Friday, January 1, 2010

LMH won the Best Newcomer & Best Couple Award with GHS @ KBS Drama Award 2009

Lee Min Ho was looking cute and polished at the Award :)

Once again, he won the Best Newcomer Award at KBS Drama Award 2009 after winning the same for the first time at Baeksang Award. Couldn't stop giggling watching him in suit.hehe. And luckily, he didn't trip this time.hehehe :D

he was nominated for the Best Newcomer together
with Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, TOP Bigbang & anor actor (can't recall his name.huhu)

he met Yoona SNSD again!hehe :P

upon receiving the Best Newcomer Award, he said this:

My heart is pounding.
When I got a chance to play the lead role in the mini series as a nameless rookie, many people were concerned and worried about the fact.
Nonetheless, much support and backing led me to get through it.
I'd like to appreciate everybody having helped me.
I also want to pay honor to Song Byung Jun(CEO of Eight), Director Jeon Gi Sang, all staffs who had undergone hardship for BOF, and actors.
For having loved and supported me during the year of 2009, I'd like to thank my fans, including MINOZ.
To tell the truth, for the last 13 years, I haven't told my mom that I love her.
I'll say. "Mom, I love you."

p/s: his mom & older sis attended the award as well. love the part when he looked at his mom's direction & said "Mom, I love you" :)

Besides, he also won the Best Couple Award with Goo Hye Sun for BOF, together with couples from My Fair Lady, IRIS & My Perfect Sons. I believe they are the youngest among the couples.hehe

Goo Hye Sun won three awards this year (Congrats!!):
  • 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Novella Drama Excellence Award - Actress (BOF)
  • 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Min Ho in BOF)
  • 2009 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Award - Actress (BOF)

love the part when GHS said something to LMH (i think she thanked him)
while on the stage and Mino smiled brightly.hehe

i can't wait to see more of him in 2010!!!

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