Thursday, April 30, 2009

haha.its true.i'm not a stalker
eventho i wont deny i do stalk sometimes.ehehe :D

well, staying 24/7 at home does wonder to me actually. at least i can read newspaper everyday,watch the latest news's a good me :D

from my observation, there are few things come to my mind

  • when criminals start committing crimes in the public, without fear, the world is simply no longer a safe place to live in. taking for an example, the murder of a man in a pasar borong, it happened in the public. few men chased after one man with parang etc & they stabbed him to DEATH.omg!what happen to my country right now???

  • Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam??what's that??? Is Shamsul or whatever his name is telling us that by making such a movie, it will cure the social problem among the society??what happen to Rempit etc??i'm pretty sure mat-mat rempit are still out there.logically speaking, social problems can never be cured through this method. if u'r trying to sell your movie by bringing/spicing up the idea of Bohsia, Rempit, Bohjan, Top-up girls and whatever,stop it right now! u r doing nothing but to make them proud by being like one.educate them academically, not by showing off some indecent acts and God knows what thingy.swear to God, i'm sick of this cliche idea!!

  • politics...conspiracy..i'm sick of it already.last election, i did elect for the very first time n if u ask me, what will i choose for the next election..hmm,i think there's a possibility i won't do it again.the reason is simple,because i think all the politicians are least real PLASTIC is :D

  • means there will be lots of those future and newly-wedded couples,Congratulations! may Allah bless your wedding & marriage life :)

  • well, Lee Min Ho is back in Korea, after spending few days in Australia (for works of course). he's getting chubbier, n cutier!ehe. looking forward for his Joon Pyo AFTER SCHOOL's version AFTER STORY's version next week, together with Ji Hoo sunbae.ehe (i've downloaded Yi Jung & Woo Bin's versions.yummy!ehe). thanks to him. at least i have reason to surf internet this often.ehehe :D

recap after he's been slapped by his mom in BOF
he's an eye-candy right?ehe :D

last but not least...


Lord Fiqo said...

each story mesti kene ader the korean guy. haha.

najlaa said...

ahahaha..tht's a good one fiqo! nad yang..kesian kat incik boyfriend kamu..kena share! hihi.

[ citapus ] said...

hafiq: haha.u shud get used to it.i'll b toying with him for a long...long time.ehe
laa: inche bf bg i greenlight..tht's why la..ehe :D

ilham said...

oi bebeh!!...missing u and the rest of the gang oredi....nnti lepas evidence i cum hang out wit u in kluang can or not?

najlaa said...

ilham: aku nk ikuttttttt!!!