Wednesday, March 25, 2009


when u know the answer & you jot it down in the question paper but you end up answering differently..can it be considered INSANE?i think it can be.bcos it's wht happened to me.yesterday.

i wasnt in the good mood yesterday..after the test.i felt stupid.ignorant & empty.and i kept thinking."what have i done?".my friends Kinah & Herda kept calming me down and told me tht it happened sometimes,maybe my answer will turn out correct (hmm..but i still feel stupid-know the answer & jot it down but answered differently..wht was i thinking???GOD!)

i expressed my worry to Sheh & he gave me an advice whch was a bit harsh but i cant deny its TRUE.very's my mistake & i have to deal with's already a history & i cant rely solely on one test to prove i am insane(hehe).

life must go on (that's wht i keep reminding myself today..mase jalan,makan & borak2 pon masih pk psl hal semlm..aish). tomorrow i hv Jurisprudence test,so goodluck to me.i won't let the same mistake be repeated again.NO MORE.i've hd enough

ok.lets talk abt something FUN.ehe.Boys before Flowers is left with 2 episodes,meaning tht it will end airing nxt week.and it means i will get the full series soon!!haha (credit to Sheh!)this K-drama is extremely Fun-Amusing-Entertaining,so for those who don't hv any idea abt this drama you can google Boys Before/Over Flowers in any search engines (ok?ehe)

next.almost my classes are already wrapped up.for example,i only had one cls (mmg best..ehe).but the bad thing is exam is just around the corner.uhu.i hv a good day today (tq Allah)..i even took pictures with my learned friends.saje2 menggedik.ehe.what else..i'm craving for Creamy Carbonara *yummy* (since last sbb bz sgt..x smpt2 ag mkn..isk)

hafiq & nab

hiasan semata-mata.haha

i'm looking forward to watch the Confession of a Shopaholic!
nway..a brief review on Seven Pounds:

at the beginning,i was wondering..cte ni npe cmni?then the storyline developed..slowly but it gave deeper impact on's a story of a succesful & ambitious man named Tim (Will Smith) who unintentionally caused the death of 7 people (mayb that's why the title given is 7 Pounds) including his beloved wife.after the accident,he can be said to suffer frm depression & extreme guilt which caused him to plan on his own DEATH (SUICIDE).the 3/4 of the story tells us how he chose several ppl (i think 7 ppl) with an intention to assist them (to hv a better life-eg:giving away his hse & donating his organs..uhu).i found it interesting bcos only in the end,i was able to gather all the infos & came to a nice conclusion..ehe.THUMBS UP!

if today is an emotion:

if today is a song:


syasya said...

hye nad. its me sheena. glad to read on ur blog. my leisure activities. love to read people's blog coz every people hav their own minds on each subject. hehe, but i myself dun hav one. maybe i'm not dat good in writing.
good luck on ur test. let's bygone be bygone. let's take value from it.
one of my fren said to me that confession of shopaholic was not dat interesting. but, i'm not watch it yet.
keep update ur blog coz i'll keep reading urs.

[ citapus ] said...

hye sheena!!its been a long time we hvnt met.last time was at ain's wedding rite?btw,tq 4 reading my blog.its my pleasure.but why dont u start ur own blog?it'd be fun!ehe.mayb the movie isn't great as the novel..well,almost all movies-based-novel ended up like tht.ehe.looking 4ward to meet u..btwn april-july will u be in msia?balek umah tok tik mayb? too :)

najlaa said...

nad dear, confession of a shopaholic BEST! aku dah tgk semalam..ahahahaha..luke brandon aku lebih handsome dari yg dibayangkan..arghhhhh!! gile aku..

[ citapus ] said...

best eh??bsok jgak aku ngk..haha.sme laki,laki ko..cheh!ehe

najlaa said...

ahaha..nak bwat cane?? ko amek la sume laki BFF ko tu..adil kan?kan?

[ citapus ] said...

eh.aku xnk sme f4 tu.aku nk goo joon pyo aka lee min ho je.haha.hugh dancy is adorable!(less than min ho of course..ehe).