Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm lazy enough. *sigh*

Herda and I
before Graduating Law Students' Group Photography Session

Since I was little, my parents never came and told me, "Open up your books and study". I didn't believe in studying hard and I still don't; all I believe is to study smart. I will study whenever I'm in a good mood (because I can never concentrate when I'm upset/angry) and there is any scheduled test/exam. And one thing about me, is that my brain absorbs more efficiently in the last-minute study. Whatever it is, I'm lazy enough to study at this moment. Once I open up a book/note and start reading, a minute later I will start yawning and day-dreaming. The laziness is strangling me; and I really need to wake up from the dream. *die*.

A brief update on drama series. I'm watching japanese series called Absolute Boyfriend and there are 9 episodes left (I only managed to finish 2 episodes in one night. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not that into Japanese dramas). The storyline is a bit off and normally I won't watch that kind of story but because my younger sister recommended it, I started watching it yesterday. I read somewhere, that Korea is considering to produce the korean version of Absolute Boyfriend (another remake?hmm..). In my opinion, there are pros and cons in remaking a movie/drama. The positive side is that the drama is already known to people and it will help the promotion of it. However, the negative side is something that any producer should bear in mind. Proposing to remake a drama like Meteor Garden (the taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers as it was followed by japanese and korean version) or Hana Kimi (the taiwanese and japanese version), the latest version should be a way better or at least; at par with the former/earlier version. This is because the fans/audience may end up comparing between the former and the latter and this is common. Comparison is good as it will generate audience's minds to judge which version is better but the effect of such a comparison is fatal to the drama itself. If the latter version is less appealing than other version, the ratings may be doomed (i think the ratings though sometimes directors/actors said that it is not that important but believe it or not, it is important. Popular dramas will be broadcasted few times like Fullhouse/Autumn in My Heart as compared to unpopular dramas.hehe).

I found many pics and vids of Bae Soo Bin and I feel like flying~.hehe. Hmm...mentioning about guys, guys and guys frequently may lead to misunderstanding sometimes.hehe. When I watch series/movies, I want to be a satisfied customer; therefore once I get stuck with one and continue watching it, I will appreciate the actress/actor. So, don't misunderstand me; yes, I do like hot guys ( by day I become too frank) but good look is not everything. One's talent is what I'm anticipating from any movie/drama. But, it's a bonus if they are beautiful creatures like Mino (younger one) & Soo Bin (older one).hehe. These are few photos I found *eye candy*:

Jun Se oppa!!!hehe :D

I don't know what is Chuseok Day (i'm sorry if the spelling in incorrect) but I believe it is a festive celebrated by Koreans. Pics of Mino wearing hanbok were popped out everywhere.hehe. He looks really cute in the hanbok (i love the female hanbok; they are colourful). Let's compare his pics in hanbok taken during the BOF days (his pama hair) and recently (his boyish hairdo) :P


Mino looks healthier now :)

last but not least, the cutie Mino :)

Mino's pic for Our School ET promotion in Japan
*eye candy*

enjoy ur weekend!

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