Saturday, May 1, 2010

am struggling!

One after one is dropping their chambering, bt I'm still sticking to my ambition & mission; completing my pupilage period no matter how hard it will be, no matter what it takes. I'm struggling! yes, I am. not with the heavy workloads (so far, i can bear with it) but am struggling with my ownself. People keeps asking me whether or not I did/do apply for government post. The answer is NO. I was fluttered when one staff at my office asking me, "Are you anti-govt?". OH-EM-GEE! no, I'm not. Although I hv my own faith in politics but I never consider myself as an anti-govt! It's just that I want to be an Advocate & Solicitor & not just a Federal counsel/legal officer etc.I want to be admitted to the Bar. And the sole way to make it happen is by completing the 9 month of chambering. Because I always wanted to be a LAWYER. & I mean it literally. However,I'm happy for those who already chosen their paths; dropping chambering is not the END of it. Of course!hehe. To my good friend, Nabilah Nizam ...good luck Chinggu! I know how good you are; hopefully one day we'll meet up at the Honourable Court. And good luck for others (only mention Nab in specific.hehe) Oh! I miss my uni-mates-in bracket-my good friends DAMN so MUCH! Darls...looking forward to meet you all the soonest I can.hehe.

p/s: my fb is turning into an unofficial web of Personal Taste. well, I cant stop myself from uploading the beautiful pics of Gae In & Jin Ho.hehe. And yep, my bf is getting sick of me...hahaha. Sorry dear~

with this little confession & blah blah thing,
I leave you with sweet-Gae In-Jin Ho-moments gifs
and captures (in ep. 9 & 10)
have fun :)


holding hands odw back to Sanggojae :)

sharing the same umbrella & walking in the RAIN! sweet!

cam-whoring!haha. my fav!

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