Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life is an Experiment

when i was watching 3 consecutive episodes of Gossip Girl (ep15,16 & 17 whch i hv abandoned 4 quite a long time) lastnite,i thought of 3 things :

please try to be loyal

1-being a two-timer.
Dan Humphrey for exmple, eventho he's known as a lonely boy in the series,he's never been left alone.he had vanessa,then he had serena,followed by georgia.then he had serena again.n wht i can see from the end of ep17,he's suprisingly having Serena & Rachel!wow!as much as i object to on off r/ship,i'm not a big fan of two-timer also.n talking abt self-experience,being a two-timer is a NO-NO.i had my karma.once (its an ancient story n i regret it but im glad i learnt something frm my mistake). i have faith (strong one) tht love should be one.u can't love any other person than the one that you should love & be loved by you.being a two-timer is WRONG!

even the spoilt F4 value friendship..ehe

2-when Serena declined the offer frm Yale (OMG!!) so tht Blair would get a place, Blair didnt seem appreciate the sacrifice.its not the real situation in the a true bestfriend r/ship, give & take is essential & ignoring one's sacrifice is never in the list.however,Serena's sacrifice is always THE THING in such a r/ship.i remember holding back my feeling to one guy when i found out one of my bestfriends fell for that guy also!its quite painful (at tht time la..ehe) bt i believe (n i still believe) its what a friend for-to make your friend happy :)

3-watching the so-called mean girls being so dependant on Blair looks like a cliche in any drama/movie but its happening in the real world.sometimes we may notice tht one befriends with us only for certain reasons.n when it's too obvious, you can't help it but to get annoyed!

my sleepy niece karmila sofeya

p/s: i just watched Revolutionary Road and i found it too slow for the 1st 40 minutes but the storyline developed after's a heavy movie & requires patience to watch it till the end..ehe.but Leo's acting was good.

Bonus: Lee Min Ho.Kim Joon.Kim Bum.Kim Hyun Joong

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