Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lee Min Ho is coming to Malaysia! I'm the happiest girl in this WORLD!

before Goo Joon Pyo phenomenon


There are few webs/blogs that I'd definitely turn into whenever I surfed internet. And one of them is Lee Min Ho soompi forum. This is my main source of information when it comes to korean celebrities particularly Lee Min Ho. And the recent news about him is that Lee Min Ho is coming to Malaysia on Oct 25 (a day after fanmeeting in Singapore). yeah, I know it'll be a very tiring week for Mino as he will have to be in (at least) 3 different places in a week- from Taiwan to Singapore then to Malaysia. Whatever it is, I'm planning to do some crazy stuffs n stalking thingy on Oct 25. But, I can't think any at this moment (melting syndrome.hehe). I wish I could gather few friends and go on with proper plans (Plan A and B). It's definitely my once in a lifetime chance; so if you ask me,
would I take all risks to meet him personally...
I'd straight away answer, YES!

omg,help me God. If this dream comes true; I'd consider this as the best in-advance graduation gift. Seriously!

long legs >0<

he can pull off everything better than anyone else


najlaa said...

count me in yaw! nga
nad...nak ikut stalk die nad...thehehe

Cik Qinah said...

plan A and B? astonished..huahahah..

celina said...

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