Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am about to approach the DAY

did you know the feeling when you have received two news at the same time; one is good and another is bad? I did. The feeling is hmm...something that I cannot put into words. Especially when the bad news has a greater impact than the good one, that is UNBEARABLE. well, only God knows better...

Speaking of school, there is no one day without workload. Unlucky huh? and obviously tiring. But, this is the price to get a law degree.hehe. Neway, these are my need-to-do checklists (and i hope i can settle them within this weekend...lalalala. eventho it's impossible.hehe):

  • Jurisprudence test + Oct 21 - check!
  • Dateline Professional Practice assignment + Oct 23 - check!
  • Evidence test + Oct 27 - check!
  • Dateline Criminal Procedure assignment + Oct 30 - check!


I'm counting days to meet (or see) Lee Min Ho in real life. Like I mentioned in the last entry, this could be my once in a lifetime chance to meet him; so you can understand how I feel about his visit to Malaysia. Honestly. I'm thrilled but at the same time, nervous (yeah, I am.thr is so much what-ifs in my head). To make my dream comes true, I'm (and still) planning all sort of things with few friends esp. Ilham (she's the real star-stalker!! MU players, Jason Mraz, Toni Qattan? just name it!hehe).


As much as I need to bear with heavy workloads
and to sacrifice my ultimate beauty sleep,
I need my celebrity-gossips fix too :D


Dunkin Donut has released a new CF called Dunkin(g) Donut.
Mino, I love your expression!


On Oct 15, Mino attended Dunkin Donut fansigning and as usual, he loves wearing a combination of Black & White (sometimes white & grey.hehe). Hot as always!

he's like a chameleon; changing his hairdo frequently.
Thumbs Up!

he took his fans' pic!! *jealous*
Travel with Lee Min Ho pics are truly one of the kind :P

of all pics, i love him sitting on the toilet bowl! kawaii!!

Lollipop=Lee Min Ho
i wonder if he listens to Lollipop by 2ne1 feat. Big Bang
(he claimed that 2ne1 is his fav girl group.hehe. ME too!)


eye-candies: You're Beautiful wallies!! (but i only post one). Now, i can have Geun Suk on my desktop.hehe :D
: i visited You're Beautiful soompi forum and found out the fans r making a comparison btwn Geun Suk & Mino and silently criticized Mino.omg...i hate to say this, Mino is a way different frm Geun Suk... Geun Suk is cute but I don't find him good looking, he is indeed less masculine than Mino (of course!) and when it comes to acting, he seems to be so cautious with his face expression unlike Mino...huh!I already spilled out the beans. this is what you'll get when I say I hate when others are busy making such a lousy comparison!]

F4 on Japanese Mag
I'm not being biased, but looking at the pic (and other pics as well) you should know why
Lee Min Ho could gain so much attention after BOF
(even though i wonder why he wasn't recognized before!!)

I am about to approach the DAY

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