Friday, February 27, 2009

Lee Min Ho won the Best New Actor in 45th Baeksang Award! *chukahamnida*

All his hard work is finally paid off!!the award which was ended few hours ago has witnessed how the character of Goo Joon Pyo (in kgotboda namja) has turned Lee Min Ho into a big star!(eventho the drama is still airing)

22-year old Lee Min Ho

hottie perm-haired Goo Joon Pyo

Kim Hyun Joong (Ji Hoo in Kgotboda namja) won the Popularity seems that the Kgotboda Namja is ruling Korea!ehe :D

F4-Lee Min Ho.Kim Bum.Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Joon
they are truly friends!

  • hmm...i think being a student,u can never escape frm workloads.after submit one assgmnet,anor will be assigned to never stop!that's what happen to me right body is literally & technically exhausted!bt bcos i'm used to sleep late completing the works,i can hardly sleep early if i hv a chance to do so (insomniac maybe?) i don't know...



wah, really?!
Aku semakin tidak dapat menafikan betapa segaknya la hai si Min Ho ni~
how I wish i could meet him face to face~huhu....

p/s: suka giler style baru rambut Ji Hoo, cumil sgt3..semakin Jun Pyo gilerkan Jan Di (terpaksa diamkan sbb witch gila tu..), semakin bertambah kegilaan aku pd Jun Pyo ;p

[ citapus ] said...

haha.ko da ngk vid dea amek award?chumeyl sgt.the other F3 pon cumeyl.deorg mmg truly good friends on & offscreen :)btw,dr ape aku bce..mlm ni(monday),bbf x air..sbb gu hye sun met w an accident(again!) so,bsok br ade ep br..xsabanye!!