Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Last Thing

I can’t believe I finally finished reading ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult yesterday. The novel took me almost 1 week to finish, the longest period I ever took (usually I only took a day to finish reading any novel, no matter thick the book was).Assignment & othr commitment were the reasons why I took such a long time. I believe most of the novel readers have read this novel. This novel revolves around Anna’s world who was genetically programmed to be an organ donor for her own sister, Kate who suffers from Leukemia. I love the storyline; I adore the author’s style of writing n I was simply amazed by the issues discussed in the novel (I’m a medical law lover). It discusses on the issue of informed consent and a debate between a quality of life & sanctity of life which are academically good to read. The novel made me laugh, and cry (sadis btol aku ni..ehe) particularly the ending. Fyi, I love one quote most in the novel which reads:”One fire burns out another’s burning. One pain is lessen’d by another’s anguish” by William Shakespeare in Romeo & Juliet. That’s the last novel I read.

p/s:take note!! a movie based on My Sister's Keeper novel will be released on 26 June 2009! Cameron Diaz will be Sara Fitzgerald (the mom) & child actress Abigail Breslin will be Anna Fizgerald.looking forward to watch it!


The last movie I watched is The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. I watched it on Sunday night. I found it boring & dull (sequel movies always turned out to be worse n never better (except X-Men & Bourne (not James Bond eh)..ehe). The jeans (travelling pant) was of course appeared worn out but I can’t see the strong r/ship between the four so-called best friends.lol. But America Ferrera’s acting is one of the kind…she outshined the rest..sorry Blake Lively (u may be the hottie Serena in Gossip Girl but u are nothing but a dull girl in this movie). The movie made me zZZzz.. no star for you!


The last thing I studied was on Bail. I’m not kidding when I say it’s not easy to spend hours reading on one topic alone. Having a cup of Neslo (INDOLO to be exact-a sachet of Indocafe + half sachet of Milo) while studying is a must. Caffeine keeps me alert (at least for 2 hrs.ehe). Thanks to the wonderful playlist I listened to while studying, u saved me!

my fav mug!


The last spot I hang out with my friends was Burger King Karak. Odw to BK, we were talking about how we feel when it is raining (bcos it was raining). Interestingly, everyone was giving different answers. well..those answers are Secrets!ehe :D

my dear friends!


Lord Fiqo said...

i dont really like any novels than chic-lit. but, the novel that u read, seemed to imperess me. can i borrow? hehe.

btw, i thot that the movie was a good movie (based on the actresses). but, since you said it's a dull movie, then, i think i shouldnt watch it. hehe.

watch slumdog millionaire...it's a very good movie to watch

[ citapus ] said...

i hv slumdog millionaire in my laptop bt i dont hv enough time to watch it.(i hv to pick n choose..i chose BBF.ehe)mayb i'll watch it on saturday,at home!! :)
u shud reading the novel..ask frm ilham k.sisterhood is not bad bt i prefer d 1st one :)