Friday, May 15, 2009

I took a quiz (in Cleo May edition) called How Positive Are You?. check it out.ehe

First question (starting question): Look at the chocolate bar. If it were yours, would you think, "Oh good! Half left!" or "Damn, it's nearly all gone"?
I answered Oh Good! (because choc is sweet, and I don't have a sweet,the quicker it's gone, the better.ehe)
Second question: If your friend is in a bad mood, do you wonder if it's because you've upset her?
I answered No (maybe I'm too positive?ehe.but i hope they won't be upset because of me)
Third question: Have you laughed about anything in the last hour?
I answered No (there's nothing to laugh about.ehe)
Last question: Your boyfriend of one month tells you that he loves you. Do you believe him?
I answered No (i take seriously the phrase of "I Love You".one month relationship is too soon to believe on this)
From answering these questions, the result to the question of How Postive Are You?
is ALMOST FULL. gamsahamida!ehe :)

I think it's true that I'm not fully positive. Well, speaking of it, I'm on my 3-month break and that means i have more-than-you-can-imagine free time.ehe. It's quite impossible for me to not think about the memories and my future. I'm 23 (although most women always hesitate to reveal their age, I'm positive to say it loud and I think other women should be positive about their age and count their age correctly and shouldn't stop counting at certain age, otherwise people may think you are a mathematics illiterate.ehe. Women! Don't be afraid of ageing because we are not Benjamin Button.ehe) As time had flown by, I experienced many things. Bad and good. Sweet and bitter. Thanks for the memories, they make me feel ALIVE. Up until now, I went through few phases in my life.

Living as a teenager was a wonderful memories to forget
and it will remain forever in my heart

In this phase, I met many wonderful people such as my besties, good friends, tuition friends, camping friends, hiking friends etc and i met different types of guys in my love-life drama.ehe. Meeting them makes me positive on what type of guys I should live my life with for a long term. And when I think about the memories, I do realize that no one is perfect. I was at my worst when someone betrayed me but I believed and still do that things happen for a reason. That was a period when I found my TRUE friends. My besties brought back my positiveness. I never express this to them; "my dear powerpuff girls, thanks for the support and love; my broken heart healed after few years because you guys never gave up that I would move on and that I deserve a way better person". OMG, miss them so much.phew. My positiveness's shaken once again when the backstabbers came into picture. Backstabbing and badmouthing are not my things in friendship, so I always expect the same from my friends. Too bad there were few of them who didn't appreciate friendship like i do. I don't care if I can be labelled as positive or negative but I cannot change the fact that I'm not one of a kind who can easily forgive and forget, particularly backstabbers. They left me with a deep scar and it's quite impossible to let them go without any retaliation. One thing for sure, I have my own way to get rid of those from my life.

Because I'm not a NICE person
when it comes to this issue

FUTURE is scary.ehe :D

Career, personal life, goals, dreams and many more. The big questions like "who am I in the next five years?", "how far can i go in the legal profession?", "when shall i get married?", "can i be a responsible daughter?" etc are haunting me, that I can't stop thinking about them sometimes. It's even scarier when i think that I'll be graduating in few months. Well, I can't deny the fact that I'm sick when people asking me; whether I have started working or not esp. among relatives and on friendster ( the profile.everything's written there!) I'm still studying and there are still lots of things to learn and I hope I will do well in the future.

In addition, people (random friends) often asked me
about my plan in getting married

The question really gives me a pain.ehehe. But don't get me wrong, I do want to get married but honestly, I don't have any specific plan for that. My two cousins married in their early 20s; after graduation and got a good job so I'd say it's a burden sometimes.ehe. Maybe it is too soon for me to think about it. I'm not being negative but I don't think I'm ready for it because marriage is about two people, plus two families and plus two different worlds. It definitely requires lots of sacrifice and high understanding. I'm not fully up to that (yet) but insyaAllah, after few years I will marry the man of my life.ehe. Just wait and see. *winks*.haha

happiness on the GO!


Do you know that taking a 20-minute nap eight hours after you wake up will do more wonders for you than snoozing another 20 minutes when you get up?'s a new discovery for me.ehe

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