Friday, February 27, 2009

Lee Min Ho won the Best New Actor in 45th Baeksang Award! *chukahamnida*

All his hard work is finally paid off!!the award which was ended few hours ago has witnessed how the character of Goo Joon Pyo (in kgotboda namja) has turned Lee Min Ho into a big star!(eventho the drama is still airing)

22-year old Lee Min Ho

hottie perm-haired Goo Joon Pyo

Kim Hyun Joong (Ji Hoo in Kgotboda namja) won the Popularity seems that the Kgotboda Namja is ruling Korea!ehe :D

F4-Lee Min Ho.Kim Bum.Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Joon
they are truly friends!

  • hmm...i think being a student,u can never escape frm workloads.after submit one assgmnet,anor will be assigned to never stop!that's what happen to me right body is literally & technically exhausted!bt bcos i'm used to sleep late completing the works,i can hardly sleep early if i hv a chance to do so (insomniac maybe?) i don't know...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Think Less & Love Your Life More!

I always believe that I have some talents & skills that can help me create the life that I dream. But the question is whether I have the ability to change my attitude towards my life so that I feel worthy whenever I choose my own path. The answer is, of course I do you. It is in fact simple, effective & once we start doing it, we will feel better immediately.

Here are the tricks! Enjoy!!

1) Take charge of our thought

On many occasions, people were telling me that I look unfriendly but once they know me, they start considering that I am in fact friendlier (it’s awfully true that we tend to judge the book by its cover…I do sometimes too...hehe). But I always remind myself to stop thinking about what others r thinking of me & learn to trust in my very own judgment. This is because there is no one shall know you better than yourself.

2) Give ourselves a break

Bear in mind that once our happier thinking style becomes a habit, our worries will start to lose their power on our life. In other words, be a positive thinker is very important. For example, after having a tough day/week (after tests, assignments), I always treated myself by means of entertainment. It is common to see me hanging out with my close friends (if I’m in uni) or siblings (we are one entity-cannot be separated. never) and yes...I consider being with friends& siblings as part & parcel of my entertainment interest), watching the latest Korean series (Wednesdays are my K-Day & luckily I don’t have any tutorial classes on Thursdays & Fridays) & many more :)

this pic was taken an hour ago.after professional practice test.sembang2 kosong ngn kinah,herda,nab & shafrin.

3) Look for the good in everything

If a child is given an ice cream, she/he may think that the ice cream is yummy. But his/her mother on contrary may think that the ice cream may cause tooth decay. This example shows that how people look in something varies. The best thing for us to change our attitude towards our lives is by looking for the good in everything even though the beauty lies on the eyes of beholder :)

4) Switch your mind off

Stop spending to much time & energy on worrying unnecessary things (I always do...hehe). But seriously, this won’t do any good to us esp. when we can’t forget about the past. Always remind ourselves that we can’t change the past so getting hung up about these things is a waste of time. Live in the present. This is what matters.

Extra: Happiness Boosters! Try these…

  • 1) Sing LOUD with a song you love; esp. in the car (my fav!!)
  • 2) Go to your fav restaurant, café, mamak stall & have your must-have meal!
  • 3) Watch the light-hearted movies/series with bunch of CRAZY friends!! p/s: for the time being...boys before flowers are my ecstasy!!it boosts my happiness :D

extra: since last saturday until few hours ago,i was under stress & felt all the world was against me.thank God everything is now back to the normal,i'm relieved.phew~

Friday, February 20, 2009

thank God it's already Friday.i have to make benefit of this weekends.prepare for PIL assignment,correct CP & PP draftings & revise for tests.enough.i should avoid complaining too much on my workloads.hehe :D

btw,i came across an article in the Star few weeks talked about 1st Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon which will be held from 19 - 22 March.soon!i'm not so sure whether it is only a sort of exhibition but i'm dying to fly!! it's one of my dreams-to be on the balloon..wahhh!!(da stat berangan da).haha :D here's the web..u can take a look

those balloons are beautiful right?can't wait to see them flying in Malaysia.uhu.

and speaking of series,i can't recall the last time i watched prison break & gossip girl.i must say the korean series are giving greater impact on me..hihi.Lee Min Ho, the star in BBF is one in a million & since the 1st episode,his fame is increasing & i'm sure his pocket is getting thicker..ehe.bcos as far as i know,he's now endorsed by many top companies-Levis,LG Celcom (among others). he should be grateful to be chosen as a part & parcel of BFF & i'm glad someone who is so talented & good looking (obviously!) has achieved something after few years trying hard to reach at this level. 축하 Lee Min Ho!- the Hangul means congratulation..i looked up on google :)


Thursday, February 19, 2009

can i buy your time?

time is gold.check!time is precious.check!

my concern right now is the TIME.yesterday..after few days,i finally had time to surf net & watch BBF ep 13 & 14 (the 2 eps were heartbreaking~),but that's not the worst part bcos i hv 3 tests in a row -PIL,PP & workloads!!believe it or not,i have to schedule everything including when should i do the personal thingy etc.on top of these,my sleeping time is more inconsistent than usual (5 hours of sleep is actually a HEAVEN!)

but..its a good thing when i started to value TIME more than i did before. instead of getting killed by the time,i'm sure i can kill time :P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

4th anniversary-16feb 09

we may differ in personality but we never failed to laugh & cry together over the ups & downs throughout these 4 years.i'm thankful my prayer has been answered;
i found you.
thank you Allah :)

p/s: this post is solely dedicated to sheh ariff :0

Thursday, February 12, 2009

it is LOVE
as long as we are standing at a same place & looking for a same thing

i just watched ep. 11 & 12 of Boys Before Flowers!!arghhh!!the ending is killing me.really.what will happen to Joonpyo & Jandi's r/shp?since last december, mondays & tuesdays are always welcomed(bcos this drama airs twice a week in korea).hmmm..the fact that i'm still struggling on CP for this friday,this marvellous;smexy drama (plus lee min-ho) are the only things that keep me alive :)

about Civil Procedure, i need to restudy the topic of Parties bcos i find it a lil confusing esp intervener & interpleader parts.ehehe.*sigh*one thing for sure, studying on the procedural law is time-consuming (for me!) :D

p/s: i'm a social person,so studying alone won't do me any good(justified!!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

someone is mad at me..u know who u are.i'm sorry :(

Monday, February 9, 2009 walking in a world of colour..ehe.
1st of all..i'd like to wish all the Hindus happy Thaipusam!!(eventho my watch shows 1231am-9/2/09..'better late than never' is applicable.hihi) luckily,monday is holiday,so here i am..surfing internet,fangirling,looking for something smexxy! etc(wasting time after spending few hours studying Civil Procedure and reading the case of PP v Mohamed Ibrahim) i woke up quite early today(hihi..normal la kan..its sunday btw) n kinah(my roomate) n i had our lunch earlier.ilham (anor roomate) is still working on her busy routine..poor ilham..i feel sorry for her :(
around 2pm,jee (my ex-roomate) dropped by with her baby..Raid Harith.he's so cute(thnks to the inherited mixed-blood.hehe)..bubbly as always.holding him made me feel like i should have one asap(hahaha :D). i think its natural for a 23 year old woman (erkk..) to feel that way...isn't it?hehe.

he has black hair,grey coloured eyes,fair skin

what a pretty boy!

next week & the following week will be the killer weeks.i'll be struggling for civil procedure test,followed by evidence & jurisprudence test.phew~ i miss my parents called me yesterday(i wish i was at home),n i called my younger sis who's studying in utp yestersay & i even called my youngest sis who's currently serving her 3months PLKN younger bro?mayb i'll call him 2mrw..cukup quorum

btw,our current political scenario is pretty crazy rite?speaking of it,party-hopping isn't a new has been an issue in malaysia since last decades.frankly speaking..i agree with the proposal to enact new law relating to it PR(pakatan rakyat)/Bn components..the politicians should be realistic,matured and stop being clueless.the citizens have faith in them and that's why we chose and voted for them.majority of Malaysians voted the last election candidates based on the party,unlike me..(cos i'm supporting individuals rather than party).so,it will be unjust for the citizens if the politicians hop into anor party.i must say that our political system is weaker than i offence

Friday, February 6, 2009

happy Weekend!

the recaps for this whole weekdays :
  • 2/2/09-i forgot to bring the brown file to be submitted together with the Professional Practice legal research but thnx to Hafiq for getting me one.i owe u hafiq!
  • 3/2/09-i (almost) entered into gents in Aikol!lucky enough,Ena shouted at me before i stepped into it.phew~

  • 4/2/09-spending almost 3 hours watching Boys Before Flowers (ep9 & 10).of course i was melting.haha ;D
  • 5/2/09-my bf and i went for a drive (after the class) with a sole intention-to buy the Jason Mraz's tix.We went to Cheras Leisure Mall,Midvalley & the Curve but we failed to get ours cos the Rock Corner which supposedly selling the tix was closed for a day(and why must it be 5/2/09?).
  • then we went to the Ichiban Ramen(japanese restaurant at the Curve) but one staff told us they were closing(it was 920pm),then we walked to IKEA;hoping that we could have the delicious meatballs and turned out to be the same.they were CLOSING!(935pm).Sheh was craving for fresh fish,so we went back to the Curve n went straight to the Manhattan Fish Market(the waiter said only grilled dishes were available..arghhh!!).i started having headache while Sheh was starving(kesian dea..hihi).we told ourselves,it's ok.we can have,we had our dinner-supper at A&W(hmm..)
  • 6/2/09-civil procedure (CP) mass lecture was a mess!!1st-the time (from 5pm-630pm).2nd-the lecturer.hmmm..i dont want to explain further..dpt dosa je nnt.hihi ;D
  • 7/2/09-its kinda relieved when weekend comes.BECAUSE there is no class(of course).no yawning(we can get up late!).no 1 hour brunch(breakfast+lunch).no burden on the shoulder(the law books,statutes are killing me!).n no stress(!!!).haha :D
  • btw, hows my blog?is it better?i customized it;to show the brighter side of ME.i still can't get enough of Lee Min-ho & Boys before flowers (it's not my fault!haha ;D)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

how to get back on track?

after 2 consecutive nights staying up watching the BBF (boys before flowers) & the new McDreamy Lee Min-ho with my good friends, i really (really 10000x) have to get back on track.hehe.i have many datelines in a row and right now,i'm trying to complete the workload asap,eventhough only one of them needs to be submitted tomorrow (professional practice Legal Research).thanks to the law books,internet and the library for helping me out.hehe.this morning when i looked at myself in the mirror,my eyebags are now even worse.waaaaaaaaa!!ok,enough for now.i have works to be taken care of :)

Quote of the Day:

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
Eleanor Roosevelt