Friday, July 30, 2010

26-31 July

been busy for days.
ethics course.check
ethics exam.check
dinner with Honourable Judge.check
monthly reports.check

i guess, this weekend will solely be MINE. no interruption.
if i can switch off my hp for two days,
i would do it (but i can't.duhh.hehe).

am grateful with what I have right now, altho at times i can't deny I showed my rebellious side. I can't help it. But as I work day by day, there are few things I learnt by heart and let them buried with me. the experience is priceless; legal theories that I learnt in law school is nothing to compare with legal practice. it reminds me of my professional practice lecturer who always reminded us to at least complete our chambering; regardless in what field we'd like to be a part of it. my Master's method is to let me learning from others; for example, on my very 1st day at Magistrate Court i.e. after getting my short call, I went to Court by myself, observing other lawyers and the Court's interpreter being a very understanding person allowed me to conduct the cases after few lawyers did. and so did the Registrar at one High Court; it was my 1st time appearing in chamber in High Court for Summons For Direction (SFD) hearing; she did the same thing, she let senior lawyers did before allowing me to conduct the hearing. It may look immaterial and many won't appreciate those aids but I really appreciate them. My Master is true, that we can only learn if we do it. Slowly, it becomes easy and we no longer have fear to appear before anyone. Kamsahamnida!!

(master: is a term used for a person-in-charge of pupil/chambering student. in 9mnths time we are under supervision of a Master and he/she must have at least 7 yrs standing of practice)

Let's move to pictures
(am an avid fan of photography if you noticed.hehe)

on the last day of 2-day ethics course in Johor Bahru, we had a Dinner with one Honourable Judge and the Johore Bar committees at Grand Blue Wave Hotel. We need to be there at 7.00pm sharp; and in order to avoid traffic congestion, we arrived much earlier. thank God the hotel is situated opposite of beach (Stulang). Enjoyed eating Rojak Petis (and due to my oral ulcer, i ate it with my tears falling down.hehe). honestly, the dinner was not something I anticipated; due to fatigue and the fact that I had to be an early riser for days (which I hate so muchh!!) but glad the dinner brought us (Johorean chambering students) together.

It's already 12.30am (Saturday/31 July), Mino arrived safely in Singapore for LG event. am envious of S'poreans; Mino had held his fanmeeting three times including this time. I wish I can go/attend the event but financial and time wise, it's not worth it. I'm not saying it's not worth it going to S'pore, it just that I don't think I'm willing to spend my pennies for that event. I have a bigger plan and am sure it'll be worth-planning. So,let's save for the BEST.haha :p

Mino before his departure to Singapore. nice HAIRDO! :)

Mino arrived in S'pore!!!!!!!!!
Am not sure how many times did I mention this; i love TRUGEN and Trugen S+ the most (among all Mino's endorsement products). Trugen pics never let me down.
I got excited everytime I saw them.hehe

Mino and his pet, Choco (he posted the pics via twitter)
look at his LONG legs.phew~

I'm watching the Baker King aka Baker King Kim Takgu @ #303 and I'm loving it!
Actor Yoon Shi Yoon (High Kick) is officially added into
my promising actors list.hehe. I recommend this k-drama :)

it's been ages I haven't uploaded any vid.huu~
Jangin Furniture CF by Lee Min Ho (cute!)

HAVE A FUN WEEKEND!! take care :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


am not talking about Mino this time ppl, am talking about me.hee~

I have ethics course on Monday (26july) and 3 hrs written exam on the next day. at night, I'll be having dinner with judges & Johore Bar members. and of course I have to work on Wednesday. Tonnes of works would definitely be waiting for me. *I'm not complaining*. and one more thing, I'm scheduled off to Kuantan, Pahang on Friday (30july) for a meeting with my master. I know I may experience lots of new things but I'm also sure I'll be dead meat once the scheduled things done. seriously!
my back aches; I have oral ulcer which makes me difficult to talk, eat; I have few monthly reports to take care of before end of the month; but they don't stop me from thinking about
Mino coming to Singapore this 31july2010!!!

and Mino, stop praising about Sg's chilly crab!! arghhh!!~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Twitter craziness!

uri Mino slept late

in this century, it's easy to be a real stalker. All you need to have is facebook/twitter
(including me) haha :D

well, look at him! he's really good at it(twitter)!hee ;)

what a handsome guy he is!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

say NO to Mondays!!

as much i always hoped Mondays won't come during my uni life, i hope they don't now!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

No short skirts for Lee Min Ho’s girl

Recently named one of Korea’s 20 Hottest Male Celebs by CNN, actor Lee Min Ho was interviewed by MBC’s Section TV on the set of a photoshoot.

During this interview, he revealed that he was rather conservative. He stated,

I have an older sister and I don’t really like it when she wears short skirts. Even with any girls that have some sort of relation with me, even though they are my friends, I nag at them if they wear short skirts.

Section TV asked Lee Min Ho what he wanted for his birthday present and he confessed that he wanted a girlfriend. They also asked him if he would date one of his fans if he found that she was his ideal type. He responded,
“Of course, because when it comes to love you never know where or how it’ll happen.”


comment: i must say that i him even more now! he's such a GENTLEMAN! i want a brother like him, or a friend like him! because honestly speaking, i really hate when boyfriends, fiancees and husbands do not bother how their women/girls dress up. putting right attire is very important and i always say NO to mini skirts! prevention is better than cure, remember? his statement also means all SNSD members are out of his list and the rest who aren't wearing mini skirts have a chance!hee~

another article

Lee Min Ho told that he is very conservative and can’t stand women wearing short skirts.

Through an entertainment TV show, Lee Min Ho revealed that he is very conservative and told, “I don’t like it when my older sister wears a short skirt. I say not to wear a short skirt to all girls that have a some sort of a relationship with me including my friends.”

Additionally, he told that he wanted to have a girlfriend for his birthday present and that he could go out with a fan if she is his type. He also talked about his bed scene experience with Son Ye Jin in Personal Preference. He said that she led him during the bed scene since Son Ye Jin had many experiences in them.


comment: omo! he could go out with a fan if she is his type?? is he kidding me?? COUNT ME IN mino!!haha :D i can't stop grinning & giggling ♪♫♪♫♪ *this is really a fan's imagination*

the cute side of Lee Min Ho :p

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

9 to 6

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

even a successful basketball player experienced failure, so why can't I? This is what I'm thinking. Yes, at times I feel dissatisfied with what I've done; but later I kept reminding myself that
IT'S FINE. i can try and keep trying to succeed. no biggie ppl!

as soon as I started my chambering period, i tried my best to capture unforgettable moments.
let me tell you the significance of me putting up these pics:-

this is what my study table (and now my work station) looks like whenever the busy mode turned on. maybe for some people, they might think i try to show off how busy I am/was but that's not really my intention. This is how I work. I love keeping my things in order but sometimes, esp. during exam period, my table would look like this (almost all the time). and once i finished one paper, things would back to normal; well-organized. and btw, can you see the ROXY price tag? collecting ROXY price tags is one of my hobbies. i won't throw them away.

when I looked for a laptop 5 years ago, I didn't have any specification in mind. Based on my budget at that time and suggestion from Sheh, I bought this NEC Versa E6200. Since then, she is my DARLING. and I have no complaint about her!

my favourite breakfast. people who knows me well, would know that I'm a big fan of Sausage McMuffin Mcd! i had my brunch today.



one of my fav Mino's close-up pics!

uri Mino & children :)
they are sOoo LUCKY!

remember this girl?
the one who had a crush on Goo Joo Pyo jr in BOF.hehe~

this girl met Mino in a barber shop.arghh!

my fav child actor! Goo Joon Pyo jr.
He is super cute!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Start

4 July 2010, Saturday, 12.45 noon

My youngest sister departed from Senai airport to Kuching, Sarawak (together with my parents & a grandpa) for a new start; say as a Uni student.

The fact that she's entering Uni would definitely make my parents feel relieved;
because she's the BABY.


My advice: enjoy the Uni life; but make sure you'll succeed in whatever you do. Create your own momentum!

it's toblerone time!

btw, i met Messi!haha :D