Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh!! Mino-sshi (Lee Min Ho Special)

As I can remember, the last time I fangirled like a real stalker was more than 10 years ago.ehe. I'm sure you do know that the late 1990s was the good old days of Backstreet Boys and like most girls (of my age.ehe), I was one of their die hard fans. And I never thought fangirling becomes my thingy again after few years have passed.

the first time I noticed him.ehe
(it reminds me of my friend who knew exactly when she fell for Cristiano Ronaldo.ehe)

I noticed Lee Min Ho (born on June 22, 1987) for the first time before 'Goo Joon Pyo fever' in a famous Korean variety show called The Star Golden Bell Challenge last year. At a glance, he stood out among the participants (handsome maa...ehe) and I thought he's not a pure korean (like Dennis Oh & Daniel Henney). Few months after that, news on the production of korean version Hana Yori Dango (a popular japanese manga) called Kgotboda Namja aka Boys Over Flowers spread widely even before October (the casts were confirmed in October 08) and of course as a K-drama fan, I knew about it earlier. After the end of the low rated Worlds Within (starred by Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin), Boys Over Flowers started airing.

with fellow F4

Eventhough the drama was highly anticipated in Korea, I didn't plan to watch it at the first place (because I can be very determined when it comes to K-Drama + I was very busy with heavy workloads last semester) but later I ACCIDENTALLY watched it.ehe. One episode to another and it became my sudden obsession to the extent that I HAD to watch it online every Wednesdays on (it aired every Mondays and Tuesdays, but the English subtitles only came out on Wednesdays. And due to that, I had to finish all my workloads earlier in the daytime so that I could watch it peacefully. Well, I guess it's a good thing though.ehe). Since then, Wednesdays became what I called as my K-Day.ehe. Thanks to the super hit drama, I fell for the talented hottie mcDreamy Mino.ehe (Mino is his nickname). The character of a rowdy and eccentric *chaebol* Goo Joon Pyo dominated Korea (I'm talking about South Korea) and it becomes a phenomenon until today. Lee Min Ho's popularity is rising endlessly since Boys Over Flowers. During the early of the show, media referred him as an overnight star but they are wrong. This is because it wasn't his debut (he debuted in The Secretive Campus; he also starred in tv dramas Run Mackerel, I Am a Teacher, Though I Don't Know Either, movies Our School ET and Public Enemy Return but he wasn't popular as he is now. His outstanding acting and I'd say crazy and breathless drama shooting were paid off when he won the Best New Actor in Baeksang Award (most casts and crews lost 6-8 kgs included Mino and he only slept maximum of 2 hours during the fiming). The viewing rates were consistently high and it ended successfully. After BOF, Mino keeps busy like a bee, until today. His schedule is out in the open that he has no personal time until this June (it's a known fact to his fans that he will be receiving a surgery in June to remove the metal rods implanted on his knee and right leg due to a car accident with his best friend, actor Jung II Woo (who starred in Iljimae Return) in 2006 and there will be the first international fan meeting in Seoul to celebrate his 23rd birthday (he's 22 but in Korean/lunar age he's 23).

with his BFF, Jung II Woo, another korean pretty boy

He is obviously a hot commodity in Korea and whatever he touches will turn into gold. He is now a product model of many brands eg Levi Straus Signature, Trugen, Cadillac CTS, Etude House, Dunkin Donut, Market O, Cass Beer, LG Telecom Teennring, Pepsi Nex, Samsung Anycall Haptic etc.

the same face for different products

And like other A-list celebrities, he can't escape from rumours and anti-comments. Some of them are really absurd. It's a good thing that many praised him for his acting, ability to grasp the character of Goo Joon Pyo effectively and his unquestionably popularity but some of them are too harsh and inhumane that I think no one can endure with those groundless speculations. The frankness that Mino has was misused by certain people for their own interests and I think it's not fair for him. Is it wrong for a young man who has all it takes to be the Perfect Man? No, it's not. It's what we call as gifted. But, it's a reality when someone is loved, he or she can also be loathed. In this world, the Hollywood, Bollywood and now Hallyu (korean wave) stars' privacy are at stake and media seems to ignore the fact that they are still human (no wonder many korean stars committed suicide). In the Vogue Girl interview, he was asked about it.

He answered,
"It's not burdening me much but sometimes I am surprised. My trivial routine is exposed and they are on the news. That bothers me. It makes me feel the human Lee Min Ho has disappeared".

Despite of his passion in acting, he is also a student in Seoul's Konkuk University in cinema major but due to his hectic schedules, he's on a study leave. In an interview, he said that he misses studying (i miss studying too...haha) and he hopes he can continue his studies asap (100% true that education is very important)

The latest updates on him:

He is replacing Kim Bum as a new worker in Anycall. *kiopta*.ehe

Haptic Mission Season 2 has begun with more fun than Season 1 because Mino is in! (he is known as a bubbly person). Anycall is a telecommunication company in Korea and I really love its idea in bringing their product models to work in the company. Their working experiences were recorded and I can't deny that it's fun to watch them working under the same roof and the fact that they tend to work awkwardly, makes it a must-see vid!ehe (you can watch the full episodes on youtube.just type Haptic Mission). You can watch Hyun Joong (the leader of ss501) making a coffee errand for his co-workers, Kim Joon (T-Max member) photocopying books, Son Dambi (a singer) collecting money from her co-workers for staff's birthday party and Lee Min Ho (Mr. Popular) going from one shop to another choosing clothes by himself to be used for a Haptic Mission.

ANYCALL's star workers are
Kim Hyun Joong, Son Dambi (what a lucky girl.huhu), Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon

This is an intro vid of Mino as a new worker in Anycall plus Haptic Mission Season 2
(I posted an intro vid of Haptic Mission Season 1 earlier). One of their missions in Season 2 is to arrange a photoshoot introducing their products. The mission divided into two groups, Hyun Joong and Dambi, and Mino and Kim Joon.

Hyun Joong & Dambi vs Min Ho & Kim Joon

Working hard on their project

Among photos produced by Mino-Joon team

Mino is recently on cover of two famous magazines in Korea namely The Singles and Vogue Girl. All photos in the former were taken in Australia and the latter in London. Below are only few of them.

credit to

credit to

F4 Special Edition album has been released (for the record: besides this album, there are two soundtrack albums for Boys Over Flowers instead of one due to the high demand by the fans). There are songs by T-Max (Kim Joon), ss501 (Kim Hyun Joong), Kim Bum and one ballad song sung by Lee Min Ho titled My Everything in F4 Special Edition.

Kgotboda Namja has been introduced to Japan (the hometown of the manga) in April. I'm not sure whether it's well received there or not (because they have their own version-Hana Yori Dango) but I'm sure they won't resist the korean F4.ehe.

F4 in black and white in Japan

LEE MIN HO! fighting!!!

::click on the pics for larger view::

Friday, May 22, 2009

Life is a drama. Love is a timing.

Life is a Drama. Love is a Timing
I saw the above phrases on the last episode of Again, My Love on Kbs World
and i feel like to quote them here.ehe :D

Someone called me last two days and told me about a super huge XXL surprising news. And it's a relief that it's a good news.ehe. At this moment, I can't share with you what the good news is (I have to zip up my mouth for at least two months.ehe). All I can say to John Doe or Jane Doe (this is what happens when I try to be secretive.ehe) is that i'm happy for you!!! very very very 1000x happy!!! You are one of the warmest person I ever met, and I'm glad Allah has bestowed all good things upon you. Thank You ALLAH for making my friend happy :)

this is a friendly reminder:
because you will make others happy by smiling

so, don't forget to SMILE ok!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I took a quiz (in Cleo May edition) called How Positive Are You?. check it out.ehe

First question (starting question): Look at the chocolate bar. If it were yours, would you think, "Oh good! Half left!" or "Damn, it's nearly all gone"?
I answered Oh Good! (because choc is sweet, and I don't have a sweet,the quicker it's gone, the better.ehe)
Second question: If your friend is in a bad mood, do you wonder if it's because you've upset her?
I answered No (maybe I'm too positive?ehe.but i hope they won't be upset because of me)
Third question: Have you laughed about anything in the last hour?
I answered No (there's nothing to laugh about.ehe)
Last question: Your boyfriend of one month tells you that he loves you. Do you believe him?
I answered No (i take seriously the phrase of "I Love You".one month relationship is too soon to believe on this)
From answering these questions, the result to the question of How Postive Are You?
is ALMOST FULL. gamsahamida!ehe :)

I think it's true that I'm not fully positive. Well, speaking of it, I'm on my 3-month break and that means i have more-than-you-can-imagine free time.ehe. It's quite impossible for me to not think about the memories and my future. I'm 23 (although most women always hesitate to reveal their age, I'm positive to say it loud and I think other women should be positive about their age and count their age correctly and shouldn't stop counting at certain age, otherwise people may think you are a mathematics illiterate.ehe. Women! Don't be afraid of ageing because we are not Benjamin Button.ehe) As time had flown by, I experienced many things. Bad and good. Sweet and bitter. Thanks for the memories, they make me feel ALIVE. Up until now, I went through few phases in my life.

Living as a teenager was a wonderful memories to forget
and it will remain forever in my heart

In this phase, I met many wonderful people such as my besties, good friends, tuition friends, camping friends, hiking friends etc and i met different types of guys in my love-life drama.ehe. Meeting them makes me positive on what type of guys I should live my life with for a long term. And when I think about the memories, I do realize that no one is perfect. I was at my worst when someone betrayed me but I believed and still do that things happen for a reason. That was a period when I found my TRUE friends. My besties brought back my positiveness. I never express this to them; "my dear powerpuff girls, thanks for the support and love; my broken heart healed after few years because you guys never gave up that I would move on and that I deserve a way better person". OMG, miss them so much.phew. My positiveness's shaken once again when the backstabbers came into picture. Backstabbing and badmouthing are not my things in friendship, so I always expect the same from my friends. Too bad there were few of them who didn't appreciate friendship like i do. I don't care if I can be labelled as positive or negative but I cannot change the fact that I'm not one of a kind who can easily forgive and forget, particularly backstabbers. They left me with a deep scar and it's quite impossible to let them go without any retaliation. One thing for sure, I have my own way to get rid of those from my life.

Because I'm not a NICE person
when it comes to this issue

FUTURE is scary.ehe :D

Career, personal life, goals, dreams and many more. The big questions like "who am I in the next five years?", "how far can i go in the legal profession?", "when shall i get married?", "can i be a responsible daughter?" etc are haunting me, that I can't stop thinking about them sometimes. It's even scarier when i think that I'll be graduating in few months. Well, I can't deny the fact that I'm sick when people asking me; whether I have started working or not esp. among relatives and on friendster ( the profile.everything's written there!) I'm still studying and there are still lots of things to learn and I hope I will do well in the future.

In addition, people (random friends) often asked me
about my plan in getting married

The question really gives me a pain.ehehe. But don't get me wrong, I do want to get married but honestly, I don't have any specific plan for that. My two cousins married in their early 20s; after graduation and got a good job so I'd say it's a burden sometimes.ehe. Maybe it is too soon for me to think about it. I'm not being negative but I don't think I'm ready for it because marriage is about two people, plus two families and plus two different worlds. It definitely requires lots of sacrifice and high understanding. I'm not fully up to that (yet) but insyaAllah, after few years I will marry the man of my life.ehe. Just wait and see. *winks*.haha

happiness on the GO!


Do you know that taking a 20-minute nap eight hours after you wake up will do more wonders for you than snoozing another 20 minutes when you get up?'s a new discovery for me.ehe

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love is boundless. And its scope is extremely wide. Love can be divided to love to God, love to family, love to lover, love to oneself, love to friends, love to the country, love to the world etc. I do believe in love. And I hope you do. Because life is too short; that we have no tomorrow to be wasted.

Love to God. It’s the ultimate love. I believe that everyone should have faith in God regardless religions. Believing in God makes us feel secured. We should have faith in something to rely upon so that no matter difficult the life would be, we have the best reason to move on. And if you do not believe in any belief, I think you should seek one. Because believing in something or in one entity is extremely important in our life.

Love to family. Mother, father, siblings; they bring us happiness. And honestly, they are the most wonderful persons I ever had. And remember, whatever we do, we must bear in mind that family should be given the priority. Without family, we are nothing. So, it’s the best for us to keep a good relationship with our family. Alhamdulillah I’m glad I have a close and harmonious family.

Love to lover. I have faith that it’s a treasure. We never know how long it will last. A couple may break up. Husband and wife may split. It’s a sacred secret that only God knows about it. That’s why I call it a treasure. Seeking love in one relationship is like a treasure hunt. We never know the result. Whether the treasure will be money, gold or trash; we never know. But it needs to be reasonable. You cannot give your whole heart to somebody because it may leave you in pain.

Because of that, it’s important to have love to oneself. It’s a must. Anything we do, we should bear in mind that we should love ourselves. It does not mean we have to be selfish. And it doesn’t mean we have to ignore other people surrounding us. All we need is to be conscious that we should love ourselves more than anyone else, so that we won’t regret later.

Love to friends. Friendship is something I cannot get rid of from my life. Friends make me happy and they complete me. Frankly I’m not that friendly but I can be one if I meet someone whom I can get along with. But we have to be careful in choosing friends.

Love to the country. Patriotism is one of the best qualities that we should have. We must be proud of our country; regardless political ideology. I won’t hesitate to say it loud that Saya Anak Malaysia!

Love to the world. It includes the society and the environment. Speaking of society, we have to be attentive to our society. Respect your neighbours and others. As for environment, let’s go GREEN!

Talking about LOVE, I’d like to wish all mothers in this world Happy Mother’s Day!!

“I grew up well and thanks to you. And I love you so much mom!!”

extra: selca: Lee Min Ho & Song Hye Kyo

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beautiful Life

This post will be quite long.ehe. Because it’s been few days I didn’t post any. So, here we go.


I just finished watching Japanese series titled Kurosagi. I think it was produced in 2006 (it’s quite outdated but because my sister recommended it, I didn’t mind watching it). Frankly, I’m not that enthusiastic when it comes to Japanese series unlike korean (except one of my favourite series; Beautiful Life starred by Takuya Kimura) but sometimes it’s refreshing to switch into something I rarely did. Basically, Kurosagi is a comic-inspired drama which is about a swindler of swindlers named Kurosaki who’s swindling any Shirosagis in this world. He did it for a sole purpose i.e. to take revenge for his family. His late father was swindled by a deceitful company and went bankrupt. Due to that, his father stabbed to death his own family including his daughter and wife before he committed suicide and luckily a 15 year old Kurosaki survived. Since then, he swindled any Shirosagis and one day, he met a university girl (his tenant) named Tsurara who wanted to be a prosecutor (well, from my observation both in Japan and Korea, being a prosecutor is something rare in the society, so those prosecutors are highly respected. Unlike in Malaysia. DPPs are everywhere). Tsukara was totally against Kurosaki’s job but slowly she fell for him. There aren’t much lovey dovey scenes (but I like the firecrackers scene most.ehe) between both but you will notice Kurosaki actually fell the same for her but he kept to himself because he doesn’t need happiness; all he wants in life is taking revenge for his family. The hero i.e. actor Yamapi looks like Korean actor Hyun Bin from certain angles(almost every angles). If BOF fans might think that Lee Min Ho looks like a combination of Jerry Yan and Takuya Kimura from certain angles, you should see Yamapi, he looks awfully like Hyun Bin minus dimples.ehe, so it’s like watching Hyun Bin acting but speaking Japanese.ehe. I like the series. The method used by Kurosaki eventhough not the appropriate ways to deal with but the strategies are awesome. It’s a serious drama with less laughter and romance but watching each episode raised my curiosity to know what happen in the next episode. Hmm…I just found out that there is Kurosagi the movie, which released in 2008. i should watch it too...ehe :D

I have few congratulations to make.ehe

Shazreen & Kak Yana

Firstly, congrats to my cousin, Shazreen and his wife, Kak Yana for their first baby. It’s a girl! Her name is Qaseh Aleesya. it's a pretty name, isn't it?ehe. Both got married last year and Shazreen is the eldest grandchild from my mother’s side (and I’m the second…but obviously I’m still unmarried.ehe). The baby is my second niece after Sofeya Karmila. Congrats again!

Well...Well…well…secondly, congratulation to Tomok for being One in a Million. From watching his performance last Friday, I think he deserved it. Everyone knows that he has always been hated by people when he debutted under the name of NewBoyz. I can recall when I was 13; I knew few hostel girls who planned to break the hostel’s curfew just to catch NewBoyz show. Funny.ehe. But, thinking of it, it was either you hate him or you like him. And of course, without doubt, if I ever liked that fella with the sengau voice in the past which most people found it irritating, I’d be killed by my friends.haha. But, he proved that he has transformed into a new Tomok. Good for him. But, sorry. Faizal Tahir is way better than him. duhh..ehe

sulung & bongsu

My 18 year old youngest sister, Fara is about to enroll into Matric Tangkak next week. So, congrats to her for being a grown-up after-school girl.ehe. After get stuck in Mrsm, now she can’t save herself from matric rules.ehe. Speaking of her, she’s the most hyperactive among all, and of course spoilt among all. Whenever she’s messed up, the damage would be unexpected; so yes, she’s a sister I have to nag all the time. It is funny when my dad said to her jokingly few days ago, “Bile da kat Tangkak nanti, carik kawan-kawan yang kaki study, bukan yang pandai melawa je”. Then my sister replied, “kawan-kawan Fara semue memang lawa-lawa, x pakai make-up pon da cantik”. It’s difficult to use sarcastic words when talking to her, because she’d use anything to defend herself.ehe. Adik…Adik…

miss him :(

Sheh and my younger brother will be graduating soon. I envy them. phew~. My younger brother is studying civil engineering in Politeknik PD. I was worried about him before but ahamdulillah within 3 weeks from now, he’ll be graduating. I’m not sure whether he will further his studies in degree straight away or not. It’s all up to him. Furthermore, he’s only 20 this year. Pts system is awesome right? I wish it started earlier during my batch.ehe. To Sheh, I wish you all the best for incoming exam. Do your best. Like I always said to you, “I rely on you”.ehehe. I’m wondering if he feel burdened whenever I said this.ehe

my one & only bro

Last but not least, good luck wishes to my 19 year old younger sister, Nana (rase cm ramai sgt je adeq aku ni.ehe), who’s studying in Utp. "After exam, cepat2 balek umah".ehe

aja-aja fighting!
F3-Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon plus Rain’s female version, Son Dambi are ambassadors for a telecommunication company called Anycall (if I’m not mistaken). There are few vids including their job interviews, tasks given etc and i watched few of them. They are cute and hilarious esp Hyun Joong.ehe. Well, it fits him well as he’s known in Korea as a 4D guy (four dimensional guy aka 4 chawon in hangul).ehe. This is an introduction vid. Enjoy!