Sunday, July 25, 2010


am not talking about Mino this time ppl, am talking about me.hee~

I have ethics course on Monday (26july) and 3 hrs written exam on the next day. at night, I'll be having dinner with judges & Johore Bar members. and of course I have to work on Wednesday. Tonnes of works would definitely be waiting for me. *I'm not complaining*. and one more thing, I'm scheduled off to Kuantan, Pahang on Friday (30july) for a meeting with my master. I know I may experience lots of new things but I'm also sure I'll be dead meat once the scheduled things done. seriously!
my back aches; I have oral ulcer which makes me difficult to talk, eat; I have few monthly reports to take care of before end of the month; but they don't stop me from thinking about
Mino coming to Singapore this 31july2010!!!

and Mino, stop praising about Sg's chilly crab!! arghhh!!~

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