Thursday, February 19, 2009

can i buy your time?

time is gold.check!time is precious.check!

my concern right now is the TIME.yesterday..after few days,i finally had time to surf net & watch BBF ep 13 & 14 (the 2 eps were heartbreaking~),but that's not the worst part bcos i hv 3 tests in a row -PIL,PP & workloads!!believe it or not,i have to schedule everything including when should i do the personal thingy etc.on top of these,my sleeping time is more inconsistent than usual (5 hours of sleep is actually a HEAVEN!)

but..its a good thing when i started to value TIME more than i did before. instead of getting killed by the time,i'm sure i can kill time :P


Lord Fiqo said...

can you kill the time?
show me how...

my problem is that, i've learned from my mistakes...when it comes to time management. i have to admit.

let's start working ;)

[ citapus ] said...

yeahh!!let's start wokring hafiq!aja aja fighting!baxia! :D