have remained the same. Sometimes, others do ask very immature questions like "How does it feel to be on TV?". And some give me bizarre looks as they are surprised that I'm so famous now.

Question 6: What do you think of your strength and weakness line?
Answer: For my strength, I'd pick my smile. I frequently smile and I think that is a good point (totally correct!). But for my weakness, that is quite hard to say when you ask me like that (he paused and thought). I guess not knowing and not being able to say it right now is my weakness. (hahahaha.Mino, you are so comic and cute!)

Apart from that, he gave an advice to men out there:
"If you have the money to buy presents, it'll be helpful to win a girl's heart. But, if you don't have it, you can be sincere, honest and really nice. Even if it's just a simple snack given sincerely, it still works".
p/s: Does he sound like your ideal boyfriend?hehehe :P

In different interview, few fans were asked why do they like Lee Min Ho so much
and among the answers are as follows:

hehe :P
How about you?


Trugen released new pics of Mino for Winter Collection's nearly one year Mino involved in BOF (as BOF filmed last winter) and it means it's almost one year I became his kipas susah mati.hehe :)

smoking hot!

killer Dimples!

people, these are few vids taken by my friend during the FM. Enjoy k :)

Mino made his entrance


Product Launching

The end :(

hope you enjoy this entry :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm messed up!

this is a merely eye-candy.hehe

Dear Blog,

This is me. Thank God it's already Thursday (the END of!). but, the joy didn't last long...I started thinking of my Professional Practice assignment. The due date is tomorrow @ 3pm. $#*!%@$#. By hook or by crook, I have to put my very best effort to draft all relevant documents TODAY!

this is killing me :(

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am about to approach the DAY

did you know the feeling when you have received two news at the same time; one is good and another is bad? I did. The feeling is hmm...something that I cannot put into words. Especially when the bad news has a greater impact than the good one, that is UNBEARABLE. well, only God knows better...

Speaking of school, there is no one day without workload. Unlucky huh? and obviously tiring. But, this is the price to get a law degree.hehe. Neway, these are my need-to-do checklists (and i hope i can settle them within this weekend...lalalala. eventho it's impossible.hehe):

  • Jurisprudence test + Oct 21 - check!
  • Dateline Professional Practice assignment + Oct 23 - check!
  • Evidence test + Oct 27 - check!
  • Dateline Criminal Procedure assignment + Oct 30 - check!


I'm counting days to meet (or see) Lee Min Ho in real life. Like I mentioned in the last entry, this could be my once in a lifetime chance to meet him; so you can understand how I feel about his visit to Malaysia. Honestly. I'm thrilled but at the same time, nervous (yeah, I am.thr is so much what-ifs in my head). To make my dream comes true, I'm (and still) planning all sort of things with few friends esp. Ilham (she's the real star-stalker!! MU players, Jason Mraz, Toni Qattan? just name it!hehe).


As much as I need to bear with heavy workloads
and to sacrifice my ultimate beauty sleep,
I need my celebrity-gossips fix too :D


Dunkin Donut has released a new CF called Dunkin(g) Donut.
Mino, I love your expression!


On Oct 15, Mino attended Dunkin Donut fansigning and as usual, he loves wearing a combination of Black & White (sometimes white & grey.hehe). Hot as always!

he's like a chameleon; changing his hairdo frequently.
Thumbs Up!

he took his fans' pic!! *jealous*
Travel with Lee Min Ho pics are truly one of the kind :P

of all pics, i love him sitting on the toilet bowl! kawaii!!

Lollipop=Lee Min Ho
i wonder if he listens to Lollipop by 2ne1 feat. Big Bang
(he claimed that 2ne1 is his fav girl group.hehe. ME too!)


eye-candies: You're Beautiful wallies!! (but i only post one). Now, i can have Geun Suk on my desktop.hehe :D
: i visited You're Beautiful soompi forum and found out the fans r making a comparison btwn Geun Suk & Mino and silently criticized Mino.omg...i hate to say this, Mino is a way different frm Geun Suk... Geun Suk is cute but I don't find him good looking, he is indeed less masculine than Mino (of course!) and when it comes to acting, he seems to be so cautious with his face expression unlike Mino...huh!I already spilled out the beans. this is what you'll get when I say I hate when others are busy making such a lousy comparison!]

F4 on Japanese Mag
I'm not being biased, but looking at the pic (and other pics as well) you should know why
Lee Min Ho could gain so much attention after BOF
(even though i wonder why he wasn't recognized before!!)

I am about to approach the DAY

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lee Min Ho is coming to Malaysia! I'm the happiest girl in this WORLD!

before Goo Joon Pyo phenomenon


There are few webs/blogs that I'd definitely turn into whenever I surfed internet. And one of them is Lee Min Ho soompi forum. This is my main source of information when it comes to korean celebrities particularly Lee Min Ho. And the recent news about him is that Lee Min Ho is coming to Malaysia on Oct 25 (a day after fanmeeting in Singapore). yeah, I know it'll be a very tiring week for Mino as he will have to be in (at least) 3 different places in a week- from Taiwan to Singapore then to Malaysia. Whatever it is, I'm planning to do some crazy stuffs n stalking thingy on Oct 25. But, I can't think any at this moment (melting syndrome.hehe). I wish I could gather few friends and go on with proper plans (Plan A and B). It's definitely my once in a lifetime chance; so if you ask me,
would I take all risks to meet him personally...
I'd straight away answer, YES!

omg,help me God. If this dream comes true; I'd consider this as the best in-advance graduation gift. Seriously!

long legs >0<

he can pull off everything better than anyone else

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's unbearable to have a feeling of missing someone

I think it is normal to have a feeling of longing for someone. Be it man or woman, this is one of natural feelings that we may experience.

Yesterday, one of my good friends asked me while we were having brunch, "Nad, when was the last time you met Sheh (my bf)?". I replied, "Nearly one and half month.Why?"; as I wondered why she posed that kind of question. She mumbled to herself, "That long? I haven't met my bf for one week and I thought I could die missing him". Then our conversation went on as I explained to her, "I had to as we have our own things and interests".

The conversation on the boyfriend thingy was short but it was enough to make me feel, "I do miss my bf, we love each other dearly but we cannot be clingy forever, 24/7". That's what I thought. It is a lie if I say I don't miss him. I miss him, everyday and I once told him that I could miss him even when he's with me; when he asked me whether I did miss him or not. Come on! Of course I miss him everyday, if not I won't be this loyal for almost 5 years.hehe.

True, and very true that I hate seeing myself to be too dependent on my other half and that's why I always remind myself to keep my womanly pride in its rightful position. Sometimes we did quarrel (sometimes? no...quite often.hehe) due to my egoistic nature (that is one devilish side of me. can't help it.phew~) but after a while, we reconciled and started laughing & making fun of each other.

The longer we are having this relationship,
the deeper the magic word LOVE goes in
and the more often we argue,
the more realistic couple we have become.

Whatever it is, it's unbearable to have a feeling of missing someone. I salute those in long-distance relationships, they make love sounds epic.hehe. One thing for sure, I believe that as long as my other half trusts me and I trust him, if it takes even years to see each other, we would definitely make it :)

It's rare to see me talking about this lovey-dovey thing but I feel relieved after writing this :)

You're Beautiful

I know you are.hehe. But, what I meant by You're Beautiful here is one brand new series and it's already premiered few days ago (2 episodes already). I have a good feeling about this drama; I think it could be one of my fav dramas for this year (perhaps, after BOF and Brilliant Legacy.hehe). You're Beautiful's casts are Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki of FT Island, Jung Yong Hwa and UEE of Afterschool.

Honestly, I'm eyeing on Jang Geun Suk (haha); he's 1987er just like Mino and it goes without saying that he's one of Korean pretty boys (except in this drama, I loathe his clothes as they look less masculine; maybe it's just the concept of the drama).

Hongki of FT Island is a wonderful lead singer
and I love his voice, but when it comes to acting, I'm not sure.

of course I know Park Shin Hye (I mentioned about her indirectly in my previous entries; remember the girl in Etude House CF with Mino? This is the girl.hehe). All I can say about her is that her tomboyish look suits her and it reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince.

I don't know Yong Hwa at all, he looks unfamiliar to me
but I'm looking forward to watch his acting as well.

i wish i can start watching You're Beautiful asap
But, for the time being, completing all workloads is my main concern now


Mino in Gimpo Airport
thank you for the POUT! *melting*

In Pusan International Film Festival red carpet.
As usual, he looks good in everything. Love him!
Plus, luckily he didn't trip this time (if only you get me.hehe)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm lazy enough. *sigh*

Herda and I
before Graduating Law Students' Group Photography Session

Since I was little, my parents never came and told me, "Open up your books and study". I didn't believe in studying hard and I still don't; all I believe is to study smart. I will study whenever I'm in a good mood (because I can never concentrate when I'm upset/angry) and there is any scheduled test/exam. And one thing about me, is that my brain absorbs more efficiently in the last-minute study. Whatever it is, I'm lazy enough to study at this moment. Once I open up a book/note and start reading, a minute later I will start yawning and day-dreaming. The laziness is strangling me; and I really need to wake up from the dream. *die*.

A brief update on drama series. I'm watching japanese series called Absolute Boyfriend and there are 9 episodes left (I only managed to finish 2 episodes in one night. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not that into Japanese dramas). The storyline is a bit off and normally I won't watch that kind of story but because my younger sister recommended it, I started watching it yesterday. I read somewhere, that Korea is considering to produce the korean version of Absolute Boyfriend (another remake?hmm..). In my opinion, there are pros and cons in remaking a movie/drama. The positive side is that the drama is already known to people and it will help the promotion of it. However, the negative side is something that any producer should bear in mind. Proposing to remake a drama like Meteor Garden (the taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers as it was followed by japanese and korean version) or Hana Kimi (the taiwanese and japanese version), the latest version should be a way better or at least; at par with the former/earlier version. This is because the fans/audience may end up comparing between the former and the latter and this is common. Comparison is good as it will generate audience's minds to judge which version is better but the effect of such a comparison is fatal to the drama itself. If the latter version is less appealing than other version, the ratings may be doomed (i think the ratings though sometimes directors/actors said that it is not that important but believe it or not, it is important. Popular dramas will be broadcasted few times like Fullhouse/Autumn in My Heart as compared to unpopular dramas.hehe).

I found many pics and vids of Bae Soo Bin and I feel like flying~.hehe. Hmm...mentioning about guys, guys and guys frequently may lead to misunderstanding sometimes.hehe. When I watch series/movies, I want to be a satisfied customer; therefore once I get stuck with one and continue watching it, I will appreciate the actress/actor. So, don't misunderstand me; yes, I do like hot guys ( by day I become too frank) but good look is not everything. One's talent is what I'm anticipating from any movie/drama. But, it's a bonus if they are beautiful creatures like Mino (younger one) & Soo Bin (older one).hehe. These are few photos I found *eye candy*:

Jun Se oppa!!!hehe :D

I don't know what is Chuseok Day (i'm sorry if the spelling in incorrect) but I believe it is a festive celebrated by Koreans. Pics of Mino wearing hanbok were popped out everywhere.hehe. He looks really cute in the hanbok (i love the female hanbok; they are colourful). Let's compare his pics in hanbok taken during the BOF days (his pama hair) and recently (his boyish hairdo) :P


Mino looks healthier now :)

last but not least, the cutie Mino :)

Mino's pic for Our School ET promotion in Japan
*eye candy*

enjoy ur weekend!