Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is My ultimate TIME!!

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Having 4 days break (i don't hv any class on Fridays;Saturday & Sunday plus one day public holiday-Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day on Monday) is a blessing. I struggled since 2@3 weeks ago with one after one assignment and of course three consecutive tests which obviously blew my head off. I reminded myself to be patient and alhamdlillah, i think i did a very good job (angkat bakul sendiri.hehe).

Except for Friday (bcos i had to print out my Sale & Purchase Agreement n submitted it before 1 noon), i have few things to do during these three days. Thanks to Ilham for giving me an after-heavy workloads reward; I have with me few English series including Gossip Girl (ep 15 until finale) & Brothers & Sisters season 3. I've been following these series since their premiere but at one point, i stopped. And due to my endless disappointment with internet connection as i hardly get to watch Brilliant Legacy & My Fair Lady (maybe i should get myself a broadband; but I prefer to be disappointed than having to pay bills for surfing internet when i'm able to do so for FREE.hehe), i asked Ilham to find the remaining episodes of GG & BAS that i've left for a long time.

Gossip Girl vs Brothers & Sisters

Just to share one unimportant thing with you, I had four slices of Domino's pizza for iftar (breaking fast), and right now I felt lil guilty to my own body; for not being just to it. "i'm sorry BODY". (i'm neither thin, nor tall; so maintaining my standard weight is important for me)

well, I looked at the current votes for the Seoul International Drama Awards (it involves various countries including Taiwan, Korea & Japan) just now, surprisingly the highest vote goes to 4D Prince, Kim Hyun Joong for overseas, korea & japan categories (this is what we call as fans' POWER). I'd like to note here that I'm not anti-KHJ; i rooted for him long time b4 i notice Mino but i'm of the opinion that it's not practical to choose the best actor@actress@drama based on votes. As much as i'm against the voting system in any reality show except in elections/by-elections, i strongly disagree with this idea when it comes to this kind of international drama awards. ss501 (pronounce as double S 501) has countless fans from all over the world and i can understand why KHJ could receive such recognition from ss501's fans (but can i put my opinion into's quite frustrating to see my Mino down in #3 in all categories after taking into account his outstanding acting skill as Joon Pyo in BOF compared to Ji Hoo and as i mentioned earlier, i don't believe in voting system; so in the event Mino will lose the Best Actor award to KHJ, i would take it as his LUCK). Don't get offended by my sincere opinion; because i'm just saying :)
p/s: the Award will be held on September 11

Yesterday, my new roomate, Fatiha browsed through my song collection in my Lappy with a hope she could find any new songs; that's when i realised that i haven't updated my songs for a long long long time.hehe. what i'm having in my possession is only few korean drama ost albums (which of course she's not interested!!). Ilham's external hardisk came as a rescue (thanks for the songs!! altho i'm not really sure they are new or not but i believe most of them sound alien to my ears.hehe). here's a thing; I abandoned my fav English series-GG & BAS (plus Prison Break.sorry Wentworth Miller, i'm moving to Lee Min Ho.hahaha) and at the same time i seem to have rejected any other songs than k-pop (no-lah.i didn't.i'm a universal music lover; i listen to all sort of songs; in few different languages).

speaking of music, ss501 will be in Malaysia soon (i don't know when) for their Asian Tour Persona Concert. i intend to attend the concert and enjoy to my fullest (after having a blast one attending Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia few months ago.hehe). i'm still searching for the ticket price (if any of you happen to know how much does it cost or where can i get the ticket, please inform me via comment/shoutbox)
p/s: there's one local singer i'd like to attend his concert (if there's any) and it's Faizal Tahir (i met him once in OU,but after meeting him, i talked to myself that i should ask him more about his plan esp. concert instead of smiling n taking pics with him (hmm..)

vid time!

Anycall Magic Hole (with auto folder) starred by Lee Min Ho & UEE of After School

last but not least,
31 August 2009
i love you MALAYSIA!!!

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