Wednesday, May 26, 2010

one day to go!

I used to update my bloggy at anytime, be it weekdays/weekends during my Uni days but now, it's hard for me to do so. However, I can't help but to tell the WORLD that I hv one working day to go!! (p/s: for this week.hehe). It's hard to get public holidays in the 1st half of the year, so yipppee for having an off day on Friday!hehe.

3 day-break is NICE! *chota*

ok,let me be honest: this is not a candid!hehe.
but, I was really tired in this pic.getting a nap is surely heaven.huhu

aish. missing my friends so much!!

Be healthy, be happy, be strong!


najlaa haridan said...

i miss the whole bunch of u people!

[ citapus ] said...

hehe. we all do najlaa :)

najlaa haridan said...

takde sape2 ke batch kite nk kawin dlm masa terdekat nie? er..u perhaps? hehehe. aminnnn. *wedding is like reunion for those attending it*

[ citapus ] said...

so far xde plk dgr2 kaba ade org nk kawen.hehe.mayb ko kot najlaa...hehe.aku lom bkn skang.hehe :)