Thursday, June 24, 2010

i hate when ...

people don't respect others!

i had enquiry with *someone* from the land office today (23 June); regarding two cases. it supposed to begin at 9.30am and another appointment was at 10am. i waited for almost 20min; while vetting through the relevant docs. then a clerk came out and told me this, "your enquiry is at 930 am right?" and i replied, "Yes". Then she continued, "*someone* will only be be here at 10.30am, so it's better for you to go back to your office or maybe you can have your breakfast 1st". stupid. Don't bother about me taking my breakfast; I could eat you by the way!! It's MORNING people! and please..please don't expect me to give a friendly/smiling face to anyone at that moment. You should know how pissed I was. government officers keep giving me this kind of impression so don't ask me again and again why I don't want to be a magistrate/deputy public prosecutor!

dictionary: enquiry is a term used for an investigation conducted before an order for Sale and auction date can be fixed by the land office; normally by assistant district officer(ADO)/DO. different district land office may have different procedures (so far, district of batu pahat,kluang & muar are slightly different)

i know i'm greedy; i want to have my hands on this Lomo cam!

isn't it gorgeous?

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