Thursday, February 12, 2009

it is LOVE
as long as we are standing at a same place & looking for a same thing

i just watched ep. 11 & 12 of Boys Before Flowers!!arghhh!!the ending is killing me.really.what will happen to Joonpyo & Jandi's r/shp?since last december, mondays & tuesdays are always welcomed(bcos this drama airs twice a week in korea).hmmm..the fact that i'm still struggling on CP for this friday,this marvellous;smexy drama (plus lee min-ho) are the only things that keep me alive :)

about Civil Procedure, i need to restudy the topic of Parties bcos i find it a lil confusing esp intervener & interpleader parts.ehehe.*sigh*one thing for sure, studying on the procedural law is time-consuming (for me!) :D

p/s: i'm a social person,so studying alone won't do me any good(justified!!)

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