Friday, March 13, 2009

Laughing is what I should be doing...Everyday =)

Life is Wonderful (generally...ehe.bcos at times, I think the world is against me). After submitting the legal research & opinion for PP, I feel relieved (you cant imagine how relieved I am right now). So, after having lunch with Kinah at our room & made peace with THE MAKER (I plagiarized my former tutor’s fav term.ehe); I grabbed Ilham’s dvd MONSTER-in-LAW & watched it. One & half hour show was full of laughter and I feel ALIVE! (yeah..after all the stress & insomnia thingy).I know the movie is ancient but it lightened me up...totally.ehe. eventho its storyline was an expected one but the way the director & scriptwriter chose the words should be given an applause. After watching the movie, I sent an sms to Sheh & asking “agak2 ur mom scary x syg?ehe”. SCARY.ehe.And talking abt the cast, Jane Fonda was great. Jennifer Lopez didn’t disappoint me once again (bcos I think she did well in Wedding Planner too).Michael Vartan’s acting was a bit static n predictable (bcos I never fail keeping eyes on him in ALIAS.ehe).plus...I love Jane Fonda’s assistant in the movie...the character suits her well (sometimes you can’t help but to like one’s acting bcos she/he is able to make use of her/his face expression brilliantly) Jane Fonda & her assistant (in the movie) fell into this category.

Besides, I tried to watch an indie movie called Ten Inch Hero in which Jensen Ackles is in it but my laptop couldn’t open it. it’s too bad but nvm..

BUT!i still can't watch boys before flowers via is soOoOo FUNNY.enough said.*benci*


Lord Fiqo said...

u must be good in reviewing movies, cause u watched a lot. unlike me.

btw, what was sheh's reply to u? haha...

[ citapus ] said...

he didnt reply my takot i kecut perot kot.ehe.