Monday, March 30, 2009 min ho

alhamdulillah.i managed to complete my cpc assignment earlier (as i planned) which is scheduled to be submitted by 1st April.

i dun hv cls today which is great.ehe. but right now i'm in Aikol, printing my assignment.

the korean drama of the year Boys Before Flowers/Boys Over Flowers will end tomorrow (i'm'll end on time b4 my exam..uhu). i started writing abt the drama since Jan 17.the 1st time i watched the drama,i already fell in love with it (its the best version so far!)esp. Lee Min Ho (duhh..ehe). Lee Min Ho's acting was great for someone at his age (22/23 korean age) and as a proof, he won the Best New Actor in 45th Baeksang Award. the drama gained so much attention from the media,fans & critics (i think the last korean drama has ever received such attention (less than BOF i think) was Fullhouse).

i'm not sure whether this korean version of Hana Yori Dango will end happily or not but from the relevant sources,it's going to have a happy ending and the following pic is a part of the ending.

Joon Pyo & Jandi...a proposal?

my exam will start on April 5 and end on April 16. i hv lots to revise and i really need to start revising from today!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

a brief Review on Confession of a Shopaholic

i already watched the Confession of a Shopaholic (its difficult to get the tix bt thanks to Sheh's effort!u r my savior..ehe). well,i must admit tht i didnt read the novel but ive heard abt it from friends).w/o comparing the storyline with the novel,i found this movie is interesting,funny & cute as well.i love Hugh Dancy from the beginning until the end (while sheh likes Isla wonder we'r makes sense rite?ehe).at times, we ended laughing, so did the audience.its a really good movie for those who r shopaholics bcos i know shopping is fun (of course-lah!) but sometimes it will leave us with pain (im talking abt debt,excessive use of cdt card..debit card is better people!).personally i love how Rebecca gave her opinion (using metaphoric words..ehe) on certain things through her article/review.Hugh Dancy is the perfect choice for Luke Brandon, and he did very well.the same goes to Isla Fisher;she has this bubbly character so her character fits her well for Rebecca sum up,Rebecca Bloomwood has learnt her lesson as she finally knew honestly is everything.

congrats for those who voted for environment by switching off light for 60 min yesterday!
i was in IKEA at that time,in which at 830pm sharp,the cafe's lights were turned off (good effort!)

p/s:im very tired & sleepy right now.its already 2.05 am.time to ZzZzZz

Friday, March 27, 2009


when i woke up this morning...i told myself to RISE & SHINE!

Ilham was back to campus yesterday & we (Kinah.Ilham.Nabilah.Herda & i) hd dinner together at Ampang.we giggled a lot & of course there must be a reason for giggling rite?ehe.when we're bz giggling,all of sudden someone called my name "Nadzirah!",n i was like.."sape plak yg pggl aku pnoh plk tu",then i turned around & saw someone familiar..ops.2 persons actually;they were my highschool friends (Asyik & Dugong).its a small world!i hvnt met them in ages & coincidently,i met them out of nowhere.but i bet they heard our giggles (a lot!) & gossips (lalalala..).overall,lastnite's outing was awesome..we were able to spend time together after all the asments,tests thingy.finally!

this one is just for FUN:which heart-shaped is better?ehe.
left pic is mine & right from Kinah & Nab

n speaking of our current Malaysian political condition,everyone knows tht the UMNO Youth movement is now headed by Khairy Jamaludin; Wanita by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil & Puteri movement by Datuk Rosnah Shirlin Abdul Rashid.i tried to be unbiased but in my opinion,i think Shahrizat is capable of bringing new dimension into Wanita but i'm doubtful on wht KJ will bring to Youth (for someone who was found quilty for an offence but he's just being lucky to be let off by warning (only!!),how cn u have faith in him?i just dont get it.seriously).abt Rosnah,call me ignorant or whatever..i don't even know a thing abt her (i even had to google her name.haha)

extra!! i hv a long list wht i need to do during this weekend and it includes: complete CPC the Confession of a Shopaholic.lunch & dinner with Sheh.scan my Brothers & Sisters .change my playlist songs.and many more...ehe

info!! STRESS is a NO-NO (i hate it).i believe everyone has stress in their lives,whether from self-imposed situations or events that are out of your control. No matter what the source of our stress, we need to learn how to cope with it in order to keep ourselves healthy, physically and emotionally. and while we can't avoid all stress, there are ways to deal with it & these are the tips:

  • Opt for physical health- i read somewhere one of the ways to cope with stress is by stop smoking,drinking & overeating (i must hv been reading a lot..ehe).and taking me as an example,i dont smoke,i dont drink but i do eat.ehe.hmm..overeating? i always said to my friends,"I'm fat".but then they replied," are not fat".then i replied,"But i'm not thin either".haha :D

  • Learn to just say "No.".i think this is quite impossible (for ME) bcos wht i was often stressed bcos of workloads & not bcos of love,friendship cn i say NO to workloads???duh!

  • Find out time for fun-i like this (a lot!). being me,there is nothing i could do if stress bothers me.i always opt for fun,entertainment etc.

being silly with Herda :P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


when u know the answer & you jot it down in the question paper but you end up answering differently..can it be considered INSANE?i think it can be.bcos it's wht happened to me.yesterday.

i wasnt in the good mood yesterday..after the test.i felt stupid.ignorant & empty.and i kept thinking."what have i done?".my friends Kinah & Herda kept calming me down and told me tht it happened sometimes,maybe my answer will turn out correct (hmm..but i still feel stupid-know the answer & jot it down but answered differently..wht was i thinking???GOD!)

i expressed my worry to Sheh & he gave me an advice whch was a bit harsh but i cant deny its TRUE.very's my mistake & i have to deal with's already a history & i cant rely solely on one test to prove i am insane(hehe).

life must go on (that's wht i keep reminding myself today..mase jalan,makan & borak2 pon masih pk psl hal semlm..aish). tomorrow i hv Jurisprudence test,so goodluck to me.i won't let the same mistake be repeated again.NO MORE.i've hd enough

ok.lets talk abt something FUN.ehe.Boys before Flowers is left with 2 episodes,meaning tht it will end airing nxt week.and it means i will get the full series soon!!haha (credit to Sheh!)this K-drama is extremely Fun-Amusing-Entertaining,so for those who don't hv any idea abt this drama you can google Boys Before/Over Flowers in any search engines (ok?ehe)

next.almost my classes are already wrapped up.for example,i only had one cls (mmg best..ehe).but the bad thing is exam is just around the corner.uhu.i hv a good day today (tq Allah)..i even took pictures with my learned friends.saje2 menggedik.ehe.what else..i'm craving for Creamy Carbonara *yummy* (since last sbb bz sgt..x smpt2 ag mkn..isk)

hafiq & nab

hiasan semata-mata.haha

i'm looking forward to watch the Confession of a Shopaholic!
nway..a brief review on Seven Pounds:

at the beginning,i was wondering..cte ni npe cmni?then the storyline developed..slowly but it gave deeper impact on's a story of a succesful & ambitious man named Tim (Will Smith) who unintentionally caused the death of 7 people (mayb that's why the title given is 7 Pounds) including his beloved wife.after the accident,he can be said to suffer frm depression & extreme guilt which caused him to plan on his own DEATH (SUICIDE).the 3/4 of the story tells us how he chose several ppl (i think 7 ppl) with an intention to assist them (to hv a better life-eg:giving away his hse & donating his organs..uhu).i found it interesting bcos only in the end,i was able to gather all the infos & came to a nice conclusion..ehe.THUMBS UP!

if today is an emotion:

if today is a song:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Congratulation Ilham!

Ilham Umar good friend cum roommie, Ilham Umar & her mooting team brought joy to Malaysia!!They managed to bring trophy home.1st place goes to US,2nd for UK & 3rd place for Malaysia!i know how hard she hs tried,how much effort she hs put in & how much time she hs sacrificed for the tq Ilham!we are proud of YOU!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life is an Experiment

when i was watching 3 consecutive episodes of Gossip Girl (ep15,16 & 17 whch i hv abandoned 4 quite a long time) lastnite,i thought of 3 things :

please try to be loyal

1-being a two-timer.
Dan Humphrey for exmple, eventho he's known as a lonely boy in the series,he's never been left alone.he had vanessa,then he had serena,followed by georgia.then he had serena again.n wht i can see from the end of ep17,he's suprisingly having Serena & Rachel!wow!as much as i object to on off r/ship,i'm not a big fan of two-timer also.n talking abt self-experience,being a two-timer is a NO-NO.i had my karma.once (its an ancient story n i regret it but im glad i learnt something frm my mistake). i have faith (strong one) tht love should be one.u can't love any other person than the one that you should love & be loved by you.being a two-timer is WRONG!

even the spoilt F4 value friendship..ehe

2-when Serena declined the offer frm Yale (OMG!!) so tht Blair would get a place, Blair didnt seem appreciate the sacrifice.its not the real situation in the a true bestfriend r/ship, give & take is essential & ignoring one's sacrifice is never in the list.however,Serena's sacrifice is always THE THING in such a r/ship.i remember holding back my feeling to one guy when i found out one of my bestfriends fell for that guy also!its quite painful (at tht time la..ehe) bt i believe (n i still believe) its what a friend for-to make your friend happy :)

3-watching the so-called mean girls being so dependant on Blair looks like a cliche in any drama/movie but its happening in the real world.sometimes we may notice tht one befriends with us only for certain reasons.n when it's too obvious, you can't help it but to get annoyed!

my sleepy niece karmila sofeya

p/s: i just watched Revolutionary Road and i found it too slow for the 1st 40 minutes but the storyline developed after's a heavy movie & requires patience to watch it till the end..ehe.but Leo's acting was good.

Bonus: Lee Min Ho.Kim Joon.Kim Bum.Kim Hyun Joong

Friday, March 13, 2009

Laughing is what I should be doing...Everyday =)

Life is Wonderful (generally...ehe.bcos at times, I think the world is against me). After submitting the legal research & opinion for PP, I feel relieved (you cant imagine how relieved I am right now). So, after having lunch with Kinah at our room & made peace with THE MAKER (I plagiarized my former tutor’s fav term.ehe); I grabbed Ilham’s dvd MONSTER-in-LAW & watched it. One & half hour show was full of laughter and I feel ALIVE! (yeah..after all the stress & insomnia thingy).I know the movie is ancient but it lightened me up...totally.ehe. eventho its storyline was an expected one but the way the director & scriptwriter chose the words should be given an applause. After watching the movie, I sent an sms to Sheh & asking “agak2 ur mom scary x syg?ehe”. SCARY.ehe.And talking abt the cast, Jane Fonda was great. Jennifer Lopez didn’t disappoint me once again (bcos I think she did well in Wedding Planner too).Michael Vartan’s acting was a bit static n predictable (bcos I never fail keeping eyes on him in ALIAS.ehe).plus...I love Jane Fonda’s assistant in the movie...the character suits her well (sometimes you can’t help but to like one’s acting bcos she/he is able to make use of her/his face expression brilliantly) Jane Fonda & her assistant (in the movie) fell into this category.

Besides, I tried to watch an indie movie called Ten Inch Hero in which Jensen Ackles is in it but my laptop couldn’t open it. it’s too bad but nvm..

BUT!i still can't watch boys before flowers via is soOoOo FUNNY.enough said.*benci*

Thursday, March 12, 2009


there are so many things in my head..and most of them pissed me off!

but before that,this is a friendly reminder:
let's spread LOVE!


First & foremost: Services in Malaysia

Last Saturday i went home by bus (i prefer train but it took almost 4 & half - 5 hrs so i chose bus instead). at Puduraya, you should have an idea how poor the service can be. a day earlier (Friday) i called a bus company, asking for the tix & the operator told me tht i could book in advance, so i did. the next morning, around 1030 am i asked the countergirl 4 my tix. that was all the poor services episode started.she gave me the tix n then i gave her a RM50 note but she said she didnt hv any change,so she TOOK BACK the tix frm my hand n returned my money.How RUDE!!do you think i was able to just sit back & smiled?it wasn't me if i i kinda made a scene (who cares!) n walked away;headed to a shop selling newspaper. i took a copy of NST & gave the money.again!.NO CHANGE!omg..what kind of biz they r running on if they dont hv change?well..maybe they don't even know what & where the BANK IS but make an effort!..go to bank dummieee!!!i know its rude to make faces in front of someone at my mom's age but PLEASE! i CANNOT tolerate such poor services.i repeat..CANNOT! spoilt my day(of course!),the day i supposedly to be bright & shine bcos i was heading's irrebuttable that i always at my worst whenever i'm in Pudu.if in the future, i hv power to demolish anything,the first building i'll do is PUDURAYA!

Second:Slow Internet Connection

the second thing screwed me up at this moment is the slow internet connection.generally,Mondays,Tuesdays & Wednesdays are my busy days (no doubt). that's why on almost every Wednesday nights i would surf internet,blogging & watching my fav Boys Before Flowers(i think the production hse should give me any allowance/perks perhaps for promoting the series.ehe). But lately i'm having problems to load the youtube/ frustrating(i mean it). after going through 3 consecutive days with all energy i have, i don't deserve to be treated like THIS!so..i can't watch episodes 18 & 19 tonight..*slapself*

Third: Replacement classes at the wrong time

its ok to be given assignments/draftings but when you are left with no CHOICE but to attend replacement clsses at 1noon/6pm, its just too much.having a make-up cls at 1 noon is a, 6 pm class is too late my dear!!

joon pyo & i are sleepyhead..ehe :D

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm still Mraz-merized!

yes.i'm still Mraz-merized by Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia last wednesday.*scream*
i went to the concert with my friends-Nab,Ilham,Nadiah & was extremely fun!!we sang the songs shouting (of course!).
Jason is simply a great performer.he can sing live perfectly,he can play guitar well,n top of all,he's funny & entertaining!

camera's quality is bad..i know.ehe

i just LOVED when he sang Life is Wonderful..esp this part:

It takes a night to make it dawn
And it takes a day to make you yawn brother
And it takes some old to make you young
It takes some cold to know the sun
It takes the one to have the other

And it takes no time to fall in love
But it takes you years to know what love is
It takes some fears to make you trust
It takes those tears to make it rust
It takes the dust to have it polished

Ha la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle

btw,i have a short footage of Jason Mraz after the concert.the quality is bad(again).ehe :P

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Last Thing

I can’t believe I finally finished reading ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult yesterday. The novel took me almost 1 week to finish, the longest period I ever took (usually I only took a day to finish reading any novel, no matter thick the book was).Assignment & othr commitment were the reasons why I took such a long time. I believe most of the novel readers have read this novel. This novel revolves around Anna’s world who was genetically programmed to be an organ donor for her own sister, Kate who suffers from Leukemia. I love the storyline; I adore the author’s style of writing n I was simply amazed by the issues discussed in the novel (I’m a medical law lover). It discusses on the issue of informed consent and a debate between a quality of life & sanctity of life which are academically good to read. The novel made me laugh, and cry (sadis btol aku ni..ehe) particularly the ending. Fyi, I love one quote most in the novel which reads:”One fire burns out another’s burning. One pain is lessen’d by another’s anguish” by William Shakespeare in Romeo & Juliet. That’s the last novel I read.

p/s:take note!! a movie based on My Sister's Keeper novel will be released on 26 June 2009! Cameron Diaz will be Sara Fitzgerald (the mom) & child actress Abigail Breslin will be Anna Fizgerald.looking forward to watch it!


The last movie I watched is The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. I watched it on Sunday night. I found it boring & dull (sequel movies always turned out to be worse n never better (except X-Men & Bourne (not James Bond eh)..ehe). The jeans (travelling pant) was of course appeared worn out but I can’t see the strong r/ship between the four so-called best But America Ferrera’s acting is one of the kind…she outshined the rest..sorry Blake Lively (u may be the hottie Serena in Gossip Girl but u are nothing but a dull girl in this movie). The movie made me zZZzz.. no star for you!


The last thing I studied was on Bail. I’m not kidding when I say it’s not easy to spend hours reading on one topic alone. Having a cup of Neslo (INDOLO to be exact-a sachet of Indocafe + half sachet of Milo) while studying is a must. Caffeine keeps me alert (at least for 2 hrs.ehe). Thanks to the wonderful playlist I listened to while studying, u saved me!

my fav mug!


The last spot I hang out with my friends was Burger King Karak. Odw to BK, we were talking about how we feel when it is raining (bcos it was raining). Interestingly, everyone was giving different answers. well..those answers are Secrets!ehe :D

my dear friends!