Monday, February 9, 2009 walking in a world of colour..ehe.
1st of all..i'd like to wish all the Hindus happy Thaipusam!!(eventho my watch shows 1231am-9/2/09..'better late than never' is applicable.hihi) luckily,monday is holiday,so here i am..surfing internet,fangirling,looking for something smexxy! etc(wasting time after spending few hours studying Civil Procedure and reading the case of PP v Mohamed Ibrahim) i woke up quite early today(hihi..normal la kan..its sunday btw) n kinah(my roomate) n i had our lunch earlier.ilham (anor roomate) is still working on her busy routine..poor ilham..i feel sorry for her :(
around 2pm,jee (my ex-roomate) dropped by with her baby..Raid Harith.he's so cute(thnks to the inherited mixed-blood.hehe)..bubbly as always.holding him made me feel like i should have one asap(hahaha :D). i think its natural for a 23 year old woman (erkk..) to feel that way...isn't it?hehe.

he has black hair,grey coloured eyes,fair skin

what a pretty boy!

next week & the following week will be the killer weeks.i'll be struggling for civil procedure test,followed by evidence & jurisprudence test.phew~ i miss my parents called me yesterday(i wish i was at home),n i called my younger sis who's studying in utp yestersay & i even called my youngest sis who's currently serving her 3months PLKN younger bro?mayb i'll call him 2mrw..cukup quorum

btw,our current political scenario is pretty crazy rite?speaking of it,party-hopping isn't a new has been an issue in malaysia since last decades.frankly speaking..i agree with the proposal to enact new law relating to it PR(pakatan rakyat)/Bn components..the politicians should be realistic,matured and stop being clueless.the citizens have faith in them and that's why we chose and voted for them.majority of Malaysians voted the last election candidates based on the party,unlike me..(cos i'm supporting individuals rather than party).so,it will be unjust for the citizens if the politicians hop into anor party.i must say that our political system is weaker than i offence


hanabanana said...

comelnye anak jee..sangat2 comel..
normal la tu kan nak baby;).. hehehe..btw babe,u bile lagi?? soalan cepumas pulak;)

[ citapus ] said...

mmg comel hana.geram!ehe.i?haha.lom ag.wait & see la..hihi :D
*shy..shy* aduhhh!

Lord Fiqo said...

i agree with the anti-hopping law, even it seems to violate ur right to freedom of association (ye ke). haha.

but yeah,
voters voted for the leadres due to certain reasons i.e the political party, the candidate itself etc.

when they hopped to the other parties easily, that would of course break the voters' hearts.

[ citapus ] said... does break our heart!ehe.things are chaotic rite now.i just want a peaceful country!lol