Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i to be HOME!

life is just perfect when i'm back at home. i don't have to think what time should i wake up. which cafe should i crash into for lunch. etc. there are countless reasons why
i to be HOME!

this is what i'm doing at home. i'm meditating!ehe

1st update is on talkshows (ehehe.sgt keduniaan.ehe) frankly speaking, i love talkshows!!!i'm practically watching Oprah, Rachael Ray, Ellen DeGeneres & a new talkshow, Park Jung-Hoon Show at #303 (my fav's accurate when my mom said, "she only watch Kbs World when i'm around".ehe). talking of Park Jung Hoon, i 1st watched the show on its debut, couple months ago. it's an interesting show (eventho i can only understand a simple (lil bit) Hangul but thanks to the English translation.ehe); i love his interaction with audiences as well as the guests (i'm hoping in the future, my McDreamy will be on this show..pray..pray.ehe).i never knew Korea has its own World-Class female soprano singer, who's recognized to be one of the best soprano singers in the world (she's performed couple times with Luciano Pavarotti...i wonder why i know him.i must hv been watching tv too much.or maybe surfing internet too much?i don't know.ehe). her voice, MasyaAllah! i'm impressed! of all genres, i never ever like jazz & tenor, but after listening to his singing, i think it makes me calm.weird huh?ehehe :D

2nd! in Malaysia, we have Akademi Fantasia, Mentor, Raja Lawak, One in a Miliion, Bintang RTM, Gangstarz, etc. it proves that we hv tons of reality shows & many malaysians are eager to be an artiste instead of being a lawyer, doctor, engineer, dentist etc. i'm not discriminating but i'm a bit disappointed with this scenario (it's just my personal opinion..don't judge me.ehe). of all reality programmes, i prefer One in a Million (no wonder i like Faizal Tahir!ehe...except for his new he trying to be another RAIN?well,i'm just saying...ehe). i watched the last concert, i think i like Tomok's performance (i hate to say this..bcos i know my friends will reply,"What?Tomok??"ehe.but, to be honest, yes..i think his last performance was much2 better than other contestants. Aweera was a bit off. Esther was so-so. Nine was also so-so. maybe because other contestants' performances were not too good, it made him stood up during the last concert. i might be wrong but like i said, i'm just saying...ehe.

3rd! i'm definitely having BOF withdrawal syndrome.ehehe.a friendly reminder to my cousin, syeena(thnks for reading my blog.ehe);"it may scare you to watch BOF till the end but make sure u'll prepare yourself mentally ok?".ehe. well, from a reliable information that i gathered throughout fangirling (ehehe.i never imagine myself fangirling like what i'm doing right now.ehe), there will be Boys Over Flowers Special on April 28 in which a teaser has come out illustrated that there will be an After School for F4. i'm not sure abt the details but i'm totally waiting for it!

4th! i watched a Levis fansigning event footage which Min Ho attended. im shocked when there's one guy hugged him tightly & Min Ho seems suprised too.ehe.poor him.many fans of him speculating that the guy maybe a gay who's trying to molest my Min Ho!!!!waaa!!'s definitely a sexual harassment.haha.the guy's look is hmm..pervert!oh!my Min Ho must hv been in shock :D

my namja :D

to be continued...


najlaa said...

babe..i hate to say this but aku n hana pon thought that tomok rawks for one in the million COMPARE to othr contestants. i mean..not that we both kipas-susah-mati si tomok tu.but yeah..hard to admit..but he's getting better n good.


syasya said...

huhu..bestnye balek umah...
isk..isk..dah lame x ade cuti pjg..skarang ni sheena paling tidak pon 2minggu je cuti..isk...isk..
jeles.sob3..nak balek =(