Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quick & Short Update: Personal Taste's Farewell Party

well, PT is over. Many fans are suffering from its withdrawal, including me :(

But, thank God pics from Pt's farewell party are practically heaven~ as compared to BOF which was a way lesser. And compared to BOF, i do love most of PT's characters.huhu.
But no matter what it is,
BOF is still strong in my heart;
because of BOF i got to know Mino better :D

In PT, i love (surely) :
Jun Jin Ho, Park Gae In, Sang Joon, Yong Sun,
Director Choi
& also Chang Ryul
(altho sumtimes he's a pain in the ass.haha).

stylish Kim Ji Suk. like him!

I'm disappointed with Tae Hoon (ehem..sorry Seulong fans. i like his voice but he needs time to be a good actor), and the orange girl (altho i think she's cute but her look outshined her acting skills.huhu).

i think Chang Ryul's father is so-so (it's awkward at first watching him acting the evil side) but it's definitely a good try though.hehe. Wang Ji Hye (aka shameless In Hye) brought the character perfectly!
If there exists so many antis, it means she's good.

Mino perfected character of Jun Jin Ho!
He's cold but he still has his warmth. Eye expressions are priceless! woot! i'm loving it! I love when Mino cries (erk.hehe), because i found him more charming. Love it when Jin Ho & Gae In get envious of each other. It'd make us feel the same.hehe.

Son Ye Jin as I expected, is a great actress! Love her in most of her dramas except Summer Scent (i dun know why.hehe). In certain scenes, I noticed the age difference but maybe she's friendly (as Mino said in few interviews), so they do have a great chemistry.Cute couple! and thanks to the age difference, I feel it's much easier for Mino to take part in the so-called romantic scenes *ehem*.hehe.

Mino returns to cheeky Lee Min Ho & no longer Jun Jin Ho

wahh! I miss his Mr. bodyguard. it's been ages!

I'm writing this brief update in advance. I'm afraid i don't have enough time to write a proper & full Personal Taste review
(like I did for BOF last year.pls click here).
I have lots to comment, but as you already understood,
24hours seems not enough :(
For now, hope you enjoy it!

p/s: Credit as tagged (esp. KimSocool & Rabbit)

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